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10 Industry-Specific Job Boards You Haven’t Tried Yet

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If you’ve ever taken on the task of looking for the perfect candidate to recruit from a pool of potential hires, you’ve likely used a few standard tools of the trade: applicant tracking systems, job fairs, and—of course—job boards.

Job boards are the perfect platform for recruiters to post any and all openings for potential employees to sort through. On job boards, companies can post specific positions they need filled, and some include the ability to apply directly through the posting itself.

If you’re a hiring manager desperately searching for candidates that both fit your specific requirements and can be found quickly and efficiently, jobs boards should be your first stop. You’ve probably heard of (and used) the larger players (Monster, Glassdoor and Indeed), but those aren’t the only resources out there!

You can go a bit more niche and explore industry-specific boards, which will often better meet your needs.

The more specific a job board is, the more likely you’ll be able to find a direct candidate match as the job seekers frequenting niche boards are looking for positions that cater to their skill set and experience.

Where should you begin to find these boards in the wide world of the internet? We’ve sorted through lesser-known job boards to find ten useful options you probably haven’t tried yet, sorted by industry.

Tech industry

1. Authentic Jobs

Authentic Jobs screenshot

What it offers: Advertised as a job board for “designers, hackers, and creative pros,” Authentic Jobs is a great place to post your tech department job openings. Your listing can include a breakdown of details such as full-time vs. part-time, necessary skill set, competence level, and estimated salary.

There is also space for you to describe job perks and provide instructions on how to apply. For an additional fee, you can have your listing included in a weekly email blast.

Cost: It costs $300 to post a job opening for one month. The site also offers discount options if you’re listing more than one opening.

2. Dice.com

Dice.com screenshot

What it offers: As Dice.com notes, “technology powers companies.” This job board serves as a network for connecting technology and engineering professionals with potential employers. As an employer, you can post a job opening or search resumes uploaded to the site by job seekers.

The website offers a myriad of other resources, including salary predictors, career paths, and career toolkits for job seekers, as well as sourcing solutions and branding services for employers. Employers can filter by specific skills when searching uploaded resumes. Once you post an opening to the board, Dice.com’s 3,000 partner sites will automatically promote it for 30 days.

Cost: It costs $395 to post one job, $325 (each) to post two, $305 (each) to post three, and $250 (each) for five to ten listings. Pricing options that include the resume search feature can be requested through the site.

3. TechFetch

TechFetch screenshot

What it offers: TechFetch is a rapidly growing network used by more than 2.5 million tech professionals that hosts more than 300,000 job postings each year. Once you post an opening to the site, their algorithm quickly searches uploaded resumes to match you with the best candidates. You also receive the best matches in your daily in-app feed.

TechFetch offers job posting and resume access services to enterprises, IT consulting companies and tech startups, to name a few. The premium membership helps recruiters find and hire employees, independent contractors or third party consultants.

Cost: TechFetch offers a free trial of its services. After that, the cost is $1,799 for a year of its premium platinum option and $2,499 per year for its premium diamond option. Check out the website for a list of specific features offered by each paid option.

Nonprofit industry

4. Bridgespan.org

Bridgespan.org screenshot

What it offers: The Bridgespan Group exists to help “mission-driven organizations”—such as nonprofits—increase their effectiveness. One way they carry out their mission is by connecting nonprofits with potential employees.

The group runs a nonprofit job board for recruiters seeking to fill positions in the nonprofit, NGO or social enterprise industries. Recruiters can post openings to find talent that will help their company or organization advance their mission.

Job postings stay on the board for 60 days—longer than the standard 30-day listing offered by most online job boards. If you post a board of directors opening, it will remain up for six months.

Cost: It costs $100 to post a full-time position, and $50 to post a part-time position or board of directors opening.

5. Foundation List

Foundation List screenshot

What it offers: Foundation List—a job board and aggregator for the national nonprofit sector—is devoted to connecting nonprofit organizations, foundations and institutions with driven, like-minded job seekers. Job openings posted on the site are dispersed locally, nationally, and even internationally.

Foundation List also offers social media promotion services. Its team works to promote and build interest for job postings in order to reach the best nonprofit professionals available.

Cost: It costs $80 to post one job opening for 30 days and $95 to post for 60 days, including social media promotion. The side offers a third option for $115, which includes (among other features) the positioning of your job opening in a featured listing, a 60-day active period, and inclusion in a weekly email blast distributed by Foundation List.

Media and communications industry

6. Mediabistro

Mediabistro screenshot

What it offers: Mediabistro serves media and communication professionals searching for marketing and communications, sales and business development, writing, production, and operations and strategy roles. The site has more than one million registered users, over 200,000 active members, and 30,000 applications each month.

Mediabistro helps you find candidates for highly specific job openings in your industry, such as photo editors, video producers or topic-specific journalists. Job postings remain live for 30 days.

Cost: Mediabistro’s standard post option costs $297 for one listing and includes a 30-day post with your logo, emailed job alerts, and tools to manage applicants. If you have three listings, the price drops to $257 for each listing.

The site’s featured post option costs $446 and includes the same features as the standard option, with the addition of a highlighted entry in search results, priority placement in emailed job alerts, and a feature on Mediabistro’s homepage.

The spotlight post option costs $596, includes the above features, and adds top placement in filtered search results as well as featured placement in Mediabistro articles and other content.

7. Journalism Jobs

Journalism Jobs screenshot

What it offers: Journalism Jobs is the largest and most frequently visited journalism job board out there. If you’re looking to hire for online media, TV, newspapers, radio, or PR positions, Journalism Jobs is a great way to find good candidates quickly.

The site is used by big industry players, including Associated Press, NPR, Fox News, and CNN. Along with job postings, the site also includes news and content such as journalism/media career advice.

Cost: One job posting costs $100 and includes a 35-day active listing as well as access to the site’s resume database. You’ll pay $400 for five job postings with the same features, and $900 for 12 job postings..

Healthcare industry

8. HospitalRecruiting.com

HospitalRecruiting.com screenshot

What it offers: HospitalRecruiting.com, a national healthcare job board, is a great option if you’re looking to fill positions in the healthcare industry. Whether you’re recruiting for physician, advanced practitioner, nursing, allied health, or non-clinical healthcare positions, this board is a good place to start.

Recruiters can post openings in specialty areas within profession subsets and access a candidate database to search for potential employees. You can also send mass emails through the site to reach healthcare talent with your job opportunities.

The board also offers real-time analytics of job posts, giving recruiters information on ad views and search impressions. The site also automatically send job alerts to candidates when new jobs are posted, and offers various applicant tracking features.

Cost: You can purchase a monthly subscription that includes a set amount of job listing slots, a great option for employers with higher turnover rates. Subscription pricing varies based on how many job slots you want per month, ranging from $200/month for 25 job slots to $2,000/month for 1,000 slots

If you’re looking for a non-subscription option, you can pay for a set number of job listings with either 90 or 180 day active periods. The 90-day options are $60 for one job posting, $250 for five, and $400 for ten. For 180 days, the pricing increases to $80 for one listing, $350 for five, and $600 for ten.

9. Nurse.com

Nurse.com screenshot

What it offers: As its name suggests, this board is dedicated to the nursing industry and is fairly easy to use on the recruiter end. The site focuses on effectively reaching and engaging professional nurses seeking employment and connecting them to recruiters, and boasts a 2.8 million user base.

Nurse.com also offers other resources, including content relevant to the healthcare industry, online training guides, and free courses. It offers an easily accessible dashboard to employers to manage their job postings and applicants. Applications from RNs are automatically routed to your email.

Cost: It costs $425 for a standard job listing with an active period of 30 days, $1,500 for five listings with the same active period, and $2,250 for ten listings.

The site also offers a premium package option for $925 that includes a single 30-day job listing alongside your logo that is featured at the top of search results in a highlighted box.

Retail industry

10. Work In Retail

Nurse.com screenshot

What it offers: If you are are recruiter in retail looking to fill a position in management, hire more staff members, or find corporate leaders, this board is a great resource. Work In Retail targets retail workers seeking all types of positions, from hourly roles up through corporate positions.

Once you post your job opening, the site ensures it reaches the right job seekers to provide you with the best candidates as soon as possible. If you don’t want to wait for potential applicants to respond, the site also gives you the option to search through registered job seekers yourself.

Cost: It costs $251.40 to post one job for 30 days. If you want to post more than one opening, contact the company for a quote.

Other job boards?

Have you had luck with a job board we didn’t include here? Let us know in the comments!

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