IT Asset Management Software Comparison: The 7 Most-Used Systems

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UPDATE 9/7/2016: This post has been updated with new options and additional information based on comments and feedback from readers since the original version went live. There are now seven ITAM software options represented as opposed to the original five, and several existing solutions have had their descriptions changed to better reflect their current functionality.

Everyone wants to be popular.

IT Asset Management Software Comparison

Just ask Galinda. Out of the kindness of her heart, she offered unsolicited advice and a makeover to unpopular roommate Elphaba, future Wicked Witch of the West.

But despite all of Galinda’s tips and tricks for flirting and flauncing, Elphaba never quite fit the frothy pink mold of her roommate.

Something that works for you doesn’t always work for another, and this is also true when it comes to IT asset management (ITAM) software. Sure, an ITAM solution may promise to be your all-in-one everything answer, but after installation, you, like Elphaba, may find it doesn’t fit. You need something more than popular. You need it to work.

So what to do when you have little time to find the right solution? Pray for magic silver slippers and hope they transport you to a world without need for ITAM solutions?

If waiting for a specific pair of shoes isn’t possible, check out the shortlist below.

I’ve compared the five most used ITAM software from our Top 20 Most Popular IT Asset Management infographic, with emphasis on ITAM-specific solutions or software that highlights their ITAM component within their IT software package.

1. CA IT Asset Manager by CA Technologies


By far one of the most-used ITAM solutions with 1.8 million users, CA Technologies’ CA IT Asset Manager is a clear, comprehensive favorite in the ITAM software space, offering cost structure optimization, software licensing management, and automated review approval and fulfillment. CA Asset Manager can be deployed through cloud and mobile (iOS and Android). CA Technologies also offers education and training as well as informative documents (covering release notes, implementation, and troubleshooting) to help you further understand the functionality and features of their ITAM solution.


  • Plan your software licensing needs
  • Unified self-service
  • Modern user experience
  • Contract management

Cons (Gartner PDF)

  • Lack of complex licensing models
    • Limitation for larger organizations

2. AssetExplorer by ManageEngine


ManageEngine comes in with a solid one million users for their AssetExplorer software, which tracks and manages workstations or network devices, software license compliance, and the lifecycle of a purchase order. AssetExplorer is a web-based ITAM solution and serves notable clients such as Toshiba and the Weather Channel.  


  • Manage software licensing compliance
  • Capable of supporting a large IT structure
  • Understand asset total cost of ownership
  • Operates in 29 different languages
  • 24 hour, five days/week live technical support


  • Lacks self-service portal
  • Supports only Windows, Linux, or Mac devices
  • No mobile app for iOS or Android users

3. Maintenance Management by Oracle


Software giant Oracle is used by more than 480,000 users, specializing in enterprise asset management solutions. Maintenance management can be used across all industries, making this a great choice for a variety of enterprise-level companies and all types of assets, even assets across the world, that need management and maintenance.


  • Asset tracking
  • Cost management
  • Procure-to-retire process
  • Asset management across industries
  • Lean maintenance and quality compliance


  • Unnecessarily feature heavy and expensive for smaller businesses

4. Watson IoT Enterprise Asset Management by IBM


Coming in at 440,000 users, IBM offers an asset management solution that ties in with the internet of things (IoT) for their enterprise-level solution. Industry solutions touch on manufacturing, energy and utilities, transportation, mobile solutions, and health, safety, and environment. Watson IoT Enterprise Asset Management can be deployed on premise, cloud, or even the hybrid cloud.  


  • Monitor asset health
  • Predict asset failure
  • Reduce warranty costs
  • Optimize inventory


  • Not fit for small businesses

5. Remedy Asset Management by BMC


At 300,000 users, BMC’s Remedy Asset Management is a great visually engaging option for ITAM software. It is designed so that with a quick glance you can understand how your assets are being used, reported, and measured. BMC digital IT already powers more than 82% of Fortune-500 companies, including heavy-hitters like Costco, Walt Disney, Google, and Microsoft, making this ITAM solution a reliable choice. Remedy Asset is also Management is available through SaaS or on premise.


  • Mobile-friendly
  • Track asset depreciation over time
  • Supported on iOS, Android, and HTML5
  • Identify contract infringements and purchasing opportunities

Cons (Gartner)

  • No agent-based inventory tool
  • Software license entitlement functionality needs expansion

6. Assets by InvGate


Assets by Invgate reaches more than 198,200 users through its IT asset management software solution, which can be deployed on premise (Mac and Windows) as well as through the cloud and mobile (Android and iOS). Satisfied customers range from MetLife and Burger King to General Electric and Starbucks.


  • Remote desktop
  • Web-based and drill-down design
  • Software deployment and metering
  • Multiplatform support: Windows, Linux, Mac, and more

Cons (via PCMag)

  • Needs polished user interface
  • Text not translated during language switch

7. IT Asset Management by SysAid

SysAid (1)

With IT Asset Management by SysAid, you’re also privy to a service desk and ITSM component to complete your IT package. SysAid’s ITAM software is used by more than 100,000 users and more than 10,000 customers.


  • Hardware or software changes automatically added
  • Pair each asset with supplier in details
  • Software licensing management
  • Asset service history
  • Supplier catalog

Cons (Capterra Reviews)

  • Designer is limited in reports
  • Difficult implementation
  • Problems uploading personal data integration on CMDB


Did I miss any key benefits or disadvantages to these solutions above? What’s your favorite ITAM solution to use? Make your case in the comments below.

*To better budget for your ITAM software, be sure to check out our ITAM pricing guide for additional information.

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