15+ Marketing and Sales Tools that Integrate with Slack

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Slack may be popular as a internal communication tool for its convenience and workability, but its real value lies in its integrations. Encouraged by the tool’s huge database of users, several marketing, sales and tech-based tools have built integrations to work within Slack.

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Marketing and sales teams are generally faced with deadlines and pressure to meet them. You can cut down a significant amount of time and effort spent on menial tasks by using apps that integrate with Slack.

This is a list of marketing and sales tools with useful Slack integrations.

1. GetResponse

If you run email marketing campaigns regularly, you could monitor them right from your Slack channels. Email marketing tools like GetResponse deliver subscribe and unsubscribe numbers, open rates and delivery statuses to Slack channels of your choice.

You could integrate the tool with a Slack channel that has your marketing team and concerned managers as members and set a convenient time for delivery of reports.

Alternative: MailChimp

2. Trello

If you have separate teams or freelancers working on content, the Trello integration can help you manage the process efficiently. You can create a Slack channel with everyone in the loop and have a central chat/content management system to keep all projects in check.

Trello lets you create cards (projects), assign them to teammates, set deadlines and leave comments when necessary.

3. DrumUp

Positioning employees as industry experts on social media can be super-beneficial for sales. But connecting them with the content required for that effort can be a pain.

DrumUp’s Slack integration to deliver keyword specific content from reputed sites to your Slack channels. The practise is also a great way to encourage employees to stay updated on important industry developments.

The integration also lets channel members schedule delivered content right from the Slack channels. Alternatively, you can connect your blog’s RSS feed to the tool and earn extra shares through employees.

4. Mention

Monitoring brand mentions can be a full-time effort, especially if you are also managing customer support on social platforms. With Mention’s Slack integration, you can monitor important keywords from your Slack channels.

You can also ensure that all mentions are attended to by assigning them to team members with Slack’s @mention feature.  

5. GrowthBot

GrowthBot helps you fetch marketing and sales related information in your Slack channels. The function of the app isn’t limited to set parameters and includes miscellaneous functions.

For instance, you can ask the bot to show you the top posts from moz.com or what keywords your competitors are buying.

For a complete list of functions the bot can perform, simply say “Hello” and then click on the “Give me a hint” button.

6. StatsBot

Marketers don’t generally refer to analytics everyday, but you could with the StatsBot integration. The tools delivers Google Analytics, Salesforce and Mixpanel reports to Slack channels.

The reports can help you keep an eye on drastic changes in metrics that require immediate attention, or post-campaign metrics that are full of insights.  

7. Marker

As marketers, you often have to work with software developers – identify bugs/SEO issues that need to be fixed. You can easily convey your issues by using Marker’s Chrome and Slack integrations.

Marker’s Chrome extension lets you take screenshots as your are browsing, annotate them and then send them to any Slack channel. The delivered screenshot will also have the webpage’s URL so the developer can visit and see the issue live.

8. Nurtz

Nurtz does spell checks on your content. Marketers work extensively with content – for emails, blogs, social media and ad campaigns. With Nurtz, you can quickly run a spell check before signing off on any content. 

When you’re in a hurry, it is always possible to slip-up and make a mistake. This integration can prevent that from happening.

9. Intro

Intro lets you connect with your teammates’ social media network through Slack. Once set up, the app instructs channel members to edit their profiles and creates a directory of all members. Members can add their contacts to a central channel – give and get “intros”

Sales personnel can use the app for prospect research and contacts. Other teams can use the app to recruit specific talent to fit their requirements.  

10. Tettra

If you are a large team that keeps adding and losing members, you need a place to store important company information. Tettra functions like an internal Wiki that gives channel members access to previously stored information.

The Wiki can be searched for specific files when necessary.


Engaging visual content like GIFs have gained prominence in marketing. The right GIF when placed on a social post or email, can help you connect with your fans and customers.
GIPHY’s Slack integration works on a /giphy command. For instance, /giphy congratulations will give you the top search for the keyword “Congratulations” from GIPHY’s database. You could also use this tool to send fun GIFs to your teammates to keep their spirits up.

12. ARC

ARC also summarizes your Google Analytics reports, but also gives you a bottomline. Instead of comparing the previous week’s metrics with the current week’s by yourself, you can have the app do it for you.

The app reports important metrics like website visits, pageviews and bounce rates – giving you quick feedback on website changes that your developers may have implemented.

13. PredictHQ

This tool gives you real-time alerts on saved searches and projects. For instance, if your team is working on finding events in Australia, the tool can alert you each time a search result is found.

You can skip the endless hours of searching and leave the work to the tool. Additionally, it can also identify the events that are most relevant to your business.

14. Clearbit

If you have ever needed quick info about a lead, Clearbit can do that for you. The app can turn email leads captured into complete profiles with useful information like employment, role, seniority and address.

The information comes from a hundred online data points that can help you improve your sales pitch and conversion ratios. The app also monitors conversion patterns and brings potential clients to your notice.

15. MadKudu

MadKudu notifies sales teams of important events that can help them improve conversions. The tool notifies you when people engage with your webpages or when a high-potential consumer signs-up. The app also identifies patterns and predicts consumers who are likely to make a purchase.

You can use this information to improve your sales closing strategies and convert more consumers. 

16. DataFox

If you spend a lot of time keeping tabs on your investments and competition, DataFox can help do it for you. The tool lets you choose companies to monitor on the internet.

Once you have the company names setup, the tool will deliver updates on the company  when an important executive leaves or the company is covered by a news agency.

That wraps up the list of sales and marketing Slack apps. Take your pick and install them on your Slack channels. Create an integrate Slack experience that improves your productivity and efficiency.

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