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The Top 20 Most Affordable Survey Software Report

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Thanks to technological advancements and rising demand in software, survey systems (along with other software solutions) are here to make our lives easier. Survey solutions help facilitate the beginning to end process of creating surveys and collecting/analyzing survey responses all in one place. This cuts down on time and cost – who has enough time in the day to mail our paper surveys or conduct phone/in-person interviews?

Survey software helps organizations gather helpful feedback and ideas to improve their current products, services and business processes. However, “easy” isn’t always the “end all be all”. We know that cost is an important factor in purchasing software – or when buying just about anything. This is why we created our Top 20 Most Affordable Survey Software report to determine which solutions offer the features you need without spending a fortune!

We are here to help guide you in the right direction, but don’t forget to dive deeper into each solution to get a better idea of the right one for you. Check out our Survey Software Directory to explore all your possibilities.

Curious about how we created this report? Keep on reading!


We used several metrics to create this affordability report. We compared survey solutions based on the features offered, cost of those features, and actual customer reviews which are compiled from across all Gartner Digital Markets companies (Capterra, GetApp, and Software Advice).

For our analysis, we generated a pricing scenario based on a “typical survey software buyer”, which is outlined below:

ABC Company is looking for their first Survey Software solution. There will be 2 full-access users. They are looking to use the system for at least two years and will be sending 5 surveys out per month, expecting 750 total responses. They are looking for as many of the features, implementation, training, and support listed below as possible.

Features that were considered in our pricing scenario are listed below:

  • Survey creation/building
  • Multiple question types (i.e. T/F, multiple-choice)
  • User response management
  • Question library
  • Pre-built survey templates
  • Branded Surveys
  • Drag & drop interface
  • Custom survey URLs
  • Skip logic
  • Mobile optimized surveys
  • Reporting/analytics
  • Security protected survey (password protected, SSL protection)
  • Multiple Survey Formats (i.e. quiz, poll, questionnaire)
  • Multi-page online survey
  • Email triggers

From our Top 20 Most Affordable Survey vendors, 35% of them offered all 15 features, and 65% offered 14 or more.

The graph below displays the monthly cost of the Top 20 Most Affordable Survey solutions, based on our pricing scenario:

The average monthly cost of all the systems we evaluated for this category was around $93. Out of the Top 20 Most Affordable Survey solutions, the average monthly cost drops to about $72.


We created this report to help get you started in your Survey software search, and find some of the most cost-effective solutions we evaluated. Most systems offer free trials and demo accounts to help you get a better idea of what they are capable of, so don’t be afraid and explore your options!

Please check out our Survey Software Directory to explore the endless possibilities – Our Top 20 may not be your Top 20!

Don’t forget to share your thoughts! Are there any vendors and solutions we missed? We will update this report annually, so let us know!

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Liann Mosier

Liann is a Product Report Specialist for Capterra, a platform that connects business software sellers and buyers. In her free time, she enjoys reading, watching movies, hiking, and cooking.


Hi James,
Thanks for sharing your methodology and glad Survey Anyplace is included 😉
Given the growing ‘survey fatigue’, something our customers are regularly looking for is the possibility to create an intelligent questionnaire, returning some relavant recommendations at the end of the survey based on the answers: this can be on the final screen or through email (or both). Perhaps something to consider in next year’s evaluation…

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