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3 High-Rated ITSM Tools Compared

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IT Service Management (ITSM) software records and track incidents, manages workflows, helps you triage improvements and fixes, and helps you create and maintain a knowledge base.

Capterra’s got two new reports, ranking ITSM software by its user-friendliness and affordability. These are in addition to our older report on which ITSM software is most popular.  

Capterra’s new Top 20 Most User-Friendly ITSM Software report ranks software by how easy it is to use, what the onboarding and customer support is like, and reviews from actual users.

We take the tasks you’ll want your software to do and then have members of our team complete them, measuring how many clicks they require and how long it takes to get it done.

ITSM Task List

  1. Add an agent/user
  2. Submit a ticket/incident
  3. Resolve ticket/incident
  4. Submit a problem
  5. Add a change
  6. Add a solution to the knowledge base
  7. Run a report

The team completed each task twice per software. To assess how intuitive the software is, they performed the task without any training. To measure how useful the teaching materials are, they consulted training before trying it again. Learn more about the methodology here.

Capterra’s new Top 20 Most Affordable ITSM Software report ranks software by its features, the cost of those features, and what actual users said about those systems in customer reviews. Learn more about the research methodology here.

I’ve looked at these reports, found three ITSM software options that appear on all three lists, and compared them for you. You can also see a side-by-side comparison here.

1. Freshservice

5 on our Top 20 Most User-Friendly ITSM Software

2 on our 20 Most Popular ITSM Software

14 on our 20 Most Affordable ITSM Software


Freshservice has a lot of features and gets a lot of love from reviewers and our testers. ITIL processes are baked-in. It makes setting up gamification easy and integrates with Bomgar, so you can offer remote support. The built-in dashboard reports quickly measure staff productivity, SLA compliance, ticket flow, and customer satisfaction.



A few people complained about a lack of reporting options and unresponsive customer service, but most of the reviews were glowing. “The setup process was straightforward and not terribly resource-intensive,” wrote one Capterra user. “The standard reporting is exceptional and they just recently added a custom report and scheduling capability.” Another said Freshservice “is updated regularly and some of those have resulted from our requests.”

2. JIRA Service Desk

9 on our Top 20 Most User-Friendly ITSM Software

1 on our 20 Most Popular ITSM Software

1 on our 20 Most Affordable ITSM Software


JIRA Service Desk offers a popular workflow mapping and issue tracking engine combined with collaborative, agile development capabilities including Kanban and Scrum boards. It’s got real-time analytics, advanced reports, and you can use it to create and maintain your knowledge base.



One Capterra user wrote that JIRA Service Desk is “a great internal tool for a company.” But they warned that “if you try and take it outside to [your] customers that are using our application, it really isn’t designed for that market. We had to go with Zendesk.”

Other users like JIRA Service Desk’s reporting, which shows tasks pending to help you keep track of sprints. “Learning curve is relatively low,” wrote one reviewer. “It not only provides IT Helpdesk ticketing, but also a sales, service, and facility maintenance ticketing as well,” wrote another.

3. Agiloft

11 on our Top 20 Most User-Friendly ITSM Software

6 on our 20 Most Popular ITSM Software

13 on our 20 Most Affordable ITSM Software


Agiloft is extremely customizable help desk, customer service, web self-service, knowledge management, and contract management software. Admins can add logos as well as customize colors, headings, tabs, and buttons, all through simple wizards. Advanced users can add links, videos, and embedded forms. You can also create an unlimited number of custom workflows, business rules, teams, tables, fields and relationships, and set access permission levels.

And all this configuration is fast too. Agiloft claims to be able to implement your customizations live during the demo.



Capterra reviewers love Agiloft. Of course, words like “flexible” and “limitless possibilities” came up a few times. But with lots of options often comes a steep learning curve. Not with Agiloft, though, because, between the wizards with the customer onboarding team, you don’t need to be a programmer to customize Agiloft to your needs.

“All the staff I’ve encountered at Agiloft (not just the initial sales contact), from the implementers to the billing staff, have been responsive, friendly and helpful with a “can-do” positive attitude. They are a professional, dependable service-oriented team. Billing with Agiloft has always been very fair and transparent.”


If you’re willing to pay just a little bit more for ITSM software with ITIL functionality that’s easy-to-learn and easy-to-use out of the box, Freshservice is a great pick. If you use JIRA for project management, and you don’t need a tool for customers outside of your organization to use to create tickets, JIRA Service Desk is probably a no-brainer. And if you want tons of flexibility with ease of use and lots of hand-holding while getting it implemented just how you want it, Agiloft is your best bet.

But maybe you want to explore more options. No worries. Check out our IT Service Management (ITSM) software directory. It’s got more than 80 options you can narrow down by feature and compare side-by-side.

Looking for IT Management software? Check out Capterra's list of the best IT Management software solutions.

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