4 Key Email Marketing Software Features According to User Reviews

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Choosing email marketing software that’s right for your business can be an overwhelming task. With what feels like endless variations, price points, features, and opinions, how do you even know where to begin?

In your pursuit of the right software, user reviews are a great place to begin. As you might already know (and if not, get ready for a game changer), Capterra has more than 800,000 verified reviews across more than 700 software categories.

key email marketing software features according to reviews

This reviews data can guide you as you narrow down your list of software by giving you insights into what other software users love, what they hate, and which features they felt were worth mentioning by name in their reviews.

Lets take a walk through that reviews data, focusing on what other software users have to say about the email marketing software they employ in their businesses.

We gathered the email marketing reviews published to Capterra from January 2018 to January 2019. (Click here for the full methodology.)

Across 2,900 reviews, these software features were mentioned the most frequently:

Bar graph depicting the most cited features within email marketing software reviews

In this article, we’ll look closely at what the reviews data says about 4 of these features:

  1. Templates
  2. Analytics
  3. Mobile
  4. Landing pages

4 Key Email Marketing Software Features

1. Templates

Screenshot of the template management feature offered by iContactTemplate management feature offered by iContact (Source)

What are templates?

Templates are a stock of sample campaign emails pre-built by the software provider that give your marketing team a starting place as you design your strategic emails.

What users have to say

Software users mention templates in their reviews 369 times. Of those mentions, 258 are positive.

Common among those 258 positive reviews, people highlighted the variety of template options their software provides.

It’s no surprise that templates are the most common email marketing software feature to appear in the user reviews: You’re looking for email marketing software to empower your marketing team to build unique, strategic email campaigns. Email templates can help your digital marketing team quickly produce professional, consistent campaigns.

1 in 4 negative reviews that mention templates point to a lack of customization options as a drawback of the software.

The 111 negative reviews that mention templates offer some valuable insight as well: One in four negative reviews cite a lack of customization options.

Considering the volume of positive reviews mentioning templates and the frequency of negative reviews that lament a lack of them, template management deserves a top spot on your list of considerations when you build your software shortlist.

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Email marketing software directory

2. Analytics

Screenshot of the analytics and reporting feature offered by SendGridAnalytics and reporting feature offered by SendGrid (Source)

What are analytics?

Analytics give you the ability to track and aggregate data on the performance and productivity of different email campaigns.

Robust analytics features allow you to visualize important statistics such as open rates and click-through rates, which can inform strategic decisions about your email campaigns and marketing budget.

What users have to say

From the reviews, Google Analytics appears to be the most popular and commonly used analytics feature. As you’re shopping for email marketing software, keep in mind that your peers sought out software that, in addition to having internal analytics capabilities, integrates successfully with Google Analytics.

20% of reviews that mention analytics refer specifically to the software compatibility with Google Analytics.

Reviewers also frequently name segmentation, a popular feature within email marketing analytics. The word segmentation appears more than 80 times in the email marketing software reviews from 2018.

Using the analytics feature to segment your customer data can help both your marketing and sales teams build informed and data-driven personas, as well as offer insight into your company’s target market.

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3. Mobile

Screenshot of the mobile optimization feature offered by FireDrumMobile optimization feature offered by FireDrum (Source)

What are mobile features?

Mobile features give users the option to customize email templates, pages and content specifically for the mobile phone experience.

More and more, customers are interacting with sellers and providers through their mobile devices. This past year, Hubspot reported that more than 51% of smartphone users have discovered a new company or product while conducting a search on their smartphone, and 48% of consumers start mobile research with a search engine.

What users have to say

Consistent with the trends seen in the marketing community, Capterra’s software reviewers prioritize the ability to customize email presentation for both desktop and mobile viewing.

At present, though, they appear less than satisfied with their software options.

Of the 94 mentions of mobile compatibility within the reviews, half of them express dissatisfaction with what their current software has to offer. Some users regret the lack of mobile capabilities altogether, while others point to a lack of customization options or compatibility with common mobile operating systems.

50% of reviews that cite a mobile feature are negative in sentiment.

As you shop for email marketing software, keep these levels of dissatisfaction in mind. Consider asking for a demo of the mobile optimization feature before you purchase email marketing software.

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Email marketing software directory

4. Landing pages

screenshot of the landing page feature offered by EmfluenceLanding page feature offered by Emfluence (Source)

What are landing page features?

Landing page features enable users to create and launch landing pages, using either templates or customized options.

Email marketing software with a landing page feature (your destination page that’s meant for lead capture) allow users to create and customize a standalone web page specifically for the purposes of a specific marketing or advertising campaign.

The landing page feature should allow you to build a web page that is responsive on many device types and allow you to customize images, copy, and forms seamlessly.

Email marketing software with the landing page feature also often allows users to A/B test the success of landing page setups, which helps your marketing team (and your sales team) hone in on which landing page setup drives the most leads.

This Capterra article breaks down how to build a landing page that drives traffic.

What users have to say

A quarter of reviews (both positive and negative) that mention landing pages express an interest in customization options.

Positive reviews also commonly mention the ability to track click rates and other KPIs for their landing pages, which allows marketing teams to better determine the ROI of each email campaign.

1 in 4 reviews that mention landing pages specifically express interest in customization options.

If your small business does not already have a landing page, or if you aren’t already tracking the success of converting leads that are directed to an existing landing page, prioritize finding email marketing software that offers a customizable landing page feature.

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Are you ready to make an email marketing software selection?

Peruse these resources

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This data was collected from all email marketing software reviews published on Capterra between Jan. 1, 2018 and Jan. 1, 2019 by reviewers in the United States. Qualified reviewers must have indicated 12 months or less of use on software, and must use the software minimally once a week.

Note: The information contained in this article has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable. The applications selected are examples to show a feature in context, and are not intended as endorsements or recommendations.

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