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How to Recruit on YouTube

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What do ISIS, the Mossad, and British Airways all have in common?

No, they’re not part of a plot for a new Vince Flynn thriller.

And no, they’re not the focus of my favorite conspiracy theory.

However, they all are having great success using online video to recruit new applicants.


Video is taking over the internet.  A full 34% of all internet bandwidth is now devoted to Netflix streaming video, and people watch over six billion hours of video each month on YouTube.

And video works for recruiters.

According to CareerBuilder internal data, job postings with video get 12% more views, and 34% more applications.

Smart recruiters are using video to lure applicants, showcase job descriptions, and hire the very best talent, and you should be too.

Here’s how to use online video to recruit on YouTube:

1. Produce high-quality videos

While this is easier said than done, it’s still a hugely important first step.

While a well-done video will increase engagement, a poorly filmed, acted, or scripted video will cause applicants to run away.

Luckily, it doesn’t take a huge time or money investment to get some good quality filming equipment, and retrofit a conference room into an ad-hoc filming studio.

Make sure that you spend time scripting, and practicing before even turning the camera on:

Wistia, a video marketing company, has a whole host of great videos to teach you how to do video well, even when on a budget.

2. Produce the right types of videos

Video is a great tool for showing how great it is to work at your organization, instead of just telling candidates.  Take advantage of it by filming the types of videos which will entice and educate prospective hires.

These fall into three broad categories.

Showcase your culture

Shopify does a great job here showing off the playful company culture of its many different internal teams:

Describe the job and requirements

QuickStop Oilube’s job description video, while a bit cheesy, really does illustrate what the job entails and requires, and does so in a more approachable way than huge blocks of text would have:

Share your office perks

This famous Google recruitment video from 2006 does a great job highlighting all the awesome perks of being a Google employee, from free child care to food so good people gain the “Google 15” while working there:

3. Put videos in the right places

For your video to have an impact, you need to deploy it correctly.  This means making use of it in multiple locations, to broaden the audience it gets.

Your recruiting video should be placed:

  • On the job posting itself (especially if it is a position-specific job description)
  • On your YouTube channel (YouTube has great SEO potential, and you can link within videos themselves to relevant application pages and job postings)
  • On your internal careers page/site

And finally, do everything you can to make your video shareable: include embed code (YouTube does this automatically), link to social accounts (don’t forget Pinterest), and share it from your company social media as well.

Your experience?

Have you used video in your recruiting efforts?  What success have you seen?  Any tips for doing it well?  Add them in the comments!

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JP Medved

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