3 Medical Billing Companies Compared Based on User Reviews

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Choosing the right medical billing software for your practice can make or break your revenue collection, time management, and patient satisfaction. As payers develop ever more complex and confusing rules and processes, it’s increasingly important to choose software that will best help you reduce denials, underpayments, and lost or ignored claims.

Luckily, Capterra has an amazing medical billing software directory where you can compare software options side-by-side. But to make it even easier for you, I’ve narrowed down the options to vendors that meet the following criteria:

  • Not specialty-specific
  • Must have more than 99 reviews
  • Must have all the relevantfeatures
  • Must be web-based
  • Must be suitable for solo and small practices

Which leaves three options: drchrono, NueMD, and RxNT/PM.

Below, I’ve compared those three options based on their customer reviews, price points, selling points, and potential pitfalls. They are listed in alphabetical order.


1. drchrono

drchrono urgent care case study

Starting price

$499 per month, per user | See pricing details

Selling points

One thing that keeps coming up in reviews is drchrono’s mobile-friendliness. Not only is there an iOS version, but it also works on Apple Watch and iPad.

Users say they like that they can use drchrono on desktop as well as on their iPads. They can also chart from anywhere on mobile.

Many users describe drchrono as extremely simple to navigate and very easy to use. Users enjoy the abundant pre-programmed macros. Multiple people say that the e-prescribing works well, even on the app. Sending a controlled Rx via eRx saves money on controlled Rx pads.

For billing specifically, there are more compliments than complaints. Multiple reviewers describe billing as very easy and enjoy the fact that billing templates save them time.

Providers can get on the phone with drchrono to talk about billing and get another set of eyes on billing to ensure accuracy, helping users feel more confident. Users particularly appreciate custom billing forms with categories to help providers visually understand their billing.

One last cool thing: drchrono is the only option on this list that offers a free trial.

Potential pitfalls

Unlike the other two options on the list, drchrono does not have a native app for Android.

A few reviewers complain about support tickets going unanswered for too long and mention that communicating with support could be easier.

A few reviewers also don’t love the workflow, saying it is illogical and not very intuitive. There are also complaints about charting templates not resembling a typical note outline such as a SOAP note or HPI format.

Learn more about SOAP notes:

2. NueMD

An overview of NueMD’s features

Starting price

$163 per month, per user | See pricing details

Selling points

NueMD also offers an in-house clearinghouse, but they boast same-day processing. That, along with their claim scrubbing module gives them what they claim is the highest first-past acceptance rate in the industry. NueMD customers also have optional access to their in-house billers and coders.

NueMD aims to speed up the reimbursement cycle, and multiple reviewers say that they get paid faster and have fewer claims rejected since adopting NueMD.

Capterra reviewers seem to agree that customer service is fast and efficient, especially over live chat. Users also praise the system’s ease of use.

Potential pitfalls

Several reviewers complain about long wait times to speak to anyone on the support team.

Several reviewers at Software Advice report long wait times on reports and slow or glitchy activity at times.

3. RxNT|PM

RxNT|PM’s customer service

Starting price

$230.00 per month, per user | See pricing details

Selling points

Many reviewers rave about the easy-to-use, easy-to-learn, simple user interface. They find it intuitive and easy to train others on.

People also mention the helpful and friendly customer service. And they appreciate that support comes free and unlimited. Reps respond quickly to queries, often within minutes or hours depending on your time zone. The staff sends weekly reports that show you how you’re billing is going.

Potential pitfalls

For billing, there are some complaints about their integrated clearinghouse, saying it could be faster and more reliable.

Like the other vendors on this list, RxNT|PM offers training via documentation, webinars, and live online but are the only one that doesn’t offer in-person training. They also only offer support during business hours while the other two offer 24/7 live help online.

The bottom line on medical billing software

If budget is your biggest concern, NueMD is the most affordable option on the list. It’s also probably going to get you paid the fastest. But be aware that the support staff that was super helpful during implementation may not always be as quick to respond once you’re up and running. So if you don’t have a lot of in-house tech support, NueMD isn’t your best bet.

If you want a tool that’s easy to use and easy to learn with helpful support, RxNT|PM is your best bet. However, it might take a little longer to get paid.

For an easy-to-use tool with great support and a ton of high-quality integrated features, drchrono is your best option if you’re willing to pay a little more.

If none of these options are really doing it for you, do a little digging yourself. Start with our medical billing software directory, where you can compare more than 180 options side-by-side and filter your search by desired software features.

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