16 Illuminating Retail Stats That Will Change the Way You Run Your Store

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Stats are like podiums: great to use in discussions about your business and fun to hurl in arguments.


If you’re looking for some retail stats to bolster your business discussions and arguments about retail, I’ve got just what you’re looking for. Check out these 16 retail stats:

1. 25% of all American jobs are supported by the retail industry. (Source: National Retail Federation) >> Tweet This

2. 77% of users are satisfied or very satisfied with their point of sale (POS) software. (Source: The Point of Sale User Research Report) >> Tweet This

3. Brick and Mortar stores generate 94% of total retail sales. (Source: Mobile Commerce Daily) >> Tweet This

4. 53% of consumers have quit an in-store purchase because they used their phone. 68% had found a better price elsewhere. (Source: Mobile Commerce Daily) >> Tweet This 

5. 89% of companies plan to compete their basic customer experience by the end of 2016. (Source: RetailNext) >> Tweet This

6. 44% of all stores use mobile POS to ring up customers. 79% of those companies are small-midsize. (Source: The Point of Sale User Research Report) >> Tweet This

7. iPad is the preferred device to run a mobile register on, but Android is the preferred smartphone. (Source: The Point of Sale User Research Report) >> Tweet This

8. Poor customer service causes US brands an estimated loss of $41 billion annually. (Source: Smart Customer Service) >> Tweet This

9. You are between 5-20% likely to sell to a new customer, as compared to being between 60-70% likely to sell to an existing customer. (Source: Neosperience) >> Tweet This

10. 40% of 18 to 34-year-olds consult social networks for gift ideas. 25% of the population in general uses social networks for gift ideas. (Source: Adweek) >> Tweet This

11. 88% of companies have had their POS software for less than 5 years. (Source: The Point of Sale User Research Report) >> Tweet This

12. 56% of companies find their solution in 2-6 weeks of searching. (Source: The Point of Sale User Research Report) >> Tweet This

13. 54%of consumers consider no longer shopping with retailers who do not provide them with relevant content and coupons. (CMO Council) >> Tweet This

14. 46% of companies spend less than $1,500/year on their POS software. (Source: The Point of Sale User Research Report) >> Tweet This

15. 37% of companies spent more on their software than they budgeted for. (Source: The Point of Sale User Research Report) >> Tweet This

16. 98.6% of all retail businesses employ fewer than 50 people. (Source: National Retail Federation) >> Tweet This


Do you have any fun retail stats to add to this list? Share them below!

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I love the stat showing how small and midsize retailers are leading the way with mobile POS systems. Technology is democratizing the customer experience and allowing smaller companies to create awesome experiences. Definitely an area enterprise can catch up in.

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