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Legal Marketing Bootcamp: The Top Tweets From #Lawyernomics

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Last week Avvo hosted the sixth annual Lawyernomics, a conference about the business development side of law hosted in Las Vegas. They brought together experts in law, marketing, and technology, including pros from Google, Clio, Moz, Amazon Web Services, and Stanford.


Avvo is a service that offers a 15-minute phone call with an experienced lawyers for a fixed fee. Early this year the American Bar Association (ABA) honored Avvo Advisor with Meritorious Recognition for the Louis M. Brown Award for Legal Access.

Attendees were encouraged to live-tweet sessions with the hashtag #Lawyernomics. Based on the tweets, speakers covered nearly every aspect of legal marketing, including search, social, and video. Here are some tweets I found especially helpful, offering summaries of important concepts, facts, instructions, and reminders, as well as links to helpful information.

Law Firm Websites

Usability testing is a great idea. Check out the Five Second Test. It’s also vital that you know how your site performs on mobile.  

Creating a buyer persona (or in your case a client persona) can help you keep your audience in mind when creating content.

Search Marketing

This sounds like it would happen by default, but small things can get in the way, such as inconsistently using Dr., Mr., Mrs/Ms, Esq, name shortenings, nicknames, spelling out “street” in your address, using multiple email addresses, etc.

Beware of SEO firms bragging about their results but not being open and clear about their tactics.

Local Search Marketing

Many people don’t think to advertise their law firm on Twitter. While most people you reach won’t be looking for legal services at the time, you can target users in your geographic location easily. And that name recognition can help when they do need a lawyer.

I’ve used BrightLocal and Moz and recommend them both.

These are great tips, but for newbies, before you do any of that, be sure you claim your local listing.

Content Marketing

There’s been a lot written about earning local links, but here are some easy(ish)  tips:

Relying too much on any one network is always dangerous. Relationships increase the likelihood that people will follow you so you don’t have to start from scratch with every new channel. As an attorney, you have access to a lot of very valuable information. Providing value isn’t difficult, it just takes time and concentrated effort.

Social Media Marketing

Like many household decisions, women often hold the key to which lawyer a family goes with. Ignore them at your peril.

That your clients are hanging out on social media doesn’t mean you should hang out on social media all day. But having a presence, and dropping in to answer questions and offer insights will pay dividends.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is a good way to get attention, rank higher, and show off your personality. Just be sure your video strategy aligns with your brand goals. Some of these videos could have used a double check.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is essential; that’s where our clients are. But it doesn’t have to be expensive.


Public relations is ultimately about trust.

Fun Stuff

Any great tweets I left out? If you went, did you enjoy Lawyernomics and will you be back? If not, are you planning to go next year? Let us know in the comments!

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