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HubSpot Competitors: 10 Alternatives to the Popular Marketing Automation System

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UPDATE 10/26/2016: We’ve updated the marketing features of each alternative and added two new solutions since the post originally went live.

As one of the most well-known marketing automation solutions on the market, HubSpot has become a defacto choice for many businesses looking to implement marketing automation into their marketing toolbox.

Best known as an inbound marketing platform, HubSpot focuses on helping businesses use software to implement and manage inbound strategies for lead gen, including email marketing, SEO, and blogging. With 15,000 customers and 75,000 users, HubSpot is considered one of the best and most popular marketing automation systems in the industry.

But that doesn’t mean they’re the right choice for your business, especially with all the different marketing automation software products currently on the market. So how do you sift through the options to find the one that’s right for you?

This article looks at ten HubSpot alternatives. See the full list of HubSpot alternatives here.

To help during your research process, I’ve put together a list of some alternatives to consider over HubSpot that more than 30,000 businesses are currently using for their marketing automation needs.


Price: $1,000-$3,000 per month

Since being acquired by Salesforce, Pardot has become a marketing automation favorite for Salesforce users because the company continues to develop a more seamless integration between the two systems.

Users praise its ease of use, with WYSIWYG email design and step-by-step instructions when creating a new piece of content, such as landing pages, forms, drip programs, and automation rules.


Pardot Differentiators

  • Native integration with Salesforce.
  • WYSIWYG email building.
  • Integrates with  WebEx.

Where HubSpot Wins Over Pardot

  • Built-in CMS.
  • Robust blogging platform featuring keyword rankings.
  • Social media integration.
  • Optimize email sending times and days based on past performance.


Price: $895-$3,195 per month

Marketo is another very popular alternative to HubSpot, with 3,000 businesses using the system. Users rate it high for ease of use, though they do say there’s a learning curve for new users, since it’s an advanced system.


Marketo Differentiators

  • Offers more 3rd party integrations, including WebEx.
  • 10,000 contacts database, no matter the price tier.
  • App available Windows Phone.

Where HubSpot Wins Over Marketo

  • Most basic price package is 1/4th the cost of Marketo’s lowest price.
  • User Friendliness.
  • Built in CRM.


Price: $199-$599 per month

Infusionsoft provides a marketing automation solution specifically for small businesses. While HubSpot recently unveiled a built-in CRM late last year, Infusionsoft has always had a combined CRM and Marketing Automation system.

Like all complex software systems, Infusionsoft does take some time to implement, according to users, but they all agree that after the hassle of setting up the system and organizing all of their campaigns, the results are well worth the initial effort.


Infusionsoft Differentiators

  • Includes eCommerce tools, such as a customizable storefront, a shopping cart function, and order history linked to the shopper’s CRM profile.
  • No recurring costs.

Where HubSpot Wins Over Infusionsoft

  • Blogging platform.
  • Integrates with more CRM systems other than its own.


Price: $600-$2,000 per month

As a marketing automation system built for small marketing teams, Act-On promises you’ll spend less time managing the nuts and bolts of marketing and have more time to focus on your business, customers, and results.

Apart from those great features and capabilities, current users rave about Act-On’s customer service, saying that “…most of all, their customer service & support is second to none.”

Act On

Act-On Differentiators

  • Pricing is based on active contacts (those who were sent an email) per month, not the size of your entire database.
  • API functionality is offered across all price tiers.
  • Integration with Webex.

Where HubSpot Wins Over Act-On

  • Predictive analytic capabilities.
  • Netsuite integration.


Price: $800+ per month

“The first choice of people buying marketing automation for the second time.” That’s a pretty bold statement! But Net-Results is a favorite among second generation marketing automation users, based on the product’s ease of use and powerful tools.

Their users love the drag and drop function for landing page and email building, as well as all their other easy-to-use features, like lead nurturing and scoring, tracking and analytics, email creation, and social integration.

net results

Net-Results Differentiators

  • Two options for pricing: unlimited email send or unlimited database of contacts. All features are included no matter which option is chosen.
  • No setup fee.
  • Free trial available.

Where HubSpot Wins Over Net-Results

  • System has more standard features, such as A/B testing and dynamic content.
  • Content blogging capabilities.


Price: $950+ per month

Salesfusion differentiates itself from other marketing automation solutions as “the only marketing automation software solution that is built on a CRM database” and “can integrate at a deeper level to customers’ installed CRM systems.” So if you’re concerned about how your CRM and marketing automation system will work together, Salesfusion is definitely a worthy option to consider.

Salesfusion users feel very satisfied with the platform, stating that the software is easy to use and there hasn’t been a “I wish it did this” moment as far as functionality goes. Though users agree that the system takes some time to get used to, especially if it’s your first time using marketing automation, most Salesfusion users feel it’s worth the time and effort in the long term.


Salesfusion Differentiators

  • It has a QR code generator feature if you want to connect your print campaigns to your digital ones.

Where HubSpot Wins Over Salesfusion

  • Even though it promotes its CRM-based system, Salesfusion doesn’t actually offer its own CRM product, unlike HubSpot.
  • A mobile app.

Marketing Optimizer

Price: $149-$1,999 per month

Marketing Optimizer bills itself as an extra employee for your marketing team, giving you the power to automate more marketing tasks and save you time.

Users love Marketing Optimizer’s ability to connect the sales and marketing teams, and they praise the software’s ease of use and its excellent customer service.

Marketing Optimizer

Marketing Optimizer Differentiators

  • Unlimited features at every price level, only limiting number of contacts and number of email sends.
  • Built in call tracking software.

Where HubSpot Wins Over Marketing Optimizer

  • Integrates with a variety of 3rd party platforms in addition to including API functionality.
  • Includes more advanced features, such as dynamic content, email deliverability testing, and mobile optimization.
  • Social media integrations.


Price: $895-$1,995 per month

A big selling point for Experiture: it has two separate systems specifically for B2B or B2C companies. While marketing automation software is more popular for B2B brands, it’s still a valuable tool for B2C companies to consider. Experiture allows consumer-facing brands to “create, deploy and optimize individualized marketing…build automated, ongoing programs that foster continued, personal customer relationships throughout the customer lifecycle.” Who wouldn’t want to build relationships with both current and potential customers?

Declared a perfect fit by one user, Experiture provides excellent customer service on top of its easy to use platform and extensive features, including “custom email dissemination, seamless, personalized landing pages, creation of GURLS and QR Codes for print along with a powerful reporting system.”


Experiture Differentiators

  • Offers eCommerce functionality to combine customer data across all systems, including POS and ERP solutions.
  • PPC marketing.

Where HubSpot Wins Over Experiture

  • Built-in CMS and blogging platform.


Price: $400- $800 per month

SharpSpring boasts about their affordability while offering features that “businesses actually use for success.” Built for both large agencies and small businesses, SharpSpring offers exceptional customer service.

The marketing automation software is web-based and plays along well with other SMB’s while being universally CMS capable.


SharpSpring Differentiators

  • No extra fees for more features.
  • No contracts, giving you the ability to cancel anytime. Also has pricing model specifically for agencies.
  • WYSIWYG landing page builder, including the ability to create a series of linked pages designed to funnel visitors and prospects into leads.

Where Hubspot Wins Over SharpSpring

  • Publishing capabilities for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Real Magnet

$200-1350 per month

Where Real Magnet hangs their hat on is their strong tracking capabilities, while having a powerful analytics page.

The Bethesda-based company offers the gamut of marketing automation featuring numerous integrations, all while offering ease of use.

Real Maghn

RealMagnet Differentiators

  • SOAP API capabilities.
  • Secure Page Services.

Where Hubspot Wins Over Real Magnet

  • Publishing capabilities for blogs.


If you don’t have several hundred dollars a month to invest in one of these Hubspot competitors, there are also plenty of free marketing automation systems to get you started.

What other marketing automation systems would you recommend?

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About the Author

Caroline Malamut

Caroline Malamut

Caroline is the Vendor Marketing Manager at Capterra. Her love of marketing began while growing up in Philadelphia and has only grown since attending the University of Pittsburgh. In her free time she enjoys reading, spending time with friends and family, and cheering on her Philly and Pitt sports teams.


Comment by Nick on is a great alternative if you email to a lot of persons. With the great analysis, you get a very detailed image of what your clients do and what they like. It’s very friendly, with lots of templates, possibility to upload your own, and schedule sending.


Comment by Matt Fenn on

Hi Caroline,

Can I offer Jumplead as another HubSpot alternative?

Interestingly, there is a review on the Jumplead Capterra listing from someone who moved to Jumplead from HubSpot:

“My organization switched from Hubspot expecting much less capability for a lot less money. To our surprise, Jumplead has almost all the functionality of a much more expensive product.”
Calvin Bouldt

“Jumplead does about 90% of what the big boys do for a fraction of the cost. It is a great tool for small businesses.”
Charles Rogel

It’s designed for SMB businesses, that want to run inbound marketing automation as easily and cost effectively as possible. The service includes conversion forms, landing pages, email broadcasts as well as autoresponders, live chat, SEO keyword tracking a CRM and task management.

Notably, Jumplead comes with live chat (connected directly to the onboard CRM) which is a great lead generation tool for B2B businesses.

Plus, Jumplead’s forms allow for the implementation of Progressive Profiling, which many HubSpot alternatives such as SharpSpring are not capable of.

Hope this helps!


Comment by Grant Wilson on

Well said…Its important in a business to know about their competitors.

Comment by priti jadhav on

HubSpot focuses on helping businesses use software to implement and manage inbound strategies. Sage Automaton offers the Certified Course and training center in Thane/Mumbai location. For more details please visit us at or contact us +91 7028640004

Comment by Marketing Automation on

If we are seeking alternatives to HubSpot, it will only be for the price. HubSpot is a great product, but it is expensive. Most of these alternatives are equally expensive. Consider adding Retainly ( to this list. Not just because it’s the most affordable alternative to HubSpot, but cuz it has some very unique features that even Hubspot does not have.


Comment by Brenda Stoltz on

This is a fantastic list, Caroline. As someone who has been in this field for many years at the enterprise and SMB level, I agree each platform has pros and cons and it’s really the client’s requirements and then budget that drive which is the best fit. There is no “one size fits all” and there also isn’t a “magic bullet” that if you implement will send your leads and revenue through the roof (without work on your part).

We work with all platforms, based on what our customers have or their needs if we are doing a vendor evaluation, but we partner specifically with HubSpot and SharpSpring.

HubSpot is unbeatable for ease of use and breath of functionality. It’s truly best of breed and if you can afford it, you can’t go wrong, IMO.

SharpSpring is our preferred vendor for those who want the breadth of functionality but at a lower price point. We use it for clients who are priced out of other platforms but need the functionality and automation for sophisticated workflow and campaigns. We also love the agency platform and the ability to provide an even greater discount to our SharpSpring clients.

Again, huge thanks for this list! It’s always great to stay on top of who is doing what in this dynamic space!

Comment by Carol Luong on

Hubspot is like an expensive swiss army knife, which is convenient but it might not always have the tools you need and you’re stuck with what you have. There are a lot of creative ways to choose independent products that a free or low cost and have them work together through APIs and integrations. For instance, here is an article that outlines how SMBs can take advantage Mailchimp, Pipedrive CRM and Leadfeeder to create an ideal lead generation toolstack.

Comment by Vinit Tibrewal on

Good list, Caroline. You might also want to add ‘FirstHive’ in the list. It is a cross-channel marketing automation platform that let’s you build and track email, SMS and social media marketing campaigns, and displays integrated customer data from across channels. Request you to take a look once:


Comment by Caroline Malamut on

Hi Robert,

We’ve written A LOT about free and low cost marketing platforms. Please check them out if you’re looking for something that’ll put less strain on the budget:

7 Cheap Marketing Automation Software Solutions for Less Than $300 a Month:

Free and Open Source Marketing Automation Software: 10 Options for $0:

9 Cheap Salesforce Alternatives:

The 10 Best Free and Open Source CRM Software Solutions:

Hope this helps!

Comment by Robert Jennings on

Great wrap but although I do find inbound CRM programs prohibitively expensive for small business. It would be fantastic to see a collection that is $200 per month, for less intensive marketing options.

Comment by Jeff Kew on

I’m also very active in the Mautic community, and that’s because I’m a fan of the program and the Allyde hosted versioning at For those who like to host their own (like those who setup their own WordPress sites) check out

Mautic offers all the features you would expect from a $1000/month SaaS but without a steep learning curve and without the hard sell.


Comment by David Hurley on

Full Disclosure: I’m active in the Mautic community.

My first thought was this is a great post! My second was I am unsure why “free solutions” would be listed independently from this list 🙂 While I understand some don’t offer the full range of services and features, there is one that stands out from the other free solutions. Mautic,, is a free and open source marketing automation platform that unlike other free offerings provides a comprehensive feature list that easily rivals each of the other alternatives listed above.

Mautic has a single focus of revolutionizing marketing automation and empowering every business, regardless of size. I’d highly recommend it for inclusion on this list instead of merely a mention as a sub-par “free” tool. Free no longer means worse! 🙂

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