It’s a New Year for Marketing!

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New Year’s Eve: always one of my favorite nights of the year.  As I sipped champagne and counted down the final minutes of 2011, a few things came to mind:

  1. Wow, this dress is tight.  Do I need to do the whole “lose those last 5lbs” resolution for the 5th year in a row?
  2. I should really drink champagne more often.
  3. Dude, I’m going back to work the day after year for mktg

Which led me to… how can I make 2012 an insanely awesome year for Capterra marketing?

Fast forward to the next day as I stared across the room at my gym shoes and decided I’d rather sit on the couch with my laptop than put on those sneakers.  Twitter was full of marketing inspiration that day.  As I clicked on link after link it hit me: I needed to make a list of New Year’s resolutions for marketing!  So before I lose the momentum, here goes:

  1. Have a Coke and a smile… and follow Coca Cola’s lead. I was recently reading a Junta42 post by Joe Pulizzi about Coca Cola “betting the farm” on content marketing. Coke’s head of advertising recently announced that they’re changing their whole outlook on content marketing based on the fact that customers are connected to their phone and internet 24 hours a day—leaving a lot of untapped opportunity to engage.  The company wants to add substance and value to people’s lives.  And really, who doesn’t want that?!  I would love to know that the content we create at Capterra is truly valuable to businesses, but the only way to do that is by making content a top priority.  Not just churning it out like some companies (you know who you are), but really asking ourselves: “Is this helpful?”; “Are there actionable items that can be taken away?”; and “Is this memorable?” Maybe I’ll start drinking more Coke throughout the year to inspire me… (wait, does that mean their marketing is working on me??).
  2. Take an interest in Pinterest (or whatever else is fun, new and social)! Pinterest is the new “it” social media space and caters mostly to women.  Since its launch a year and a half ago, it has become the go-to place to share beautiful and inspiring things. Is it the best place to promote software? Maybe not. But how do we know until we try it? We’re always talking about the wonderful things software can do for businesses—what if there was a cool way to show that on a pinboard?  In 2012, I vow to be open to Pinterest, Google+ and whatever else comes down the pipeline.
  3. Dear [first name], I want to get to know you. Love, Besa You can’t nurture prospects if you don’t know their names. Another marketing goal of mine for this year is to get to know software buyers better. Capterra is (hopefully) past the days of generic emails to [first name], but we could always do a better job tapping into business people’s needs and specific pain points.  What makes people come to the decision that they need software? What would help them most in their search?  What do they find most difficult about finding software?  How do businesses of different sizes budget for software?  Once we know the answers to all of these questions, it won’t be quite as awkward when I end my emails with “Love, Besa.”
  4. XOXO SEO In 2012, I will show SEO how much he means to me—and if that means hugs and kisses then XOXO to you!  When Capterra writes all that Coke-inspired content, I will do a better job promoting it through search engines. Sure, it’s nice to Tweet our blog posts and send new research and ideas to journalists and bloggers… but if we really want the right people to see our content I’ve got to do more SEO.  That means finding out what people are searching for and tagging posts with those keywords and working to get more backlinks with relevant anchor text.
  5. Analyze This Remember that movie from the late 1990s?  Me neither. I was way too young in the 90s.  But if I had seen it, I would probably remember the part when Dominic says “Times are changing. You’ve got to change with the times.” And Paul Vitti (played by Robert de Niro) asks “What, am I supposed to get a #%!&ing website?”  Safe to say we all have websites in 2012, but are you looking at analytics?  I admittedly don’t look at ours enough, and that means I’ve been missing valuable opportunities to segment our website users, see what they find (and more importantly, what they don’t find) interesting, and track how what we do each day makes an impact.  In 2012, analytics will be my friend… since I’ve got to change with the times and we already have a website.

Ok, all done. Time for a run… or maybe another glass of champagne?

What are your New Year’s Resolutions for marketing?

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Besa Pinchotti

Besa Pinchotti is Marketing Director at Capterra. By day, she helps connect buyers and sellers of business software. By night, she uses her skills as a former journalist to tell the stories of troubled software buyers so the world can learn from their lessons.



Great plan Besa. Hope you don’t mind stealing some of them from you. *smiles* By the way, they say that sooner or later, blogs are going to die, therefore, marketers and the like should put more focus on social media and other community sites, what do you think about this?


Pinterest definitely seems to be making some head way lately. If I have to read a few more mentions that will be enough to convince me to check them out


I too write lists like the one above.

In the online marketing world, its so easy to get sidetracked from one thing to the next without ever really fully appreciating anything in its fullness.

Without my lists, my head would be spinning lol.

Its a crazy online world.

Oh, I too regularly sit with my laptop whilst thinking I should probably be going to the gym.

Thanks 😀

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