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A Minions Step-by-Step Guide to Transitioning Onto Your New Membership Software System

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The movie, Minions, is the story of everyone’s favorite yellow henchmen searching for their next boss while, coincidentally the world’s greatest villain, Scarlet Overkill, is looking for new henchmen. Needless to say, the transition seems simple at first, but moving to a new way of doing things proves to have its own difficulties.

transitioning onto Membership Software System

The same can be said for transitioning to your new membership software system, which may seem like a simple task, but if not done correctly could turn into an organizational nightmare.

Here is a step-by-step guide to making your own transition to a new membership system, brought to you by the lovable Minions!

Keep Your Employees in the Loop


When Scarlet Overkill chooses the minions as her new henchmen, she has to instruct them in the new equipment they will use to carry out her evil deeds. Her first assignment is to steal Queen Elizabeth’s crown using a hypnotism hat, a lava gun, and extendo arms and legs. The minions wouldn’t have been successful if she had simply thrown them into a room of this complicated equipment and said “good luck.”

Your employees and volunteers (or in this case, your minions) are only as effective as their knowledge of their job allows them to be. Any transition to a new membership system should be made known to them as soon as you know it’s happening. Make sure that a deadline is set and announced to your employees so that they won’t surprised by the new launch.

Hold Training Sessions

Rather than just launching a new membership program and telling employees to learn it on their own, you should aim to have your employees well-trained and rehearsed on the new additions to your system.


Luckily most software products offer training courses and even trained experts to help guide you and your staff through the transition to your new membership system. Make sure that the training you give is not just given once either. Truth is, people are prone to forgetfulness and in many cases require reinforcement of what they learn.

In fact, even offering incentives might help make the training sessions more effective. In order to motivate the minions to do her bidding, Scarlet offers them “respect, power, and… BANANA!”

“Banana” may not be what your staff is  looking for in terms of incentives, but maybe a team lunch is just what they need to motivate them to learn. Get creative!

Be Open to Concerns About the New System


At the start of the movie, the minions have had a tough time keeping a boss around to serve. They take refuge in a snowy cave, but start to feel dejected without a sense of purpose. It isn’t until one minion, Kevin, speaks up about venturing out to find them all a new master that the minions regain their joie de vivre.

All it took was an out-of-the-box idea to give the minions a new and better direction.

When implementing a new membership system, you should be just as open to concerns and new ideas regarding the transition. Your staff will be the heaviest users of the new system and their concerns should be heard and taken note of.

Perhaps there is a feature in the old system that streamlines your membership process but might not be incorporated in the new system. Sending out a survey email or holding a meeting with your staff can give them an opportunity to voice their concerns and let you know what it is they will need to make the next system an improvement. Make sure you build a solid consensus with your team on what the previous system lacked and what you are looking for in a new membership management system.

This transition can be made as painless as possible by bringing multiple perspectives in on the situation.

Make Sure No Data is Lost in the Process


What point is there to a membership system when there is no membership data to store? Losing your data can be disastrous, so a smooth transition for your data between systems should be a high priority. This can save  you the trouble of banging your head on the keyboard in frustration.

There are many different ways to store your data during the transition, both on your current hardware or on the net. If simple and non-elegant solutions are more your style and new computers are not required for your transition, then simply storing your data in office programs such as Microsoft Excel is probably the best solution for you. In fact, most software vendors allow you to import data very easily using just a .CSV file.

However, if your system transition requires new hardware to keep up with the times, online data storage programs such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or Spideroak would be a much better fit.


Whether you are planning on world domination or simply trying to keep track of gym memberships, following this guide will help you make any big shift in the workings of your company or organization. Your staff (or minions) will thank you in the end for covering your bases and leading a successful transition to an easier and more efficient membership system.

Have you had issues or success with transitioning onto membership software system? Let us know in the comments below!

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Nick Morpus

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