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Update 7/31/17: This post has been updated to include one new alternative to Jobber, and to update information for each option.

When I sit down to write an alternative piece, I always feel a little twinge of guilt. The problem is that there are two kinds of alternatives piece. In the first, furious version, you have alternatives to something that everyone has to use but no one likes–alternatives to cable TV, for instance. In the second, lovely version, you present alternatives to something awesome that can’t possibly work for everyone at all times–like pizza.

This is the second type. Jobber is an excellent bit of software, field service management software and its 250+ reviews on Capterra average out to an overall 4.5 out of 5 stars rating. It has a great CRM built into the system, it can sync with QuickBooks and integrate with payment systems, and it all circulates around a solid team and work order management system. Hard to beat.

Even with a laundry list of reason to give Jobber a shot, there are companies that it’s not going to work for. Maybe it’s too expensive, too expansive, or maybe you just don’t jive with the user interface. There are plenty of reasons a company might want to try something different. To that end, here’s a list of solid Jobber alternatives, presented in alphabetical order.

This article looks at four highly rated Jobber alternatives. See the full list of Jobber alternatives here.


For businesses with ten or fewer employees, Kickserv is a great alternative. This isn’t to say that you couldn’t use it for a larger business, but I really like it in that middle space – more than around three, less than around twenty.

CRM, QuickBooks, invoices, mobile team management, and all the other standard features are in effect. Kickserv’s best features, I think, are in the way it communicates the information in your system. The dashboard gives you details about what jobs you have in progress, what you have coming up, and what estimates you’ve sent out. All of these are displayed with cash values so you can predict your upcoming cash flow – more on why that’s super important here.

kickserv dashboard

This sort of information is especially important for those smaller shops that don’t always have a lot of cushion in their finances.

Kickserv also provides customers with a portal they can log in to and view their order history with you. This keeps everything easy on your end–they can find the information they need without taking up your time–and gives them an additional point of contact to keep them close to your business.

Pricing for ten users is $89 per month and you’ll pay just $44 for five users.


mHelpDesk is one of only three field service software options with more reviews than Jobber in Capterra’s listings. It also sports a 4.5 star average review, and users simply love it. Like Jobber, mHelpDesk has a great built-in CRM to help you manage your customers and get more out of every interaction. It also sync with QuickBooks, has team management, and can process payments.


mHelpDesk has some nice additional features, such as the ability to create custom workflows that your team can progressively complete. For instance, instead of having a multiday job–like a large landscaping gig–marked as either “in-progress” or “complete,” you can build in checkpoints along the way to get a more refined view of what’s happening on the jobsite.

Another nice feature is mHelpDesk’s equipment management system, which allows you to track installations on customer sites. This opens up opportunities for additional work, gives you insights into your customer’s needs, and helps you better manage large scale changes, like upgrades or recalls.

mHelpDesk starts at $124 per month, but most businesses will probably need the $249 option which allows for unlimited users.


If you have a larger business or one that derives a large portion of its sales from inbound calls, ServiceTitan is a great product. It does everything that you’d expect and a bit more.

ServiceTitan dashboard

One of the nicest features is a marketing tracker that includes call sales performance tracking. You can get detailed information about which calls are turning into sales and which ones are being left out on the vine. This gives you a chance to drastically increase your revenue, as even small increases in performance can turn into large sums of money over time.

ServiceTitan also provides lots of documentation and ways to communicate with your techs, giving you a clear digital paper trail to follow to root out failure and learn from successes.

A lot of what ServiceTitan offers is focused on businesses that derive sales form the phones and from techs out in the field. If you’ve got a company that needs to make it over a sales hurdle to move to the next level, ServiceTitan could be the boost you need.

The company provides personalized sales quotes, so you’ll need to get in touch to find out the cost for your business.

Smart Service

Another program that integrates well with the omnipresent QuickBooks is Smart Service. Reviewers praise the program’s QuickBooks integration, and phrases like “the sync between QuickBooks and Smart Service is great,” “I like that it connects so easily with QuickBooks,” and “this software works like a charm with QuickBooks” pepper the customer reviews.

Customers also praise Smart Service’s top-notch customer service. If you or your techs aren’t totally comfortable with adapting your work routines to new technology, customer service can be a make-or-break factor. Having someone to guide you through integration with your existing accounting and payroll software, or even just get a sense of how the app works in the field, can ensure your investment in the software program won’t go to waste.

An example of Smart Service’s telematics function

Another handy feature is Smart Service’s telematics capabilities. With telematics, you’ll be able to figure out where your technicians are in the field. This provides you with a few benefits. First, technicians will be able to schedule routes in the Smart Service app, the same way they normally would with apps like Google Maps or Waze. Second, you’ll have a view of where they are, for how long. If you’ve got worries about technicians making unscheduled trips to places other than the job site, Smart Service’s workforce tracking can show you whether your fears are unfounded.

Pricing for Smart Service starts at around $1,600.00 for a one-time license.

Bonus round!

You paid for the whole seat, but you’ll only need the edge!

I wanted to drop one more on you here. If you’re a super-small shop and you’re looking for something in the $0 – $0 range, you might want to check out Housecall Pro. You can get one user for free and it comes with all kinds of neat little options, plus a very strong CMS with lot of marketing options.

If you want more free options, check out our article on the five best free field service software options. For even more choices, the Capterra field service software directory is a great place to start.

Looking for Field Service Management software? Check out Capterra's list of the best Field Service Management software solutions.

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Nice article. Ive always favored the niche approach (wherever possible). That is, using a software that is industry specific. However, there are alot of downsides such as availability and lots of industry softwares not being up to par. However, if you can find one like http://www.pronexispool.com for pool/spa industry, things work out great.

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