The Story of Lucy and Unbounce: How a Landing Page Tool Can Change Your Life

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Lucy is the Director of Marketing for the imaginary GoodBetterBest Software. She handles most of the company’s Internet marketing tasks, including lead generation campaigns through online mediums. She just got out of a meeting with the VPs who want to see an increase in the number of leads generated through the website. They’ve assigned Lucy that task.


Lucy returns to her desk, frustrated. She knows that website traffic has been up this month, but conversion rates remain close to 1%. The company’s website is just not set up for converting traffic into leads. But if Lucy wants to make changes to the site, she has to put in a request to the Tech department, and first get approval from her bosses. And even if everything is approved and ready to go, the changes may still be delayed depending on when Tech updates the site.

Looking at her meeting notes, defeated, she remembers something her friend told her when he had similar problems: he used a landing page tool. Lucy frantically emails her friend, asking which tool he used. He replies right away, with one word: Unbounce.

Lucy goes to Unbounce, signs up for a free trial, and begins her epic adventure.

The Journey From Frustrated Marketer to Landing Page Hero

Lucy starts to create a new landing page for GoodBetterBest Software, and is pleasantly surprised to see that she doesn’t need HTML or coding knowledge. All she has to do is choose from a wide variety of templates that are all ready to use.

landing page templates

After choosing a template (one that just screams lead generation), Lucy starts designing her new landing page. The drag-and-drop function is great! In just a few minutes, her landing page is done, with all of the necessary components. It looks like a professional web designer built it, not a marketer, whose only design skill is picking a color.

drag and drop

Next, it’s time to create a form. Lucy hopes that this new page will increase conversion rates to 6%. To help out her sales team, she decides to set up a two-step form to better qualify leads, and even try to have the prospect schedule a call with a sales person right away. This feature takes some of the work away from the sales team and allows them to better segment their leads.

multi step form

She also sets up a hidden form field to capture the URL tags so she can track which lead came from which marketing channel. Lucy wants to use two different PPC channels, so she needs to know where each lead came from, to compare the performance of each channel.

design your form

Lucy wants to make sure the sales team is notified right away when a new lead converts, so that no opportunities are lost. Luckily she can input the email addresses of the sales team so they receive new leads directly and immediately.

email leads

And with a click of the “Save” button, Lucy is done. She has just created a functional, appealing landing page that will help her reach her goal of increasing conversions. She looks at the clock, seeing that less than 30 minutes have passed, stands up from her desk and declares, ”I am Super-Marketer! Master of the landing page and all things lead generation!!” With many looks from her colleagues, ranging from confused to scared to concerned, she sheepishly sits back down and works on her next marketing project for the day.

This adventure may be over, but the success will live on as software marketers around the world take their turns in accomplishing what Lucy has: the perfect landing page.

Now it’s your turn! Watch Capterra’s latest free webinar, co-hosted by Unbounce, and learn how to design the ultimate landing page to convert more visitors into leads for your own software company.

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