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Too many articles across the web claiming to have earth-shattering news about marketing and marketing technology? Let the experts curate a shortlist for you. Here’s what you need to know this week:

What your team can learn from Peloton’s ad fail, new survey findings on email marketing during the holiday season, and other marketing news.

Unpacking the Peloton ad fail. Peloton found itself in hot water over a controversial ad depicting a husband gifting his wife a Peloton bike. reflects on the criticism, considering both the ad’s sexist overtones and its general failure to cause the viewer to experience any kind of emotional connection or reaction. “There are two cardinal sins in advertising,” explains the article. “Creating an ad that produces no reaction whatsoever. … The second is when you confuse the consumer. There’s not a faster way to waste your money.” Are there lessons your marketing team can learn from this outrage?

Your marketing team’s top 2020 priority should be podcasts. Podcasting proved itself as a here-to-stay medium in 2019, with data showing that more than half the country had listened to at least one, and some 62 million Americans listened to one every week. Americans in particular have a staggering appetite for podcasts, with listeners consuming—on average—seven podcasts episodes per week. Read Forbes’ article above for insights into how your marketing team should incorporate podcasting into its marketing strategy.

Survey finds 84% of customers look to email marketers for their holiday discounts. A new survey conducted by (an online marketing support tool) found that 64% of respondents are more likely to open emails from brands during the holidays, with the majority of consumers (84%) indicating their preference for discount-related content. Additional notable findings include that relevancy, consistency, and personalization are key for effective targeting, and that single sales/offers tend to drive more interest than multiple sales/offers.

Week of Dec. 9, 2019

A competitor analysis quick guide, record-breaking spend on Cyber Monday, and other marketing news

Square’s quick guide to conducting competitor analysis. Performing a competitor analysis is a great way for your business to identify industry competitors, evaluate their strategies, and determine areas of opportunity for your business. This guide will help your marketing team understand competitors’ operations and marketing strategies, identify the strengths and weaknesses within the industry overall, and develop a competitive strategy catered toward your target market.

Twitter’s new “privacy center” will keep users informed about privacy settings policy. Last week, the social media company announced plans to launch a “privacy center,” aimed at keeping users informed about its data privacy policies. According to Daily Dot, the company says the Privacy Center will be a “destination to provide more clarity around what we’re doing to protect the information you share with us” and will include announcements as well as information about security incidents and initiatives the company is working on, among other things.

What does 2020 hold for mobile marketing? Entrepreneur offers four predictions. Mobile marketing comes down to the right ad delivered to the right person at the right time, and Entrepreneur foresees a continued focus on mobile strategy in 2020. Predictions include a continued prioritization of content optimized for mobile and a further embrace of automation technology, as well as a warning against bot attacks.

U.S.-based consumers spent $9.4 billion on Cyber Monday. Adobe Analytics confirmed last week that consumers spent $9.4 billion on Cyber Monday, up 19.7% year-over-year (YoY). This makes 2019’s Cyber Monday the biggest online shopping day in history in the U.S., beating last year’s $7.9 billion record. Check out the full article and see how the numbers compare to Black Friday shopping trends.

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