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The Top 20 Most Popular ITSM Software

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The more businesses (and the people at them) rely on technology to carry out daily tasks, the more important it becomes to have an IT team on staff that can keep everything running smoothly.

But with all the technological tools your company employs — hardware, software, networks, and more — how is your team supposed to keep tabs on everything?

ITSM software can help your techs manage problems as they arise, plan accordingly for any tech changes to help avoid problems in the future, and provide insight into problems that have occurred in the past so the whole team is on the same page.

If you’re thinking about implementing such a valuable system, you want to make sure you are finding the right solution to suit your unique needs, which can be an overwhelming task. To help introduce you to the largest solutions in the ITSM space, Capterra has created the Top 20 Most Popular ITSM Software report. This new report can help you see what systems other organizations are using successfully and help the beginning stages of your own ITSM search

Remember that the most popular solution won’t always be the best fit for your company’s needs. It’s important to test out other systems to get an idea of which one will work best for you.


This research is part of our series of Top 20 reports. All reports in this series are made with our Popularity Index, which produces a weighted and ranked score based on:

  1. Number of current customers [40%]
  2. Number of active users [40%]
  3. Social media presence (Facebook likes, Twitter followers, LinkedIn followers, and number of Capterra reviews) [20%]

In order to maintain consistency and accuracy, we defined “customers” as the number of companies/organizations with an active license to the system. “Users” refers to the number of employees at those customer companies who have login access to the program. These numbers encompass customers and users that have accessed the system within the last year, in order to ensure an up-to-date representation.

To better under our ranking system, take a look at this blog post by our CEO.


When launching a new report and/or updating an existing report, we reach out to software companies to collect their customer and user numbers. In most cases, software companies respond with their numbers. However, if they were unable to provide certain data points, Capterra-generated estimates were used based on industry averages and additional research. Although, it would be fair to assume all numbers in this table are estimates.

Before publishing, all software companies were notified and had the opportunity to address the estimates we generated. We pushed back on any submission that seemed inflated or unlikely.

Capterra estimates are highlighted in the chart below.


Tell us what you think! Did we miss any major players in the ITSM space? We plan on updating this report a couple times a year.

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