Grow Online Giving Participation With Church Management Software

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Studies show that churches are seeing an increase in online giving. While you might assume online giving is only for young people, the truth is that it’s used across the board.

Our experience tells us that churches who combine their online giving with their church management software experience a measurable increase in online giving participation and–as a result–an overall increase in total contributions. grow online giving ChMS

Here are a few ways your church management software can enhance online giving:

1. It gives you the opportunity to connect with people who might not carry cash or a check.

A significant number of today’s givers don’t carry cash or checks with them on a regular basis, which means that if the only giving option you offer is by passing the plate, you’re missing out on an entire group of people who have the capacity to give to your church. Having a church management software that seamlessly integrates with your website allows you to maintain connection with your givers who are managing everything, including their finances, online.

2. It creates a system to help track and follow up with first-time givers.

When your church management software and online giving systems aren’t connected, it’s easy to delay the follow up process with first-time givers. And this will cost you — not just dollars, but also people.

3. It helps ensure you have an accurate picture of your members, their habits, and measurable trends.

When you utilize online giving and consolidate it with your church management software, you’re able to make sure that both you and your church members are aware of their online giving trends.

4. It records information to help connect personally with each individual giver.

The best way to engage more givers is to really get to know them. By creating a comprehensive giving report, you’re able to understand the giving habits of your members and leverage that information to increase overall giving in the future.

Online giving must always be seen through two lenses. The first is cultivating the generous habits of individuals and families through teaching, discipleship, community, service, and example. The second is through offering a variety of giving methods. Offering online giving removes barriers for people who prefer to give using more modern methods of giving. A church management system with an online giving option allows churches to accomplish both.

Does your church management software integrate with online giving? If so, what impact has it made in the overall giving in your church?

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