Who’s Leading the Field in Field Service Software?

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Who’s Leading the Field in Field Service Software?

Top Field Service Management

Today, we’re excited to announce the next infographic in our ‘Top 20 Most Popular’ series:The Top 20 Most Popular Field Service Management Software Solutions

Field Service Management Software allows field service technicians to manage and communicate with field employees and resources. This improves the customer experience by giving field employees access to service histories, mapping services, scheduling tools and more. We have found the Top 20 Most Popular Field Service Management Software Solutions as determined by our popularity index.

The Research

As we continue to move forward with our top 20 series, it’s important to reflect on the “why” behind the research. If you’re unsure as to why Capterra is releasing a Top 20 list of popular software, refer to our founder, Mike’s, blog post for his reasoning behind these studies.

We began our field service research in a similar manner as our previous infographics. To start our list, we examined Capterra’s own Field Service Management Software Directory to find which vendors had received a high number of reviews. From there, we measured web traffic of all 200+ vendors listed on Capterra according to third party estimates. This process resulted in an initial list of more than 80 field service management vendors to examine in more detail.

The overall software vendor popularity ranking is determined by three components- Number of Users, Customers, and Online Presence (including web traffic and social media following). Below is a table that highlights the data for the Field Service Management Software Solutions featured in the Top 20:

-Please note a data change below-

Field Service – Users

This is the fifth infographic in Capterra’s series, and we continue to see with each new infographic that every software sector has a different way of labeling or categorizing their customers and users. To make matters even more confusing, there’s often a big discrepancy within the same industry! In the case of the field service industry, we decided the most comprehensive way to measure “user” count would be to include both technicians and administrators.

Another reason that it’s difficult for potential buyers (and even for us) to compare apples to apples within the field service software market is that some vendors license their software on a user-by-user basis, while others do not. Thus, ‘total number of users’ is a difficult number to come up with if vendors don’t track sales per-user.

Target Market

Some field service management software providers cater to a wide audience of field service technicians, and others focus on a very niche audience in a particular field. For the Top 20 Most Popular Field Service infographic, we decided to only include vendors that handle the general space of field service and leave out those with a specific target such as construction, inventory management, or fleet management.

One final note: some of the vendors provided “lowball” estimates of their users or customers so please take that into consideration. Although we believe this is the best research available online, it remains far from perfect.

If you have any suggestions, question any of the vendors listed, wonder how other vendors didn’t make the cut, or even catch an error, please let us know!

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[…] Capterra recently published an infographic of the 20 most popular field service management software solutions on the market based on a number of factors, including customer base, online presence  and number of users.  Field service management software solutions offer field service organizations with a way to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction.  The industry is a multi-million dollar enterprise, but as the Gartner Magic Quadrant has demonstrated, field service organizations are looking for customer solutions that tailor directly to their organization, strong ROI, and solutions that adopt the latest field service trends, such as mobility. […]

I wonder why MSI Data is not included, I use the product and I really think it should be atleast on the list

Having a responsible and transparent way to keep field service staff accountable without abusing their privacy is the key to making sure that performance can be mapped, Quality mobile device based gps tracking applications such as TrackAss http://www.trackass.com are providing excellent business grade telematic tracking for businesses wanting to responsibly track field service personnel without huge expense or fixed equipment costs. Fleet vehicle tracking and employee tracking can be achieved in real time whilst still maintaining a high level of personal privacy for employees, to turbo charge your HR and customer service what can be better than being with an employee whilst the complete their daily activity?

Locqus will soon make the list. The young lion always takes over the pride.

What about Taskenger http://www.taskenger.com ? It can be highly customized for many different field service technicians and the price is considerably a lot lower than the alternatives.

Thanks, Justina. I’ll add this to the list for our team to look over.

Why Gartner Reports have a total different view on this ?

Hi Volker,

Jordan has left Capterra since writing this article: I am the current Market Research Analyst and am happy to answer your question on her behalf.

Gartner’s Magic Quadrant would show different results because they are applying different metrics to show market share. As you may have read in the article above, we focus on popularity as the main metric of market share rather than revenue, which is unique to Capterra. Gartner focuses more on the company’s vision and their ability to execute that vision to pinpoint those in their “leader” quadrant.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that one report is more correct than the other: if you change how you are defining “market share” or “market leader,” you are bound to get different results, and there is no standard way to define these terms. Our ranking and Gartner’s report are merely showing two different perspectives on the same industry.

Please let us know if you have any further questions!

Market Research Analyst, Capterra

Are there any publicly listed companies that provide these services? Looking at companies that primarily derive their revenues through FSM and not giants like Oracle/CRM.

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