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How To Tag Someone on Facebook: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Tagging someone on Facebook is a great way to make a post visible to other users and connect you to a wider network of people and businesses. Through tagging, you create a link to the tagged person’s timeline, which will also notify them about the post.

This step-by-step guide will explain how to use tagging to dynamically link to people and pages.

Facebook tagging on desktop

On a desktop, the easiest way to tag in Facebook is using the tag button.

1. From your Facebook newsfeed, click on the text bar reading “What’s on your mind?”

Screenshot of the "what's on your mind" post bar on Facebook
Click on the text bar at the top of your screen to create a post. (All source images pulled from personal Facebook account)

2. In the “Create Post” window, locate and click on the three dots at the bottom right-hand corner to open additional “Add to Your Post” options.

Screenshot of the "Create post" window, along with the three dots at the button right hand corner
Click the three dots in the bottom right-hand corner to open additional options.

3. Click the “Tag People” option, indicated by a blue silhouette icon.

Screenshot of clicking the "tag people" option
Click the blue silhouette icon in the upper right-hand corner.

Click the “Done” button after selecting the person you would like to tag in the post.

5. After tagging a user, their name will appear in the post. Once you’re done tagging, click “Share” to publish the post.

Tagging on desktop using the “@” symbol

You can save a few steps when you tag someone in a Facebook post by using the “@” symbol.

1. Locate the text bar at the top of the screen. Type the “@” symbol into the “What’s on your mind… “ text bar. Then, type the name of the person you wish to tag and select their name from the drop down menu.

Screenshot of tagging someone by using the @ symbol
Tag someone in a post using the “@” symbol. [Do not leave spaces between the “@” symbol and the person’s name.]

2. Click the “Post” button at the bottom to publish your content.

Facebook tagging on mobile

The interface of the Facebook app is consistent across all mobile platforms. Follow these steps to tag someone in a post by using the tag button:

1. Open the Facebook app and tap the “What’s on your mind?” text bar at the top of the screen to reveal additional posting options.

Screenshot of mobile Facebook posting
Tap the “What’s on your mind” text bar to reveal the additional options for posts.

2. A “Create Post” window opens. Tap the blue silhouette icon labeled “Tag People.”

3. Scroll through your friends list to find the user you wish to tag or type their name into the search bar. Once you have chosen the user, tap “Done” in the upper right corner.

Screenshot of the search function for tagging friends
Type the name of the person you wish to tag into the search bar.

4. Finish writing your post, and then tap “Post” to publish your content.

Tagging on mobile using the “@” symbol

Similarly to desktop, you can also use the “@” symbol to quickly find and tag Facebook users. From the Facebook app, tap the “What’s on your mind?” text box to get started.

1. Tap the “Write something…” text bar and use the “@” symbol to search for the user you wish to tag. Do not leave spaces between the “@” symbol and the person’s name.

Screenshot of creating a post and tagging another user with the "@" symbol
Remember that the tag will not work if there are spaces between the “@” symbol and the person’s name that you wish to tag.

2. Tap the “Post” button to finalize your status update.

How to tag a business in a post

Facebook offers a quick and easy process for tagging businesses in a post. This method of tagging can be used on both a desktop and a mobile device.

1. Locate and click the status bar on the Facebook newsfeed.

Screenshot of creating a status update post on a Facebook feed
Click on the status bar to create a new post.

2. Tag a business by typing the “@” symbol into your “Create Post” text box. Do not leave spaces between the “@” symbol and the business’s name.

3. Select the name of the business that you would like to tag from the drop down menu.

Screenshot of tagging a business in a status update on Facebook
Select the business’s name from the drop down menu.

4. Continue typing, and click the “Done” button to finalize your post.

How to tag someone in a previous post

Have you ever posted a status update and forgotten to tag a person or business in it? Follow these quick and easy steps to modify an existing post from a desktop or the Facebook mobile app.

1. Click or tap the three dots in the upper right-hand corner of the post that you wish to edit. Then, click or tap the “Edit post” button.

Screenshot of editing an already published post to include a tagged person on Facebook
Click or tap the “Edit post” button.

2. Click or tap the blue silhouette icon to open the “Tag People” option or type the “@” symbol into the status bar. Type the name of the person or business you wish to tag, and select their name from the drop down menu.

Screenshot of tagging a person in an already published post by editing it.
Search for the user within the “Tag People” option or by typing “@” directly in the post.

3. Click or tap the “Done” button to update your post with the tag, and click or tap “Save” to update your edited post.

Benefits of tagging on Facebook

So, now that you’ve learned how to tag a person or business in a Facebook post, you’re probably wondering why people tag other users and businesses in posts?

Typically, Facebook users utilize the tagging feature to get another user’s attention. Friends may tag each other in a post to signify a shared experience, draw attention to an event, or deliver kudos for an achievement.

When a person writes a Facebook post about a business and tags the business in it, that person’s entire Facebook network is instantly informed of the business’s offerings. The marketing capabilities of Facebook’s tagging feature are cost-free, instantaneous, and ultimately invaluable.

Whether you’re seeking to bring attention to a life event, or connect with a friend over a funny thought, tagging them in a post is an efficient way to build a connection.

Remember, Facebook is not only for social connections. When used effectively, businesses can greatly benefit from the word-of-mouth marketing that Facebook’s tagging feature encourages.

For more information on how to grow your business network on social media, check out our quick and easy guide on “Facebook for Business.”


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