How to Avoid the Top 3 Frustrations of Implementing a Mobile POS

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Mobile POS systems aren’t just the cool new trend on the block anymore. They’re actually implementing real strides in the retail world. Stores that used a mobile POS system saw a 17.4 percent gains in sales over stores without that option.

Frustrations of Implementing a Mobile POS

However, while the potential of cloud POS systems continues to open doors for all types and sizes of businesses, the growing pains are still evident. So here are the top 5 frustrations many businesses experience when implementing an iPad POS, and our tips on how to avoid them.

Frustration #1: The Cost of Startup

How much do you have to pay just to get started? For small businesses, the cost of starting a cloud POS System can be a huge burden. The cost of buying an iPad and other equipment puts iPad POS systems out of reach for some small companies.

Avoid by: Choosing a POS provider that offers all of the equipment and service either as an affordable installment plan or rental, like iConnect POS.

Additionally, if you’re opening your shop for the very first time, skip the purchase of a traditional register all together. Not only are standing registers going out of style, and are less able to help you provide a fabulous customer experience, but they’re also more expensive than buying a iPad register.

Frustration #2: Internet Access (Or Lack Thereof)

While cloud POS systems improve business opportunities, especially for mobile businesses, they only work if you have a connection. What could be more incredibly frustrating than having a client trying to spend money, only to be blocked by the lack of an internet connection?

Avoid by: Choosing a system that offers both Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections, or one that continues to operate necessary parts of the system, like ringing customers up, while offline. A second option would be to learn how to tether your system to your smartphone via a personal hotspot if needed.

Frustration #3: Technology Add-on Limitations

Value is a measurement of usefulness. Some cloud POS systems offer technologically advanced options like EMV (earned value management), and while that sounds like a plus, it becomes frustrating when those tools become limited by technology or by service offerings.

Avoid by: Choosing a system that can grow with you. When deciding on a POS, make sure that you not only are deciding on what fits your budget best, but also which solution looks like it has the capability to continue to provide you with new technical abilities as you grow into a larger store. Picking a system that allows you to add-on later also saves you money – never purchase a system that forces you to pay for technologies you’re unable to currently use.


These are three common frustrations of implementing a mobile POS systems, however, they’re certainly not the only frustrations. What frustrations did you experience and how did you overcome them?

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