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Is blended learning a good fit for your organization?

The answer is, “probably.”

Blended learning video

Blended learning can help your students be more productive, better manage their time and, most importantly, learn more. But it’s not without its difficulties, and to really have an effective blended learning program you need to be aware of them.

For instance, blended learning will only work for certain types of programs and learners. If your eLearning program only employs and teaches to remote users, it will be incredibly difficult to build face-to-face class time into the schedule. Conversely, if your industry certification bodies don’t recognize online learning components as legitimate or your profession requires hands-on training, blending could be more trouble than it’s worth.

But for everyone else, the benefits almost certainly outweigh the costs of implementing blended learning classes.

This video will go over the definition, benefits, and evidence that blended learning is effective. It will also provide you a rough guide for next steps if you decide you want to test blended learning for your organization:

Video: What is blended learning?


Have you or your organization had experience with implementing a blended learning program? How did it go? What metrics did you use to test it? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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