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The Top 20 Most Affordable Event Management Software Report

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These days, event managers have more work cut out for them than ever.

affordable event management software

The past decade has brought many new technological advancements, from increased event presence on social media to the rise of interactive technology such as RFID, beacons, and wearable technology. Today’s event managers must determine which efforts will best boost the awareness of and attendance at their events.

Event managers are increasingly turning to event management software to help them succeed in their complex quest. However, there may not yet be widespread understanding of the ROI that event management software can provide. Indeed, when we surveyed over 400 potential event management software users, 28% of respondents said that they didn’t buy event management software sooner because they felt they couldn’t justify the expense.

We made the Top 20 Most Affordable Event Management Software report in part to show that no matter your budget, you too can reap the benefits of event management software. If price is holding you back from trying out your first event management software, or you’re simply looking for the most cost-effective solutions, let our Top 20 report help guide you to greener (event) pastures.


In creating this report, we determined the standard, expected features of event management software and the cost for that set of features, implementation, and usage over the course of two years. We also compiled and evaluated customer feedback in the form of reviews from our website and our sister companies’ sites, GetApp and Software Advice.

The standard, expected features are:

  1. Event scheduling
  2. Contact management
  3. Registration management
  4. Attendee management
  5. Social media promotion
  6. Email outreach
  7. Budget management
  8. Payment processing
  9. Exhibit/vendor management
  10. Ticketing
  11. Analytics/reports

To determine the cost over two years, we used the following pricing scenario:

ABC company is looking for their first event management solution. They host 5 in-person events per year with an average of 500 attendees per event, and the average ticket price is $20. They are looking to use the system for at least two years and need as many of the features listed above as possible and as many of the following implementation, training, and support resources as possible (mobile responsive, iOS and Android Apps, CRM integration, API, social media integration, calendar integration, training videos and documents, free demo, email/help desk support, FAQ/knowledge base access).

Below is a breakdown of the monthly costs of the Top 20 Most Affordable Event Management solutions based on our research:

Final thoughts

This list is not all inclusive of the event software options available. While our reports are here to help, it’s important to do your own research and find the best solution for your needs. For a full list of software options, check out our Event Management Software directory.  Capterra recommends looking at three to five solutions before making a purchasing decision.

Interested in which event management solutions rank highly in usability? Check out our Top 20 Most User-Friendly Event Management Software Report.

Do you love this report, have feedback, or feel like we’ve missed a solution? Let us know! We update this research annually.

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