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How to Use Pinterest to Plan Your Events

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Yes, I have a Pinterest account.


After watching my girlfriend pin for months upon months on her phone I started to see the utility of such a tool. She pins her entire life on that website, from planning her wedding to planning tonight’s dinner.

Pinterest is every bit as useful an event planning tool as it is a life planning tool for my girlfriend, perhaps even more so. Not only can it deliver you great event content like event planner blogs and detailed infographics, Pinterest can also do a lot of the behind-the-scenes heavy lifting and become an indispensable tool for any event manager.

Here is how you can use Pinterest to plan your events!

Follow Tons of Event Management Pinterest Boards and Pinners

When planning your event, source material is very important for inspiration regarding colors, speakers, layout, event favors, etc.

Typically the best event planning and management boards and pinners are ones that have a substantial following.

Pinterest event planning boards and pinners you should be following include:

Organize Your Own Boards in Categories for Your Event

After you’ve followed all your inspirations on Pinterest, it’s time to start pulling together every new idea you find in the Pinterest universe onto your own board. This can be done on your own personal Pinterest or on the official board for your organization, corporation, nonprofit, etc.


In regards to organization, simply pinning all of your findings aimlessly on your board isn’t the best way to keep your thoughts in a discernable order. This is where specific individual boards come in handy, allowing you to organize each pin into key categories and purposes, such as decorations, catering, and organization checklists. Think:


Foodie Inspiration


Floral Inspiration

Corp Event

Even Event Tech Inspiration!

Here are some quality examples of event decoration and catering boards:

Decorations Boards:

Catering Boards

Collaborate with Other Pinners

While pinning you will be signaling to others your interests and tastes, creating buzz around the pins that you post. The benefit of this system is the opportunity to connect with other like-minded pinners, growing your creative community.

As you follow other pinners and boards you will have ample opportunity to communicate with fellow event managers and planners, creating more opportunities for new ideas and inspirations.

Sometimes a simple message to a fellow pinner such as “Love your stuff/boards/pins/etc. Keep up the great content!” can lead to more in-depth conversations where you bounce ideas back and forth about event planning. Building these relationships with other fellow pinners can translate to more shares between you and your followers, which can create a larger audience for both parties to appeal to.

Connecting with big name pinners with thousands of followers gives you the opportunity to be exposed to a wide array of different tastes, ideas, and event your own “shameless” self-promotion.

Promote Your Event

There is nothing wrong with some shameless self-promotion, especially when all you have is riding on whether or not others will show up to your event. Pinterest is geared towards connecting everyone to content and ideas that align with their interests and passions, which is very beneficial for marketing your event.

After pinning and connecting with the multitudes of Pinterest users that align with your events and your interests, you can use your own board to actually promote the event. This also gives you a chance to start marketing your own original content on Pinterest, which is great for brand awareness and earned media attention.

You can create compelling list infographics telling your followers why they should attend your event, or keep up regular photo updates on how your event is coming together to entice possible attendees.

How to Use Pinterest to Plan Your Events

Pinterest is a very visual platform, so leaning heavily on compelling photographs, enticing visuals, and attractive colors will bring your event board more success.

P.S.: If you don’t know how to make an infographic, here is a great instructional video!


Do you feel like we covered all the major bases for event planning on Pinterest? Anything we should’ve included? Let us know in the comments below!

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