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7 Law Firm Advertisements You Won’t Believe Exist

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There’s no such thing as bad publicity. These seven law firms took that advice to heart, and produced advertisements that stretch credulity. They are by turns wacky, hilarious, cringeworthy, and amazing. Here are five that probably shouldn’t have happened, but we’re very glad they did, and two that hit it out of the park.


In descending order:

7. Some cases even we can’t win.

From the aptly named Trol(l)man, Glaser & Lichtman firm.  Hat tip Bitter Lawyer.

In the YouTube comments, Vagrant says, “This isn’t funny, it’s heartbreaking. I know that feeling.”

EmergeAzureThunder says, “My prayers are with this man. Yours should be too. When something like this hits as close to home with you as it has with me, you know that pain needs to be consoled.”

6. The Winsthon and Heath Group, “UGHHH.”

Why is Master P is in this law firm’s commercial? How did he overcome having a speech impediment to become a best-selling rapper? How was Make Em Say Ugh a hit? These are all good questions. None of them are answered in this commercial.

5. Life’s too short for biglaw


As Joe Patrice pointed out for Above the Law:

Most jobs that demand 2000-3000 billable hours per year of their employees don’t call attention to the fact that “Life is too short!” It’s also why Army recruiting posters say, “Be All That You Can Be” and not “Amputations And PTSD Are Things.” It just dampens the enthusiasm.

4. How did he get so much cringe in two minutes?

Via Lawyerist. This masterpiece proves that when it comes to symbolism, opaque does not equal subtle. Cancer is a bully, politicians are bullies, bullies are injustice, dirty handlebar mustaches are crime, hammers fight injustice, heavy metal comes in, the working world is a school bus, and lawyering is drawing angels.

I cannot even, but I’ll give Casino this: There is an impressive amount of cringe in this commercial.

3. Oh baby it’s so big (Language NSFW)

When Above the Law posted this in January, I thought for sure it would be taken down. Nope, here it is, in all its glory.

The best part is the comments, where The Law Offices of Michael A. Fiumara argues with trolls. He loves a challenge indeed.

2. It’s okay, I’ve got Lawdingo.

Among the top comments is one from David Loving, “Who supplies the malpractice insurance?” Good thinking, David.

1. Laws are arbitrary!

Yes, they are.

From Slate:

If you’re a [cough, cough] completely innocent resident of Pittsburgh who’s been [exaggerated wink] “wrongly” accused of a crime, Daniel Muessig is the criminal defense attorney for you. Muessig has released a hilariously blunt advertisement for his services featuring a montage of (fictional) local rapscallions committing crimes like burglary, home invasion, prescription fraud, conspiracy, drug trafficking, prostitution, and solicitation, all of whom thank Dan for representing them after they make off with their loot. “I’m the Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney Pittsburgh criminals hire when they commit crimes,” says Muessig.

Any we missed? Let us know in the comments.

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