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How Modular Property Gives Your Business a Competitive Edge

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Innovation is everywhere. And we soak it up simply because when things change for the better, our lives change for the better.

Smart technology is changing our lives and the way we do business. It is predicted that, by 2020, 50% of Americans will spend at least half of their working week working from home.

Technology has made remote working easier. We can communicate by phone or by clicking a few buttons. Cloud computing makes sharing and collaborating much easier, as well.

Hence, you don’t need to go to the effort of changing out of your fluffy slippers for work shoes and can write and edit documents, alongside colleagues in the cloud, whilst enjoying the comforts of home.

A Changing World of Work

It follows that the workplace will take on a very different hue in the coming years. Businesses that occupy large buildings may find that they have more surplus space than they know what to do with.

Others will find that the shape and dimensions of their offices need to change. If we don’t all need a desk at the same time, will hot-desking in smaller buildings be the way forward?

There are examples of businesses that have already started to change their business premises, recognizing that, to keep their competitive edge, they must have the right setting.

This is about changing the look and feel of the work place as much as it is about the tech that dominates within it.

“The world of work is changing, and modular buildings are offering the solutions to 21st Century work place needs.”

But what is modular building and design? Why is it the ideal solution for a business looking to maintain a physical business presence without costing vast sums and draining the planet’s resources?

What is Modular Building?

We all know how buildings were traditionally built – brick was laid on brick, in an offset pattern.
Then we discovered the power of concrete. Pre-cast in huge blocks that slot into place in between a massive steel structure.

Brick buildings took forever to build, but concrete, pre-fabricated ones took less time.

However, in terms of their interiors, they were much the same.

And then something ‘new’ came along. Pre-fabricated buildings, wooden or steel framed with superior insulation. But the innovation in design is unlike anything you have seen before.

These modular buildings take even less time to put together, without compromising quality.

They are tough and robust, warm and environmentally sustainable, with little waste and far less consumption of precious resources to create a stunning workplace.

There are no limits to what you can do with it. Have it as an ‘ordinary’ air conditioned office, or an air-tight, super-hygienic laboratory.

This is innovation, right before your very eyes.

“But hang on, if half of us are going to be working from home by 2020 for at least half of the week, what’s the point of investing in new business premises, modular or not?”

A Cutting-Edge Impression

There are many businesses that will still need to maintain a physical presence, even if half or all their workforces are selling and creating from home.

As a business, you want to send all the right signals to customers and trade partners. You want people to look at your business and see a physical presence that says, “Look at me.”

But there are other pros to modular buildings;

Right Property, Right Place, Right Impression

It takes 7 seconds to make an impression on someone. This applies when meeting someone in person, as well as the moment they first see your business premises.

If your modular build HQ looks stunning inside and out, customers or partners have a far better impression than running the gauntlet of an ill-lit stairwell in a large building.

Add to this the right location, and you can see how you can easily create the right impression.

Decrease Overheads

We all love to save money, right? Lower building overheads means a chunkier bottom line, the very thing you strive for every day in business.

Modular buildings are crammed with features. For instance, they are some of the most super-insulated structures you will come across. Using sustainable insulation materials throughout, you will be spending less on heating the building.

And with other tech installed, like LED lighting, you will notice your operating costs drop like a stone to the “super-efficient for hardly any money category.”

Smart Tech

We have seen how smart tech in the home can make day to day living easier and simpler, as well as more organized – and the true can be said of modular buildings for business.

Fill it with what you need, from wireless boosters and other gadgets, to super-hi-tech gizmos and gadgets specific to your industry, like the forensically clean laboratories we talked about earlier.

Environmentally Sustainable

It’s no longer just a tick box exercise. Businesses are expected to put their money where their mouths are when it comes to decreasing their impact on the environment.

That doesn’t mean we should shiver in winter and melt in summer, but that steps should be taken to make business properties far more efficient in their use of energy to heat and cool them.

Modular buildings have it all built in, in many respects. Super-efficient insulation that keeps them snug and warm in the shivering depths of winter but keeps out the raging heat of summer by deflecting the heat with its walls and insulation.

Less money spent on energy means less money on overheads and, less impact on the environment.

An Investment

Modular buildings are affordable, far less costly to build and run that a ‘traditional’ brick or concrete structure.

And this makes them a wise investment of company funds. How about building a few more, and letting them out to start-ups and small businesses who would not only appreciate a physical presence, but also their cutting-edge design and dashing good looks?


You may take a little convincing. After all, can a wooden structure with boards for walls really last as long as a brick building? Or will it blow over in the next storm?

Modular building and pre-fabricated technology has come a long way since the early, post-war era of pre-fab, temporary homes that some countries bought into.

The can be made to look like traditional buildings, if that’s what you want, or they can look as modern and as cutting-edge as you like.

Can you see any obstacles to modular building technology? Or is it a solution for your modern, forward-thinking business?

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Written by MTX Contracts, a UK based company that creates modular buildings for clients all over the country and the world. With many years of experience, they create modular buildings in various forms from laboratories to surgical theatres, office complexes, schools and colleges.


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