The Top 20 Most Popular ERP Software

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Is your organization suffering from a case of “DDBS”? That’s corporate-medical speak for Disorganized, Disconnected Business Syndrome, which isn’t as traumatic as it initially sounds. However, symptoms include interdepartmental inefficiency, confusion, wasted resources, poor performance, and, even more tragic, employees running around like chickens with their heads chopped off. Luckily, instead of hopping on WebMD for treatment ideas, you came to the right place for a business diagnosis. There is a cure for all of your organizational woes: Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP).

ERP software helps businesses restore order across all of their departments, from accounting, to purchasing and inventory, to distribution, and even human resources and sales.   

How does an ERP work?” you may ask. ERPs provide companies and their management a straightforward view of current business operations and performance by establishing a set of data that is unified and understood throughout the organization. It consolidates data into one location that can be accessed by all departments seamlessly.

It is crucial for businesses to keep their data in the ERP up-to-date because inconsistencies can have a negative ripple effect. So whether you’re replacing an outdated ERP or starting from scratch, finding a solution that works for you is extremely important – and Capterra can help you find it.

The Top 20 Most Popular ERP Software was designed with you in mind; to help you identify the “big guys” in the ERP software space.

Remember, a popular system may not be the best fit for you organization. It’s important to demo systems and discuss your specific needs with software companies.

One prescription for ERP software…it’s just what the doctor ordered! Side effects may include, but are not limited to: efficiency and able-bodied “chickens”.


This research is part of our series of Top 20 reports. All reports in this series are made with our Popularity Index, which produces a weighted and ranked score based on:

  1. Number of current customers [40%]
  2. Number of active users [40%]
  3. Social media presence (Facebook likes, Twitter followers, LinkedIn followers, and number of Capterra reviews) [20%]

In order to maintain consistency and accuracy, we defined “customers” as the number of companies/organizations with an active license to the system. “Users” refers to the number of employees at those customer companies who have login access to the program. These numbers encompass customers and users that have accessed the system within the last year, in order to ensure an up-to-date representation.

To better under our ranking system, take a look at this blog post by our CEO.


Whenever we launch a new report and/or update an existing report, we always reach out to software companies to collect their customer and user numbers. In most cases, software companies respond with their numbers. However, if they were unable to provide certain data points, Capterra generated estimates were used based on industry averages and additional research. Those estimates have been highlighted in the table below. Although, it would be fair to assume all numbers in this table are estimates.

Before publishing, all software companies were notified and had the opportunity to address the estimates we generated. Also, we pushed back on any submission that seemed inflated or unlikely.

Estimates are represented by the yellow shading.



Tell us what you think! Did we miss any major players in the ERP space? We plan on updating this report a couple times a year.

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