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How to use Twitter for Events

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Meryl Streep once said, “instant gratification is not soon enough.”

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This could not be more accurate these days, and the ability to provide instant gratification may just be what your next event needs.

Enter Twitter, left stage.

Want to know what your event attendees think about your speaker? How about letting your potential attendees know about an upcoming contest for tickets to your event?

Twitter can provide all of this info and more instantaneously. If you haven’t used this social network for your events, or if you have but without success, here is how you can use Twitter to expand the social media buzz for your event.

Hashtag your way to Success!

#AlexFromTarget, #YesAllWomen, #40Dollars. These are all great examples of successful Twitter hashtag campaigns or trends that sparked debate, controversy, action, and laughter.

When promoting your event on Twitter there is no question you need a hashtag to define your intentions and brand, but while finding the right hashtag to fit your event can seem simple, it’s a monumentally important task. Your aim should be to engage your attendees, while avoiding “hashtag fails” where your efforts become hijacked by unproductive (yet occasionally funny) Twitter trolls.


Don’t think it can happen to your event? Ask CPAC how that worked out for them.

But what makes a successful and engaging event hashtag?

First off, any hashtag created to generate some kind of response or action MUST include actionable language that tells your attendees to tweet something to you. This could be a question about speakers, venue, or food, or it could be a campaign to gather photos of your attendees at the event. The point is, your audience won’t know to do something unless you tell them to do it.

Second, there is not much you can do with your Twitter hashtag if no one knows what it is.  You should always make sure that your attendees are aware of your hashtag well in advance of the event. You don’t want everyone to miss the updates about what is coming at your event!

Finally, keep track of engagement using Twitter account management programs such as Hootsuite or TweetDeck to see who’s using and responding the hashtag in real time.


Consistent engagement and tweeting will increase the successes of your event hashtag by simple volume of tweets.

Live Tweeting your event!

Who doesn’t love updates about what is happening and what is coming up at your event? Live tweeting major sessions and upcoming activities at your event can be an effective method to keep your attendees informed about what they might be missing. Focus on what is exciting and where everyone is gravitating towards.

Luckily, Hootsuite provides its users with tools such as HootFeed to streamline live tweeting and display tweets on projectors or other large display screens for participants to see.

Twitter for events

What about making memories? Live tweeting gives you the opportunity to create memories for your attendees, because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a picture of themselves? Great memories and pictures of your attendees can help ensure more retweets and mentions of your event hashtag.

Just make sure you are updating these photos and moments in a timely manner to keep their interest.

Feedback, feedback, feedback!

The advantage of Twitter is the ability to reach high volumes of people without having to be directly connected to them, unlike social media sites like Facebook which depend more on friends and connections to spread awareness.

Taking advantage of that untethered reach can provide you and your event handlers with access to tons of feedback which is necessary to grow and improve on your next event. The best thing about this feedback is the fact that it is instantaneous and can even be tied to prizes or perks for your participants.

At the end of it all, you can even measure the effectiveness of your event’s Twitter campaign using sites such as Hash Tracking to find out your most effective tweets.

All this Twitter feedback can be be taken into account when planning your next event.


Have you had success implementing Twitter into your events? Let us know how it’s worked out for you in the comments below!

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Nick Morpus

Nick Morpus

Nick Morpus is a former Capterra analyst.


Comment by Alex Watts on

Great Post Nick! Thanks for Sharing this useful stuff with us.
Yes, Hashtag Campaigns for the event on Twitter is a great way to attract more audience and event promotion. We have used Twitter Walls for our many events. On this Twitter Walls, we showed our live twitter feeds during events. And trust me, we got the huge response from the audience.

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Comment by Kevin @ COSRental on

Nice guide Nick! If I may add, getting other people involved – the speakers, sponsors, and even social savvy employees – in Twitter conversations is also a good idea. Just shared this. 🙂

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