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How to Delete Facebook Pages (Including Facebook Business Pages): A Step-by-Step Guide

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Thinking of deleting your Facebook page? It’s important to understand the right way to delete a page when you’re ready to say goodbye. Learn how (and what your other options are) with this guide.

a person removing a facebook page from the internet

Creating a Facebook page is a quick and easy way to connect with fans or customers. Deleting a page is easy, too; just a simple matter of following the right steps. This step-by-step guide will cover:

Quick steps for deleting a Facebook page

When you delete a Facebook page, you permanently remove it from the social media platform.

Facebook pages are divided into two categories: business or brand and community or public figure. A Facebook business page spotlights your brand and helps you connect with customers. Community or public figure pages connect organizations, teams, clubs, or groups with their community or fans.

Whether you have a business or community page, these same steps apply when deleting a page on Facebook:

  1. Log in to Facebook
  2. Navigate to your Facebook page(s)
  3. Select the page you want to delete
  4. Go to the settings menu for that page
  5. Go to the “Remove Page” section and click the “Edit” button
  6. Select “Permanently delete <your page name>”
  7. Click “Delete page”
  8. Confirm your choice to delete the page

different categories of facebook pages include business, organization, or brand pages or community, public figure, and entertainment
The same steps apply for deleting all types of Facebook pages (Source)

How do you delete a Facebook profile?

A Facebook page and profile are related, but not the same. Your profile is a personal account, while pages are for marketing, promotion, and interaction with customers and fans.

If you delete your profile, it will delete all pages that you control, along with your posts, photos, and videos. You can deactivate your account if you want to take a break without losing your information, but deleting a Facebook account is a permanent action.

Should you delete, merge, or hide your Facebook page?

Deleting a Facebook page is a permanent step and removes that page’s data and content. Once you delete a page, you only have 14 days to change your mind before it’s gone forever.

To answer the question of whether or not you should delete a page, you first need to specify why you’re considering Facebook page deletion. Is it out-of-date, inaccurate, or no longer relevant? Are you struggling to find time to manage and post on the page? Do you have similar or duplicate pages to the one you want to delete?

If so, you have a few other options to consider first.

Alternatives to page deletion

You have other options before you hit delete: merging or hiding your Facebook page.

  • Merging is a good option when you have two Facebook pages that serve the same purpose. It combines likes and check-ins from both pages, and the merged page becomes the page you want to keep. (Here’s how to merge your pages)
  • Unpublishing (or hiding) a page removes it from public view. This is a good idea if you want to improve the page or don’t have time to manage it. If you decide to restore the page, you can republish it and make it visible to followers. (Here’s how to hide your page)

How do you delete a Facebook page on a desktop?

If neither alternative sounds right and you want to proceed with deleting your page, here’s how to do it from a computer.

1. Open Facebook in a web browser

Open Facebook and log in. You must use the login credentials associated with the admin role for the page.

2. Navigate to your Facebook pages

On a desktop, the menu will display on the left side of the screen. Find the section labeled “Explore” and select “Pages.”

the lefthand menu of facebook
Locate “Pages” in the left menu (Source)

3. Go to the page you want to delete

After the list of your Facebook pages expands, click on the page you wish to delete.

4. Select settings

Once you open the page you want to delete, click on “Settings” in the upper right corner.

5. Find the “Remove Page” row

Scroll through the list of Facebook settings until you see the “Remove Page” row at the bottom. Click the “Edit” option on the bottom right.

under your page settings, navigate to the remove page row
Locate the “Remove Page” row and click edit (Source)

6. Delete the Facebook page

A notification window will open, stating that you have 14 days to restore the page should you change your mind. Click the blue “Delete <Your Page Name>” text to delete the page.

7. Confirm your choice

Once you click the delete button, another notification will pop up to confirm that you actually want to delete the page. Click “Delete Page” to confirm.

Click “Delete Page” in the notification window (Source)

How do you delete a Facebook page on a mobile device (Android or iOS)?

If you’re using your smartphone or tablet, follow these steps to delete pages in Facebook’s Android or iOS app.

1. Open the Facebook app

Open your phone’s Facebook app and log in.

2. Open the menu

Find the three horizontal lines (aka a hamburger button or menu) in the lower right corner of the app. Tap the lines to open the Facebook menu.

on a mobile device, you fan find the correct menu on the bottom right corner indicated by three lines known as a hamburger menu
Locate the menu, which is indicated with three horizontal lines (Source)

3. Go to your pages

Locate the “Pages” option in your menu, which is represented by a flag icon.

click on the pages tile once the menu opens in facebook's mobile app
Navigate to Pages

4. Find the page you want to delete

Select the page you want to delete from the list of your Facebook pages. You may need to tap “See all” to find the page you want.

5. Open the page settings

After the page opens, tap on the gear icon in the top right corner.

the gear icon for page deletion is in the top right corner
Tap the settings icon in the upper right corner.

6. Tap “General”

When your Facebook page settings are open, tap on “General”, which is indicated by a gear icon intersecting three horizontal lines.

7. Find the “Remove Page” section

Scroll through the general section until you find “Remove Page.” Click on the “Delete Page” text.

a page deletion pop-up ensures you actually want to delete the page before proceeding
Tap the “Delete Page” text in the “Remove Page” section

8. Confirm Facebook page deletion

A notification will appear, informing you that your page has been deleted permanently. Tap “OK” to confirm your choice.

confirm page deletion by tapping on the ok button
Tap “OK” to confirm your deletion

How do you merge or hide a Facebook page?

If you don’t want to fully delete a Facebook page, you have other options.

Merging Facebook pages preserves your content while removing duplicate information. To merge Facebook pages, follow the Facebook page deletion steps for desktop or mobile until you reach the “General” section under page settings.

Look for the “Merge Pages” option, select the pages you wish to merge, click “Continue,” and then “Request Merge.”

once you've selected the pages you wish to merge, tap on "request merge" in the pop-up window
Confirm the pages you want to combine and click “Request Merge” (Source)

Unpublishing a page makes it visible only to users who have a role associated with that page, such as admins.

To unpublish a page, follow the Facebook page deletion steps for desktop or mobile until you reach the “General” section under page settings.

Once there, select the “Page Visibility” option and click “Edit.” Then, tick the box that says “Page unpublished” and save your changes.

to hide your page, tick the box that says "page unpublished" and save your choice
Hide your page by selecting “Page unpublished” (Source)

What should you do before deleting a Facebook page?

Remember: When you delete a page on Facebook, you only have 14 days to change your mind before it’s gone for good. Deleting a page also deletes its content, including all reviews, likes, interactions, and comments.

Before you delete, you should download your Facebook page data. To download your data:

  • Go to that page and select “Settings”
  • Navigate to the “General” section and look for the “Download Page” option
  • Click “Edit” and then “Download Page”

Deleting stale, irrelevant business pages is a smart way to maximize your social media assets.

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The right software can also help you analyze trends, automate content creation, and collect data. Start here to find the best social media software for your business.


The steps to delete a Facebook page were researched in August 2021, and mobile platform screenshots reflect the app layout on an iPhone. Applications and layouts are liable to change; see Facebook’s Help Center for additional information.


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