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How Automated Email Drip Sequences Drive More Revenue

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When was the last time you received a random marketing email and said, “Man, I really got a lot from this”? Probably never. That’s because apart from sending alerts, broadcast emails aren’t good for much more than click-through’s. That’s not to say that clicks aren’t valuable, but maybe we’re missing something.

That something is “drip campaigns.”

automated email drip sequences

Email drip campaigns are a revolutionary approach to email marketing, and they do a lot more than coax out a few clicks from a few customers. Beyond just a targeted advertisement, drip marketing opens a new dimension in customers’ inboxes, allowing businesses a whole new way to communicate.

And not only that, but it also leads to more revenue. Skeptical that this is another one of those magical “weird trick” solutions to email marketing? Don’t worry: it’s not. Executing drip marketing well takes some brains and talent—but if you can make it work, and have the right tools, it can do wonders for your online reach.

What Is A Drip Campaign?

A drip campaign is simply a series of automated emails that are sent to targeted users, ultimately designed to sell the recipient on something. Do you have customers who aren’t ready to commit to a subscription? Are you hoping to upsell a new reservation? A drip can help.

Rather than sending stand-alone broadcast email offers, a drip tries to go deeper: it turns a series of emails into a course, an onboarding session, even a lead generator.

The key is that your users are choosing when it starts, and they’re never late to the party. It’s something that feels carefully cultivated for them, and creates a relationship through baby steps.

In fact, according to the team at, these sorts of emails get a 119% higher click rate than regular broadcast emails, can see conversion rates as high as 50%, and generate 18x more revenue. Starting to see why it might be worth a try? Here are a few applications of drip campaigning that you can start using to boost revenue now:

Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is a little simpler than it sounds: you’re guiding new and potential customers through the benefits of your services. It’s as easy as a welcome email dripping into a customer’s inbox when they sign up.

Lead nurturing drips can feature ideas on how to explore a service more—how to get the most out of a customer’s experience. It can also be an introduction to premium services, or a resource for learning more about how to use your product.

The reality is, your customers are going to be much more keen on sales pitches down the road if they’re eased into it. According to the app Drip (which, you guessed it, is an email automation app), lead nurturing can “generate 50% more sale-ready leads for 33% less in cost” and can spark up to 10x more responses.


Welcoming a customer is a simple way to boost their immediate engagement. According to Experian, the open rate for a welcome email that’s sent instantly upon enrollment is 88.3%, as opposed to a dismal 14.6% for normal emails. It’s like a guaranteed foot in the door.

While newsletters are great, targeted, automated emails have the luxury of meeting your customer where they are in the customer lifecycle. They’re not catching up to anything, but rather, they get to walk along with you from the very beginning.


Having a drip campaign that aligns with a customer’s subscription habits can have a dramatic effect on renewals. It wouldn’t make sense to send out a quarterly broadcast reminding people to update their subscriptions—that’s not something that’s constantly on your customers’ radar.

Instead a drip campaign lets you focus on the issue closer to when it’s coming up for each individual customer. That way, you’re not just reminding them that they need to renew—but when the time comes, they may be all the more open to an upsell!


Courses are an invaluable way to help you feel invaluable to your customer. A course can be about anything! If your site is a new platform for designers, your drip course could be about designing a website. If you are an education tool, your drip course could be about effective teaching techniques for the classroom.

The point is that you’re designing a course you think your audience would actually want to sign up for. People don’t always get excited about you pitching your business, but they’re almost always eager to learn.

According to this study from Vero: “The average open rate on email series is 80% higher than single email campaigns.” People get excited about what’s coming next, and for you that could mean a new customer.

Some Tools To Help

And to ensure that you can get started right away, we’ve included the short list of drip apps and widgets that we think will really help you shine:

Drip – the straightforward app, named for it’s exact purpose. This is a great tool that’s easy to navigate—and even has a drip campaign you can sign up for to get a feel for how the experts do it!

($49/mo. for up to 2.5K subscribers & 20K sent emails)

Vero – This is a genius tool that really helps you to “meet customers where they’re at.” Vero’s technology can monitor a customer’s activity on your site (be it a shopping cart, project or demo) and follow up with a detailed email if the activity gets abandoned.

($99/mo. for up to 12.5K contacts)

QuickMail – For those of you that are having a hard time keeping track of each step, QuickMail breaks everything down with step by step guides to keep you up to date on what each of your drip campaigns is doing. Keep track of everything from one, simple interface. All it takes is a Google account to get started!

($37/mo. for up to 20K contacts)

So whatever you decide to do with a drip, know that it’s an effective tool that’s worth giving a shot. You’ll be amazed to see what you can do with a simple email.

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