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Increase Efficiency & Reduce Resources Using Golf Tournament Software

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You’ve decided to host a charity golf tournament to raise money for your cause. That’s the first step. Now comes the hard part—planning and managing the numerous details for your tournament.golf tournament software

There are many pieces of the puzzle that need to fit together in order for your golf tournament to be a success:

  • Golfer registration and team pairing
  • Determining the right type of tournament for your organization
  • EX: There are traditional golf tournaments where golfers register and pay a fee to play and there are golf marathons where golfers commit to raising money for your cause. These can be very effective, as golfers can often raise $1,000 or more by tapping into their constituency.
  • Raising funds through online donations and sponsor solicitation
  • Attracting golfers and media through promotions
  • Creating a memorable event through day-of-event operations and add-on activities, such as exciting golf contests and a charity auction.

How will your staff or volunteers manage all these details? Here’s where golf tournament software helps.

Fact: Utilizing charity golf tournament software can increase your efficiency by allowing you to save time and resources while raising more money for your cause.

How is this possible?

In the past, charity golf tournaments were organized just like any other fundraising event. Participants and golfers would often register by filling out a registration form and mail it into the hosting organization along with payment. Then the planning committee would begin manually creating an Excel spreadsheet of participants and payment updates. Contact information was also listed here, allowing tournament planners to contact golfers with tournament updates (location, tee times, pairing information, etc.). Then golfers were provided with physical documents to track donations, envelopes to collect funds, and instructions for submitting these donations. Sponsorships were managed off-record. Meetings were scheduled and sponsorship packages pitched one-to-one. Then more documents were created, and logos and digital files were collected to ensure sponsor obligations were met for pre-tournament promotion and on-site at the event. Merchandise was sold on-site, meaning administrators had to pre-order T-shirts, visors, golf balls, etc. and hope they estimated quantities and sizes accurately.

Now there is nothing wrong with this process, and some aspects are probably still widely used, however…there is an easier, more cost-efficient way!

Golf Tournament Software

With golf tournament software, organizing a charity golf tournament is streamlined and managed within one golf tournament website. Event planners easily create a custom tournament website, manage registration, sponsorship and product sales using a pre-designed template where logos can be uploaded and color schemes selected to match your organization’s brand standards. Golfers and sponsors register for the event and make payments online. All of this information is then collected in a database that can be later used by administrators to create reports for attendance or sort contact information for pushing out communications about the event. A professional email system is also included for managing these communications. Payments and donations are automatically processed using the organizations preferred payment processor (so payments are received in advance of the event and no more worries about bounced-checks or losing cash payments).

Using golf tournament software isn’t only beneficial for the hosting organization. It also provides a more positive experience for golfers, sponsors, your constituents and the general community.

Simple Tools for Golfers:

  • Register as an individual or a team captain
  • Create their own personal fundraising page (if part of a golf-a-thon or golf marathon event)
  • Easily promote the event by sharing the golf tournament website on social networking sites and sending an email link to family and friends.
  • Purchase meals or merchandise, and select sizes in advance of the event

Management Tools for Administrators:

  • Once all golfer information is entered into the online database, tournament directors have the ability to schedule pairings, tee-times, and manage communications to golfers
  • Administrators track progress of each individual participant and/or team in order to highlight top-performers and incentivize others with a little healthy competition
  • Event planners may also generate numerous reports directly from the system allowing for easy analysis of the tournament event for future planning

Engagement from Sponsors and Donors

  • With a golf tournament website, sponsors and donors can engage directly with your organization at a time that’s convenient for them. Golfers no longer have to solicit donations or sponsor solicitations via phone or in-person meetings, but can email a website link where donors and sponsors may learn more about the event and choose to take action.
  • Donors can visit the website to learn about the cause, details of the event, and safely and securely make online donations
  • Sponsors can review different benefits of sponsor packages online and select the sponsorship level that’s right for their business. Here they can make payment, upload logos, and make comments about their reason for supporting their cause. They have direct control over their exposure and don’t have to rely on the hosting agency.

Options for the General Community

  • Community members can learn about the event and choose to sign-up or make donations
  • People can purchase merchandise directly from the site and have their merchandise prior to the event
  • Community members can bid on items and have a chance to win even if they are unable to attend the physical event
  • Media can learn about the cause, retrieve contact information and pull images, quotes, etc. for articles

In Summary

As you can see, all of these streamlined operations allow your organization to save time and resources. Administrators no longer have to manually enter data, manage money, and reach out to participants and sponsors via one-to-one communications. Your golf tournament website and software package does all of this for you! Reporting tools help your organization monitor success and make necessary changes for future events. Many golf tournament software packages are available as a web-based system, making implementation a breeze (there are no software system downloads or need for internal technical support). Everything is hosted in an online data center where information is safe and secure. Your organization is also likely to raise more money because it’s easier for golfers to sign up, make payments and collect online donations. Your event becomes more appealing for sponsors with tools to easily manage their sponsor benefits and gain exposure to participants and attendees.

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Kari Kiel

Kari Kiel

Kari Kiel is a marketing specialist for DoJiggy. For more than 10 years, DoJiggy has provided non-profits, schools and community organizations with easy-to-use and affordable online fundraising software for fundraising auctions, walk-a-thons, charity golf tournaments, fundraising events and general donation management.



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