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How to Hack Legalweek West 2017

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The line between conferences and conventions being a ton of fun and a total slog can be thin. Sometimes it comes down to the shoes you wear or how hard you went going out for drinks on the first night. Often it comes down to the sessions you attend.

Legalweek West

Speaking of which, are you heading to Legalweek West? So are we! If you’d like to say hi, you can catch Capterra at booth #500. Stop by, leave a review of the legal software you use, and get a prize! It’s that easy. We’d love to hear from you!

In the meantime, check out my session picks below.

Forensics 2.0

When it is

June 12, 1:00-2:00


“Collection of digital evidence is subject to different procedures and restrictions based on the type of legal matter. Increasingly, investigations are focusing on servers and log files, not just the hard drive. A comprehensive overview of electronic evidence can help advise on the merits of an investigation and expose threats that certain information can pose. This panel will cover the implications of current FBI attitude towards personal devices & devices outside the workplace as well as the role of early data assessment (EDA), which is crucial for effectively managing investigations.”

How to hack it

Do I love this session because it’s actually the most useful or do I just really love anything morbid? Normally I’d say the latter, but this time we’re focusing on computer forensics rather than my teenage ambition to be a coroner. Not just for those involved in criminal law, computer forensics can come up in just about any type of case.

The more uncomfortable you feel with computers, the more you need this session. Hack it by bringing your smartphone or tablet and be ready to do a quick Google search for any context you feel you’re missing.

Predictive Coding Deep Dive

When it is

June 12, 2:30-3:30


“As some continue to express concern about ‘black box’ technology (i.e. the difficulty in explaining what goes on behind the scenes of software), a better understanding of how to measure, test, and defend predictive coding results will improve litigation strategy. This panel will cover the two major metrics for measuring the efficacy of a predictive coding tool—precision and recall, both which can be measured through statistical sampling. Even though predictive coding technology is more widely accepted, maintaining a process that creates a strong audit trail will help create a highly defensible process.”

How to hack it

Coding is super cool, and I’m a big fan of it, since I code for fun. But it can be downright esoteric to anyone who hasn’t had much exposure. This session is a great way to see coding’s relevance to law.

Hack it by bringing a notebook and scribbling down your impressions. You might find some way to improve your law practice management software that you’ll want to bring up with the tech team when you get back to the office!

Managing Expectations in a Government Investigation

When it is

June 13, 12:30-1:30


“A growing body of federal agency guidance seeks to incentivize companies and individuals to provide material assistance to the investigating agency. Under the Obama administration, many companies found it difficult to obtain cooperation credit, and for those who received credit, it was difficult to identify tangible benefits. Will President Trump’s new administration change that? This session will discuss the cooperation regimes at the SEC, DOJ and discuss expectations for the future of cooperation standards across these agencies as the Trump administration settles into governing.”

How to hack it

This is a hot issue right now, no matter where you lean on the political spectrum. The more we see the political and legal spheres overlap in the news, the more vital it is for attorneys to understand the subtleties of dealing with a political legal investigation.

Hack it by bringing or finding a session buddy beforehand, preferably with similar politics to yours, in case you just can’t stand to hold back your snarky comments and don’t want to interrupt the session leaders.

Social Media: Ethics and Records Considerations

When it is

June 13, 2:00-3:00


“Social Media presents a host of challenges for organizations, not the least of which involve its impact on legal ethics and records retention considerations. In this session, John Isaza will lead a panel of experts who have contributed to a book he co-authored entitled A Handbook on Global Social Media Law for the Business Lawyer, scheduled for release in April of 2017 by the ABA. Contributing authors will walk the audience through legal ethics implications arising from a social media presence, including best practices on how to address those ethical concerns. A related topic of discussion will be the records that could arise from social media, including best practices on how to declare, classify and manage the resulting records.”

How to hack it

Social media is the downfall of a slew of legal defendants, job applicants, and politicians. Even though I hate judging people by their Facebook account, everybody is at risk of it. This session can help you learn how to manage your online presence in a way that won’t only protect you, but might even help you grow your legal brand.

Hack it by bringing your laptop so you can make quick adjustments to your social media accounts before you forget how they did that cool thing they did.

What are you doing at Legalweek west?

Are these sessions speaking to you? Or is your schedule totally different? Tell me all about it in the comments, and hit me up on my Twitter @CapterraHalden to tell me how your Legalweek West experience is going! I love me some live tweets.

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