Going Green with Cloud-Based HR Software

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One question that many companies and organizations grapple with when moving to a cloud-based software solution is “what are the benefits that come with such a drastic change?” Some organizations are starting to contemplate how to make their company more ecologically friendly, also referred to as “Going Green”. As we continue to develop better ways to help the environment in the workplace, one way that seems to be the front-runner is switching to a cloud based software solution.

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So first off, what is a cloud-based software solution? It’s a system delivered over the Internet instead of being installed on-site. Cloud-based software includes any subscription-based or pay-per-use service that, in real time over the Internet, extends your organization’s existing capabilities. The definition itself can persuade a company to purchase a system that “extends their existing capabilities” because it means that you won’t have to invest in a new hardware infrastructure for your organization, which can cost a pretty penny.

There are many other benefits to purchasing a cloud-based software system, like “Going Green” without having to spend a ton. Transitioning to the cloud is a great way to reduce your organization’s global environmental footprint:

  • Going Paperless: Software will not only help boost productivity within your organization, but it will also save departments time-spent sifting through and creating paper documents.  That saves money on administrative costs, and will boost your brand’s name as being a “Green Leader”. By using cloud-based software solutions, you are eliminating the necessary paperwork that has been the norm.
  • Improved Reporting Capabilities: By adopting a web-based software solution you are able to utilize streamlined reporting capabilities. You now have the ability to save countless time wasted on manually entering data into a stagnant system. You are also able to quickly and easily create customized and fully searchable reports because the software solution has all the data in one central location. Web-based software solutions also help HR professionals find inefficiencies – including resources wasted, processes to improve upon and overall departmental success.
  • Brand Awareness: You may be scratching your heads asking yourself, “Why does Brand Awareness matter when it comes to initiating green approaches within your organization?” Fact is, more and more people are looking to work for or do business with companies who have a positive impact on the environment. By selecting a cloud-based software solution, you are showing the people you’d like to hire and do business with that you are a leader in Green Initiatives and that your organization is invested in the future.

All of the benefits mentioned above are wrapped into saving your organization money by reducing the internal cost. Automating these administrative processes will allow your organization to increase productivity by unburdening administrative tasks which save time and money.

While there are many more benefits to implementing cloud-based solutions, these few should at least get your attention as to why investing in this type of software will substantially impact your company in a very positive way.

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Nicole Hoglund

Nicole Hoglund is the Marketing Coordinator at Hirease, Inc an accredited background screening and software solutions organization. She has worked at Hirease for about 8 months, and has made it a passion to keep up-to-date on all of the latest trends and news in the HR and Software field that her company is invested in. She has a B.S degree in Communication Studies and Public Relations and has 5+ years Marketing Experience in different industries.



Cloud based software solutions is really good and helping our environment to go green.

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