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How to Reduce Customer Service Costs and Generate Leads with a Self-Service Knowledge Base

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Do you want to delight customers as well as reduce service costs and generate leads?


If you answer is a yes, again then this blog post is for you. In this article, we look at how you can use a self-service knowledgebase to drastically reduce customer service costs, while reducing the workload of your agents at the sametime.

Let’s get started.

So what Is a Self-Service Knowledge Base?

A self-service knowledge base is like an FAQ section on a website, the difference is that the knowledge base can offers not just answers to some questions but all kinds of help content – which includes Q&As, tutorials, videos, Q&A forums, manuals and any other piece of information that can be relevant and useful to your customers and potential prospects.

When they have access to your self-service knowledge base, they can find any information they need, whenever they need it, which is the main idea behind every type of online knowledge base.

How Can a Self-Service Knowledge Base Help You Reduce Customer Service Costs?


A study conducted by Dimension Data showed that 73% of consumers today prefer to search for the answers they need on a particular company’s website, rather than turn to phone calls or SMSs for the support they need. What’s more, the results of several studies show that 67% of consumers prefer self-service to phone calls, while 91% of consumers would use an online knowledge base.

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”

 – Benjamin Franklin          

From the above study, we can deduce that if you provide your customers with a self-service knowledge base, that they can access on your website, not only will you provide them with the information they need, but you will also greatly reduce the volume of your tickets and calls, thus reducing your customer service costs.

Since people prefer finding the solutions to their problems on their own, most of your customers will certainly search through your website to find the answers they need. If they cannot find what they need, they will contact your customer service, but the fact is that only some of them would do that. Therefore, if you don’t leverage the potential of a self-service knowledge base, you risk losing a lot of customers, not to mention a lot of revenue.

By building a self-service knowledge base, you will reduce the load that your call agents have to deal with on a daily basis and not only will you save your company a lot of money, since you will receive fewer calls, but your agents will also be able to focus on other pressing tasks at hand and collaborate towards achieving your company’s goals.

Therefore, a self-service knowledge base is an excellent way for you to reduce your customer service costs, since it is a fact that your customers will use the base to its full potential.

A self-service knowledge base can reduce your customer service costs by as much as $11 per phone call, as found in a study by Forrester Research and Oracle.

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How Can You Generate Leads with a Self-Service Knowledge Base?


A self-service knowledge base can be used as a lead generation tool and it can be quite an effective one, if you know what and how to implement. Live chat can be of immense help when it comes to customer service, especially nowadays, when people are chatting online all the time, which is why they prefer using live chat to phone calls when they need answers to particular questions.

You may wonder why you need live chat when there is a self-service knowledge base that provides all the possible solutions to your customers’ problems, but live chat provides additional support and shows your customers and prospects that you are available for them 24/7. Since it is more likely that they will contact you via live chat than place a phone call, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try and integrate live chat into your knowledge base.

Furthermore, you should consider using embedded videos and surveys, since they can certainly provide additional help, not to mention that they have the power of influencing people’s opinions and decisions about a particular brand, especially videos.

If you provide your customers with tutorial videos, for instance, where you explain everything they need to know to understand the matter in question in detail, you will become a trusted resource your customers will turn to whenever they need information only you can provide.

These integrations will help you attract more quality leads and engage more people in your brand. If you update your self-service knowledge base on a regular basis and always provide useful and relevant information, you will turn your knowledge base into a lead generation machine. You will manage to attract leads of real quality to your business and easily convert them into customers.

Measure the Effectiveness of Your Self-Service Knowledge Base

In order to make sure your self-service knowledge base is actually effective, you need to measure its performance and gain an insight into whether or not it should perhaps be adjusted and improved. Jay Kershner, the Director of Customer Service at Fitbit, shares his knowledge on using metrics to measure success: “We measure the effectiveness of self-service with Google Analytics. We track visitors and see who’s viewing what articles. We try to understand the concrete value of the portal, find which articles are most liked, and which we have the opportunity to improve”.

A similar piece of advice from Diana Potter, the Support Engineer of the Customer WOW team at “In addition to tracking what people are searching for in the support center, we try to read between the lines and get a feel for what might be lacking based on those searches (or what needs new keywords to show up better in search)”.

Final Words

A self-service knowledge base can provide you with numerous benefits and help you always stay one step ahead of your competition. Since it can help you reduce costs and generate more leads, it is a tool that you should definitely take advantage of and use to its full potential. However, make sure you use it properly, so that your efforts actually pay off and you don’t end up wasting your resources. Once you get the hang of it, your self-service knowledge base will bring your only positive results and help you improve your entire business organization.

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