How Much Does Vacation Rental Software Cost?

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This always happens to me when I go to the mall. You know those standalone product carts that pepper the walkways, promising stellar cell phone deals, discount sunglasses, or miracle skin cream? Have you ever stopped at one?

vacay rental cost

One trait I lack is the ability to politely turn down an offer. Usually I just try to ignore them or run away terrified, but somehow those salespeople always loop me in.

This one time, a salesman rubbed an organic exfoliator on my hand, demonstrating how it could magically clear up my skin. Still uncomfortable and even creeped out by this dude rubbing the top of my hand, I asked how much it cost.

To put it this way, I’ve never even paid that much for groceries. No thanks.

Software, unfortunately, can run the same gambit. Imagine finding the perfect solution, only to discover that it’s out of your budget.

What do you do? Cry and weep in front of the computer screen as you try to search for more affordable options? Throw your computer out the window all together?

No worries. Keep that monitor in place.

Below, I’ve outline the four most popular pricing models for vacation rental software, including their price range and a list of solutions so you can find both the best and most affordable vacation rental software out there.


Let’s begin.

One-Time License

If you’ve done your research and just want to settle down with a solution, one-time license vacation rental software is a good choice for those who have a larger budget and are confident in their decision. One-time license software (across the board) tends to be more on the expensive side and sometimes you still have to pay monthly support and maintenance fees, so be sure to factor that into the cost as well. Still, this payment model can be a steal for those with a multitude of properties, especially as the cost in other models tends to rise with more number of units.

Cost: Very few options in this category, but pricing can begin between $4,500 to $6,500 and include additional monthly support and maintenance fees, which aren’t commonly listed.

Software with this model:

Barefoot Technologies


Tiered Model

Tiered models offer various levels or editions with each ascending level or edition offering more features. Tiered pricing models can overlap with other pricing models, like pay-per-unit or pay-per-user, and also vary their offering of features within each level. Usually the more expensive the edition, the more features, options, and add-ons that are available.

Cost: Solutions in this model may offer monthly or yearly payments, with monthly payments tending to be smaller than yearly, but yearly subscriptions often come with a discount. Expect for prices in the monthly set to begin as low as $13 and reach $459, with yearly payments beginning around $124.80 and reaching $1,977.60.

Software with this model:

365 villas

Avantio VRMS





Pay-per-unit is a great model for vacation rental property managers with smaller properties or property managers who are looking to grow their business over the years. This type of pricing model can take two forms, with one charging for a specific number of properties and the other charging for groups of units. Payments are usually monthly, but can also be yearly. Monthly payments tend to be less expensive than yearly payments.

Cost: Like tiered models, pay-per-unit solutions offer both monthly and yearly payment plans. For monthly, expect to pay as little as $9 and as high as $399.95. Yearly solutions come with higher price tags, starting at $179.98 and rising to $3,348.

Software with this model:







Pay-per-Reservation/“Pay as you succeed”

This pricing model is great for property managers just starting out, especially if they don’t have large budgets for software. With this pay-per-reservation model, buyers only pay a small fee for every reservation or booking made, meaning that you only pay if you get business.

Cost: Overall cost can be low on this one, especially if you’re just starting out in the vacation rental space. Payments may be for each reservation individually or collected at the end of the month after all bookings and reservations are calculated. Software that uses the latter may lessen the cost per reservation if you have a high volume of bookings. Prices can be as little as $5 per reservation and even lower ($2) if your overall monthly bookings reach more than 25.

Software with this model:




Do you think there are more pricing models for vacation rental software? How much does your vacation rental software cost? Let me know in the comments below.

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