A Cornucopia of Marketing Automation Influencers: 27 Twitter Accounts to be Thankful for This Year

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Thanksgiving is this week, which means it’s time to gather around the table and say what we’re thankful for:



Marketing automation software.

Oh, you’re not thankful for your marketing technology? Obviously you haven’t been to one of my Thanksgivings!

marketing cornucopia copy

All kidding aside, I am truly thankful for the marketing automation success we’ve seen with our system. And much of what I’ve learned and applied to our strategy couldn’t have been done without following certain influencers and accounts on Twitter.

To help you get through the rest of the year, here are the essential marketing automation Twitter accounts to follow.

Marketing Automation Influencers

Scott Brinker

Best known for his Marketing Technology Landscape, Scott Brinker is the Twitter account to follow for all things MarTech, from software tips to data insights. Most of his tweets include images and charts, and he isn’t afraid to share his opinions on the data he shares, making it an engaging feed to follow.

Michael Brenner

As the former VP of Content Marketing at SAP and founder of The Marketing Insider Group, Michael Brenner knows his way around the B2B SaaS space when it comes to content and marketing strategy. While he mostly tweets about content marketing, he’s extremely active on Twitter, posting continuously throughout the day, so you’ll never run out of great insights to read about B2B marketing.

Joe Pulizzi

Your marketing automation system is nothing without the right content! Follow Joe Pulizzi, founder of Content Marketing Institute, to learn more about content marketing and how to apply it to your marketing automation strategy, such as which types of content match each step of your lead nurturing process.

Jeanne Jennings

Jeanne Jennings is best known for her email marketing expertise in the Twitter-sphere, so anyone building emails within their marketing automation software should follow this account for her email performance tips. She’s constantly tweeting helpful articles and stats about email design, so you’ll never be without the latest in email marketing.  

Stewart Rogers

Presenting both a personal and professional image on Twitter, Stewart Rogers focuses on marketing tech for VentureBeat Insight. He tweets about everything from B2B marketing best practices to marketing automation trends.   

Justine Jordan

As the VP of Marketing at Litmus, Justine Jordan definitely knows her way around creating a successful email. While she doesn’t always tweet every day, she shares great insights into email marketing (again, a must for anyone involved in marketing automation) as well as her own personal thoughts about email performance.

Matt Heinz

Another go-to account for B2B marketing, Matt Heinz tweets multiple times throughout the day sharing great content from around the web, focusing on lead generation, sales strategy, and B2B marketing best practices. I will say his feed lacks personality, since he only tweets articles and rarely includes images, but if you’re looking for a place to find great information about marketing strategy, his account is the one to follow.

Ayaz Nanji

If you subscribe to MarketingProfs or know of them at all, then you’ve probably seen the work of Ayaz Nanji. Follow him on Twitter for his articles covering the latest surveys and data on B2B marketing. As far as marketing automation goes, he’s written about and shared data on email deliverability, users of marketing automation software compared to other solutions, and landing page optimization.

David Meerman Scott

Author and popular speaker David Meerman Scott is best known for his book, The New Rules of Marketing and PR, and loves to share helpful marketing tips as well as feature the various events he speaks at and attends. His tweets are both engaging and informative, using pictures to spice up his feed and give it a more personal touch.

Lee Oden

Lee Oden covers a wide variety of marketing topics on his Twitter account, including SEO best practices, content marketing trends, and marketing tech tips. His feed is also very engaging and fun to follow, as he shares tons of images and charts to support his tweets, but he isn’t afraid to sprinkle in humorous pictures like Garfield and bacon.

Neil Patel

If you’re a marketer that doesn’t know who Neil Patel is, then I’m glad you found my list! As a co-founder of KISSmetrics, an analytics platform with a killer blog, he tweets a lot about analytics and data, which is a crucial part of any marketing automation strategy. Aside from his analytics posts, he also shares articles about content marketing, social media, and even his own guide on marketing automation software

Craig Rosenberg

Craig Rosenberg is another influencer that is constantly tweeting throughout the day about all things marketing. His tweets focus on the topics that surround marketing automation strategy, including email development, landing page optimization, and lead gen best practices. So even though he covers a wide variety of topics, the majority of his tweets can easily apply to your marketing automation efforts.

Douglas Karr

Are you more interested in listening to marketing tech content than reading it? If so, then Douglas Karr is a must for your Twitter following. He tweets a lot about his online radio show, which covers a plethora of marketing tech topics, from SEO and PPC, to email marketing and social media. But he also shares plenty of articles about the same topics, making his account essential for seeing the latest in marketing tech, no matter how you prefer to consume content.

Marketing Automation Vendors

All of the Twitter accounts below are marketing automation software companies, so they are constantly tweeting about the latest in marketing automation. Whether it’s what’s new in the industry, or helpful tips on how to use their solution specifically, these accounts are a must for any user of marketing automation software.




Adobe Marketing Cloud





Act-On Software



IBM Marketing Cloud

Lead Liaison



What do you think of my list? Which marketing automation Twitter accounts are you thankful for?

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This is an amazing list and all of these influencers add value to any marketers strategies and tactics. I would all add in GreenRope as a sales and marketing influencer who talks a lot about strategy and integration.


Hi Caroline,
Thank you so much for this list Caroline. I love that industry is knowledge based and we keep sharing it and expanding it. I mean the cumulative aspect of tech and marketing requires such an exchange of knowledge to produce better results. In this vein, I want to share a list of free apps that marketers may use: http://bit.ly/1QYvMt7 . I think it would be a great addition to a list of marketing automation experts 🙂 let the knowledge flow freely!

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