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The Top 20 Most Affordable Email Marketing Software Report

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Email marketing is the new paper mail. With traditional post, there is no way to track which of your mailings are being opened, nor can you count how many of your subscribers threw away the mail before even opening it. This is the beauty of email marketing software – it does it all.

According to a 2014 study by McKinsey, email marketing was found to be 40 times more effective at reaching a desired audience than social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, especially since 91 percent of US consumers use their email daily. Therefore, it is safe to assume that by creating and segmenting subscriber lists, to designing your own newsletters, and accessing statistics on your mailings, email marketing software is the most effective way to reach and understand your subscribers.  

Capterra’s new Top 20 Most Affordable Email Marketing Software Report can help you find the best Email Marketing solutions that fit your company’s needs and your budget. If you begin your search here, you’ll find the best solution to fit your company’s financial needs.


To create this report, we evaluated the available features of a system, the cost of those standard features, and what actual users said about those systems in customer reviews, which came from our website and our sister companies’ sites, GetApp and Software Advice.

For our analysis, we compiled a pricing scenario based on a “typical Email Marketing buyer,” included below:

ABC organization is looking for their first email marketing solution. They will have 2 users accessing the system and plan on sending 4 emails to 750 contacts (3,000 emails) per month. They are looking to use the system for at least two years and and need as many of the features listed above as possible and as many of the following implementation, training, and support resources as possible (uploading a list of contacts, API access, CRM integration, training videos and documents, email/help desk support, FAQ/knowledge base access, free demo).

The standard, expected features considered in this pricing scenario are included below.

  1. Contact database
  2. Mass email delivery
  3. Subscribe/unsubscribe management
  4. CAN SPAM compliance
  5. List management
  6. Reporting/analytics
  7. Template management
  8. Subscribe form
  10. Mobile optimized emails
  11. Variable fields/tokens

Below is a breakdown of the monthly cost of the Top 20 Most Affordable Email Marketing solutions, based on our pricing scenario:


While functionality and price were two of the top three most important factors in deciding on an Email Marketing system, we know ease of use is also important to consider for your team. For more information on system usability, you can access our research in our other new report, the Top 20 Most User-Friendly Email Marketing Software.

Using both of these reports is a great stepping stone to starting your own research. Capterra recommends that you look at three to five solutions before making a software decision. It’s important to remember to pick an Email Marketing software that best fits your organization’s needs and budget.

But what do you think? Did we miss any of the most affordable Email Marketing software vendors?  Let us know! We will update this research annually.

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