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Top 20 Most Popular Digital Signage Software

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When you have an announcement, promotion or reminder that you want to reach a large audience, what better way to deliver your message than by displaying a bright, visual sign? But you might be left wondering where to even start and how to create, schedule and distribute your digital content for all to see.

Don’t worry! Digital Signage software is here to help get the job done.

Industries of all demographics and markets are turning to digital signage software for their digital display needs. Whether you’re a high school administrator wanting to wish your students a happy summer or a store looking to advertise the biggest one-day sale ever, digital signage software can help make sure your information reaches your audience. Not to mention all the ways digital signage software can help improve your next event.

Features like automatic player updates, content scheduling and remote deployment allow digital signage software to take care of your digital display needs so you can focus on taking care of other important aspects of your business.

With so many software options available, we know that deciding which system to purchase is an important and equally overwhelming task. To begin your research, you might be wondering what digital signage software everyone else is using. To help answer that question for you, we’ve produced our Top 20 Most Popular Digital Signage Software report.

This report breaks down various solutions available by customers, users, number of reviews, and social presence to gauge overall software reach and popularity.

While this report is a great resource to familiarize yourself with some of the big players in the digital signage industry, it’s not all-inclusive. For a comprehensive list, check out our Digital Signage Software directory. It’s important to thoroughly review all of your options before creating your shortlist.


This research is part of our series of Top 20 reports. All reports in this series are made with our Popularity Index, which produces a weighted and ranked score based on:

– Number of active customers [40%]

– Number of active users [40%]

– Number of reviews on Capterra [10%]

– Social media presence (Facebook likes, Twitter followers, LinkedIn followers) [10%]

We defined customers as the number of organizations who have an active license to the software. We defined users as the number of end users at those organizations who access the software. Both of these metrics refer only to customers and users active in the past year. We have these strict definitions in place to keep our data consistent and accurate across vendors.

To better understand our ranking system, take a look at this blog post by our founder.


To generate our ranking, we reached out to software companies and performed independent research. In most cases, software companies directly provide us with their customer and user numbers. However, if they are unable to share certain metrics or the company doesn’t respond, Capterra-generated estimates were used based on industry averages and additional research.

Before publishing, all software companies were notified and had the opportunity to address the estimates we generated. We also pushed back on any submission that seemed inflated or unlikely.

The Capterra-generated estimates are highlighted in the below chart.

What do you think? Did we miss a big digital signage software system? Let us know because we update our reports annually and welcome any new insight!

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Christina is a Product Report Specialist as part of Capterra’s software lab and a graduate from Christopher Newport University. When she’s not testing software solutions, she spends her time practicing yoga, watching reruns of Friends episodes, and attempting to learn her mother’s cooking skills.


So Scala, one of the industry leaders which has been around for decades selling their software to every country on the planet … only has 500 customers ? And yet a newcomer sweeps the top position after a few years in business, claiming to have 40 times more customers than Scala ?

This whole list seams incredibly inaccurate !

Interesting list, thank you. Over at we use generally Brightsign and Scala to drive our Digital Signage, but we may have to explore some of the options on your list too, there’s a few bits of software on there we are not familiar with.

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