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5 Best Hootsuite Alternatives for Social Media Management

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Looking for Hootsuite alternatives for your small business? Read our analysis of the top five.

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Hootsuite is one of the most popular social media management tools for small-business marketers. In fact, the product ranks first on our list of the top 20 most popular social media marketing software.

What makes Hootsuite so attractive for small-business marketers? Primarily, its pricing.

The solution offers a free version, has a low upgrade cost of $29 per month, and offers features to help businesses with key tasks such as:

  • Collaborating with team members to manage social media accounts
  • Engaging with customers and maintaining a positive brand image
  • Publishing content across different social media platforms

If you’ve considered Hootsuite for your business based on its popularity, it’s important to evaluate whether the solution will give you the expected return on investment.

This article looks at five highly rated Hootsuite alternatives. See the full list of Hootsuite alternatives here.

Despite having a high recommendation rating of 4.1 stars (out of 5) on Capterra, Hootsuite’s free version is limited and the cost to upgrade can still feel out of reach for many small businesses. Before deciding on Hootsuite, you should consider alternative solutions to make a fair comparison and choose the right product for your business (and your budget).

To make this task easier, we analyzed the solutions in Capterra’s social media management directory to identify the five best Hootsuite alternatives (you can find our methodology here). Products are presented in alphabetical order.

Chart of top Hootsuite alternatives for small businesses

Top 5 Hootsuite alternatives for social media management

1. Agorapulse: For social content engagement

Agorapulse logo
Overall: 4.5/5
Ease of use: 4.5/5
Features and functionality: 4.5/5
Number of reviews (as of October 1, 2019): 209

Agorapulse is a cloud-based social media management platform for small businesses. It helps users publish content across different social media platforms, monitor user activity on accounts, and engage with their audience.

It offers social listening, allowing marketers to identify “angry” comments and trolls, and quickly address such comments before suffering any harm to their brand.



Capterra reviewers find the team collaboration functionality useful as it defines roles for social marketing team members and assigns them tasks on social media platforms. Agorapulse doesn’t support video publishing on LinkedIn. In general, users reported challenges with the tool’s LinkedIn integration.
Reviewers praised its reporting feature, which helps them easily track engagement metrics such as social media likes and shares. Some reviewers reported issues while uploading images on Facebook Groups.

How much does Agorapulse cost?

Agorapulse is available in four different pricing plans: Medium, Large, X-Large, and Enterprise. The Medium plan starts at $89 per month.

2. Buffer: Content publishing platform for SMBs

Buffer logo
Overall: 4.5/5
Ease of use: 4.5/5
Features and functionality: 4.5/5
Number of reviews (as of October 1, 2019): 920

Buffer is a cloud-based social media management platform for small and midsize businesses (SMBs). It lets users schedule social media posts, create and assign tasks to their team, and track performance metrics in real time.

We included Buffer because of its content publishing features, freemium version, and popularity in the social media marketing space. It ranks second on our top 20 most popular social media marketing software list.



Capterra reviewers find Buffer’s interface easy to learn and use, saying that the ease of adding social media accounts makes it easy to set up. Some reviewers feel that the software’s reporting functionality is basic and needs to be more detailed.
Buffer lets you schedule the same message across different social media channels at the same time, which reviewers find helpful in managing their online communities. Unlike Hootsuite, Buffer doesn’t integrate with YouTube.

How much does Buffer cost?

Buffer offers three paid plans: Pro, Premium, and Business. Pro starts at $15 per month for eight social accounts.

3. eClincher: Feature-rich social media management tool

eClincher logo
Overall: 4.5/5
Ease of use: 4.5/5
Customer service: 5/5
Number of reviews (as of October 1, 2019): 202

eClincher is a cloud-based social media management tool for small businesses that lets users publish and schedule content, monitor social media activity, view social interactions in their inbox, and track engagement metrics.

The big selling point of eClincher is its number of features, which include social media posting, listening, monitoring, and reporting. In addition, it has the highest functionality and recommendation ratings among the products in this article.



Capterra reviewers find the tool’s content suggestion feature effective when searching for third-party content to publish on social media channels. Reviewers find the product interface slightly outdated.
Users say that eClincher’s customer service team is responsive and efficient in handling technical queries. Some reviewers find eClincher’s learning curve slower than that of similar products.

How much does eClincher cost?

eClincher offers subscription pricing and offers three pricing plans: Basic, Premier, and Agency. The starting price is $59 per month for up to 10 social media profiles.

4. Sendible: Social media management and CRM for SMBs

Sendible logo
Overall: 4.5/5
Ease of use: 4.5/5
Customer service: 4/5
Number of reviews (as of October 1, 2019): 37

Sendible is a cloud-based social media management tool for small businesses and digital agencies. It allows users to schedule social media posts and track interactions from a “social inbox” folder.

Sendible’s unique selling point is its social CRM functionality, which helps you manage leads generated from social media websites such as Facebook and LinkedIn.



Reviewers find the product interface easy to learn and use. While the product integrates seamlessly with popular social media platforms, some reviewers reported issues integrating with Instagram.
Users said that the reports embedded in the solution are detailed and useful. Some reviewers note that the system’s approval management could be simpler and faster.

How much does Sendible cost?

Sendible offers subscription pricing and is available in four different pricing plans: Starter, Traction, Growth, and Large. The starting price is $29 per month for 12 services (one-way interactions with a social network).

5. SocialPilot: Social media scheduling, monitoring, and analytics

SocialPilot logo
Overall: 4.5/5
Ease of use: 4.5/5
Customer service: 4/5
Number of reviews (as of October 1, 2019): 303

SocialPilot is a cloud-based tool for small-business social media marketers that lets users schedule social media posts, engage with prospects on various social platforms, and track engagement metrics.

The solution offers social media posting and scheduling features like Hootsuite, but at a lower price. With a starting price of $30 per month, SocialPilot has the lowest pricing on this list and ranks seventh on our list of the top 20 most popular social media marketing systems.



Capterra reviewers find SocialPilot’s team collaboration functionality useful. It helps them divide social media work into tasks, and assign those to team members. Some reviewers said that they would prefer reports that are more analytical and detailed.
Reviewers cited the product’s low pricing as an advantage. Unlike Hootsuite, SocialPilot lacks the ability to post messages to Facebook groups. Some reviewers also reported issues while posting on Instagram.

How much does SocialPilot cost?

SocialPilot is available in four pricing plans: Professional, Small Team, Agency, and Enterprise. The starting price is $30 per month for up to 25 social accounts.

The final verdict: Should you invest in a Hootsuite alternative?

There’s no denying that Hootsuite is one of the most popular social media management tools on the market. Here are some steps to help you decide whether to invest in Hootsuite or an alternative:

  • Check the features when shortlisting tools: Determine the social media management features your business needs, and only shortlist solutions that offer all of them.
  • Set a budget: Compare the pricing of each product and select a solution that fits your budget.
  • Read reviews: Review customer success stories and struggles on vendor websites and in third-party directories (like Capterra) to find the right product.

Need additional social media software help? Start here:


We shortlisted social media management tools with similar capabilities and pricing plans as Hootsuite. To qualify as a Hootsuite alternative, the product must have had the following:

  • Comparable pricing (we only included products within the same pricing band as Hootsuite).
  • The same core features (included products had to offer the core features of social media posting, scheduling, and basic reporting functionality).
  • Integration with popular social media channels (included products offer integration with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn).
  • Specific offerings for small businesses (included products have at least one plan that caters to small businesses).
  • A minimum of 20 user reviews on Capterra published in the last two years.
  • A high overall rating (included products have an average rating of at least 4 out of 5 stars on Capterra).
  • A high ease-of-use rating (included products have a minimum ease-of-use rating of 4 out of 5 stars on Capterra).

Looking for Social Media Monitoring software? Check out Capterra's list of the best Social Media Monitoring software solutions.

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Samantha Bonanno

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Comment by Altynai Alamanova on

Hi! I love Buffer and have been using it for ages before I came around to It is a great startup that took a special place in the package of tools I use.

It is cheaper, enables you to do competitor analysis, detailed reports and monitors entire web looking for keywords. is all-in-one social management platform you should check out!

Comment by James Thomas on

Hi ! very informative post ,Thanks for sharing this post , i have learn a lot from this article

Comment by Jeswanth on

Those looks be a Pretty good collection of social media alternatives, some of them looks expensive but are resulted oriented one I guess

Comment by Bastian Rappl on

Hi, Cathy,

Thanks for your list. Interesting approach to highlight the competitors with their characteristics!
Another tool for social media automation I want to recommend to you is Blog2Social ! In my eyes that tool is also an interesting competitor of hootsuite. The Blog2Social tool offers you the opportunity to share, reshare and schedule your blog posts to 15 different networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest- to name a few). There is a trial version available so one can easily test Blog2Social.

Kind Regards,

Comment by Ardrian Emily on

Maybe few mentioned in the above list have proved to be complicated and confusing for many laymen. Social Media Management Tools need to be easy-to-access and helpful in managing social media stress. Viralpep ( is highly recommended on this list.

Comment by John Dijo on

Great article.
I would add another one :
Works only on Facebook groups.
But very powerfull, stable and easy to use interface.
There is no limit of time and facebook account which is very flexible.
Great 24/24 support.

Comment by Bharath on

Hey Cathy, Great list! I have used some of these tools. It’s good. I am using Cloohawk now. It’s awesome! I have been using it for almost 6 months. I like it because it’s a suite of multiple growth strategies and it helped me expand my horizons on twitter.


Comment by David Santiago on

You should definitely take a look at eClincher. You’ll be surprised with all its features and functionalities. It quickly became my everyday tool 🙂

Great article!


Comment by daniel smith on

I’ve been using social pilot for about 6 months. While there are a few things I fond frustrating and that may stop me expanding my use, on the whole, I think it is excellent for the money. I used Hootsuite before, hell I even interviewed with them, but I went with social pilot as I think its easier to use. I have 10 profiles with them and I will expand to manage another load soo.

Comment by Sarah on


I don’t know the depth or purpose of what you’re looking to use a SMM platform for, but I have been doing demos and researching for 2 weeks and, Tracx, Nuvi and a few others all support G+.

Comment by Sophia on

thank you for your blog, I’ve read all the posts and many things have changed…
first thing as of October 10, 2017 HOOTSUITE FREE USERS
will have their unlimited posting DOWNSIZED to 30 post
(same post to 2 different platforms count for 2)
Looking for SAME LEVEL alternatives is not easy
Social PILOT Free Plan gives only 10 posts/day max 30 posts
Friends+Me gives a FREE plan but only as A FREE 15 day Trial
Send Social Media minimum is 59 USD/month
Content Studio does not support GOOGLE+
Colour Me Social starts at 500 £
SM SHACK does not support GOOGLE+ (not for now!)

Any other suggestions of a Platform that would support GOOGLE+
for FREE ????

Thank in advance

Comment by Muhammad Azhar on

Great list Cathy! Most of the platforms mentioned are targeting B2B, but if someone is looking for the B2C solution for social media management and content intelligence then have a look at ContentStudio (

It comes with a wide range of features and also have a free plan available.

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Comment by Leonard D'Souza on

The issue with most of the platforms are that they are most of the time missing out on certain platforms, Hootsuite for example, is really good and easy to use, but, they don’t support social media platforms like Pinterest and Tumblr, which are really great platforms for engagement.

Comment by Lee Patterson on

Thank you for a good number of new platforms to try. Also, thank you for keeping the price at the forefront. As a brand new business the price point is one easy way to quickly rule out a platform and saves me some time.
Also, the Viralheat link isn’t working for me.

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Comment by Clint Pitts on

I’d like to throw out one more option. Quadrant-Two Solutions has the MOST robust platform available. It was created specifically to fill the gaps left by the other alternatives on the market. We’ve even got a few features you won’t find anywhere else. If anyone is interested, please check out

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Comment by Luis Doporto Alejandre on

Any desktop app alternative to use ? Thanks

Comment by Kyrian on

Nice writeup, been looking for a more reliable alternative to hootsuite. I think i will go for buffer free version before i can opt into the paid version

Comment by Richard Kelsey on

Does anyone know which one of these (if any) let you target your audience (language, country) before posting? Hootsuite and Buffer haven’t been able to find this.

Comment by Nibha Chaudhuri on

Great post, Jennifer! I love how you’ve put forth each tool (pricing+features). I also like how you’ve included Tweetdeck, it being one of my favorite apps for social media management. Another app you might want to look into is DrumUp-social media management, content discovery and curation. It’s great for finding and scheduling fresh and relevant content from reputable sources onto multiple social media platforms. You can also track content from your favorite blogs by adding their RSS feeds. It also has a content library where you can save the posts you find interesting. It’s not too expensive ($19-$199/month). Check it out here:, and please consider adding it to your list (or future lists) if you find it interesting.

Comment by James on

I think I will stick with the hootsuite for now. Though I’ve been experiencing issues with instagram functionality…couldn’t download image….

Comment by Chelsea Stitt on

I just came across this post and I wanted to mention my new favorite social management tool – SMhack. (

The biggest differentiator SMhack has is it’s new feature that will integrate a Buzzfeed-type feed, within the interface, so you can actually curate content right there on the application. This feature will save so much time (which is why I wanted to work with the company and tell you about it).

SMhack lets you schedule posts for both Facebook and Twitter. Their price is less than others, and they don’t limit you or charge you extra based on how many analytic reports you do/need (like Hootsuite does). The price you see is what you pay…no hidden fees.

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Comment by sonny chatrath on

Do any of these allow posting to facebook, and linkedin groups directly?

Thanks for the article.

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Comment by John De Guzman on

We’re now trying out Buffer and it seems that I like their free version compared to Hootsuite. Will post more after we have used all of the features of Buffer.

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Comment by Brian Penny on

Hootsuite no longer allows posting to Facebook Groups, not even with the paid plans. I wasted money starting an account with them then found that out. I don’t know if any other services are affected.

Also they made it all but impossible to cancel my account and charged my card after I cancelled it. I’m still dealing with them after two weeks trying to get my money back. Ended up having to file a claim with my bank since they were unhelpful.

Comment by Jennifer Gerhard on

Thanks for sharing your feedback Anne and Caroline! Love hearing other great options that our followers are using and learning what works bests for them!

Comment by Jennifer Gerhard on

Thanks! We focused this list more on social engagement tools but will most likely be posting a social listening-specific post in the future. Keep an eye out!

Comment by SociaInsight on

Thanks for sharing tools for social media management. but i am check one tool not in this list.. i am using this tool is very good management and social insights.

Comment by Anne Harlow on

Hey I am a personal trainer and I use Really easy to use and free!

Comment by Caroline Russell on

Nice article. What about SinglePlatform by Constant Contact?

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[…] single article on ALL the major social media outlets at the same time. Tools such as Hootsuite and other online social media management tools can post to multiple accounts all in one […]

Comment by Patrice on

Great article, Jennifer!
I’m a big fan of Polarfox app, it lets me post to all of my social media accounts at once. It’s faster and easier to use than other social sharing apps like HootSuite or Buffer. (, free trial + $4.99 one time purchase)


Comment by Michael on

I do love Hootsuite, but it’s about time they added Pinterest functionality. Pinterest has been around for what, 5 years? More? Long enough!

Comment by Jennifer Gerhard on

Thank you so much for pointing that out. I’m updating it now!


Comment by Jimit on

Hi Jennifer

Wonderful article and comparisons. Thanks for featuring SocialPilot in this list. Here is one small correction in price. Our pro membership plan just cost $4.99 / Month (Lowest among all competitor ) It would be glad if you correct this.

Thanks again

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