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4 Awesome HIPAA-Compliant Project Management Software Products

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For many medical project managers, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a pain. HIPAA outlines what makes a person eligible for “guaranteed issuing,” a process where health insurance companies are not able to refuse some clients because of a pre-existing health condition.

More importantly for project managers, HIPAA also outlines the standards for keeping health care information secure and the standards for electronic billing and other processes—regardless of if the patient is updating their Facebook and Twitter feed with all the details of their ailments.

hipaa-compliant project management software

Even if they so desperately don’t want to, medical project managers need to pay attention to HIPAA standards because it enforces governmental regulations for patients’ personal healthcare information safety. It therefore has a weighty impact on how project managers set up their data centers and how they use and share that data.

HIPAA-compliance software company TrueVault notes that, while HIPAA is a demanding and complicated process, there are really only four obstacles project managers need to overcome to be compliant:

  1. Secure patient information from malicious attacks.
  2. Limit the sharing of patient information.
  3. Have documentation proving that any business associates are HIPAA compliant (this is otherwise known as a BAA).
  4. Enforce a training program where employees learn when it is appropriate to share patient information and have safeguards in place limiting who can access certain information.

HIPAA-Compliant Project Management Software

Naturally, HIPAA compliance is a much bigger issue than how one interacts with software or how software interacts with patient information, so no software solution will make your medical facility HIPAA compliant. However, there are some project management software features that can certainly help. These include:

  • Tracking which user accessed what information at what time, and what they did with that information.
  • Limiting user roles so that users can only see the minimum necessary information for each individual patient.
  • Extensive encryption and physical security measures.
  • HIPAA-compliant accounting features, if necessary.
  • Regular and reliable backups.

Given these requirements, there are no project management software that are specifically HIPAA “covered entities.” With that said, check out these options that could be used for HIPAA compliance.

1. Intuit QuickBase


Intuit QuickBase is an excellent choice for large, established medical facilities and healthcare providers. While offering many traditional project management features—like task delegation, reporting, and communication between team members—Intuit QuickBase can also be paired with Intuit’s HIPAA Admin, Physical and Technical Assessment app, which helps medical businesses manage their processes to meet compliance standards.

Price: Starts at $15 per user per month; price varies by number of users and desired features.

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2. Redbooth


Redbooth On-Premise is an incredibly secure system that medical directors have used for years (some may know Redbooth by its prior name, Teambox). Ken Coburn, CEO and medical director at Health Quality Partners, says, “As a company in the healthcare space, Redbooth On-Premise makes it easier to comply with HIPAA and data privacy standards, so we can include key patient and clinical data in our collaborations to improve care.” With bank-level security, real-time communication, time tracking, and powerful reporting features, Redbooth is a great bet for larger medical companies.

Price: Variable; $150 per month for a team of 10.

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3. Projectplace


Security, security, security. Projectplace offers ISO-27001 certified service, has a Norton secure seal and was awarded the Qualys SECURE seal. In other words, no one is going to be breaking into this project information system. Using a simple Kanban system, Projectplace is particularly good at fostering communication between team members and stake holders. And for those concerned about limiting access to secure files, individual users have their own sign-ons and user limitations.

Price: Variable; starts at $29 per month per user.

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4. TenRox


TenRox is a cloud-based software best known for its incredible reporting features. But as far as security goes, it holds its own with an ISO-27001 and AICPA certification, ranking it internationally in terms of secured data. From Gantt charts to budgeting to effort tracking to risk assessment, TenRox is a powerful project management toolbox that would benefit any large medical facility.

Price: Not openly available.

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While HIPAA-compliant project management software is difficult to come by, medical project professionals can rely on these four options to keep their sensitive information secure.

Did I miss any project management software solutions that should be on this list? Have you had any experiences with the abovementioned suggestions? Leave your thoughts below!

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Comment by Ed Camp on

Check out HIPAAtrek ! full disclosure, I work there and they provide hipaa compliance management for all entities. simple cloud based solution!

Comment by D Cohn on

From my research, QuickBase is NOT a HIPAA compliant project management solution. They offer a HIPAA compliance management module that helps an organization track their internal HIPAA compliance processes. But they do not have the security necessarry, nor will they sign a BAA – both of which are required for any organization looking for a “HIPAA Compliant Project management” solution.

Comment by Compliance Software on

Thanks for sharing useful information.

Comment by Trio on

Trully an helpful blog! gives us lots of information regarding hospital software which can help a patient and also doctor in any manner.

Comment by Ding Dong on

What about CASPIO??

Comment by T. Robert Huston on

I am curious about HIPAA compliant PM software for those that are not in a clinical or hospital environment. I work at an insurance brokerage and I am responsible for building out health insurance eligibility software for employer coverage and am in need for a forward facing solution. I would like to know if Rachel has come across any softwares that could potentially be a fit for non hospital type of settings?

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