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The Top 20 Most Popular Material Requirement Planning Software Report

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Material Requirements Planning (MRP) should not be confused with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). While their history is intertwined, with ERP emerging out of MRP in the 1990s, it is vital not to confuse the two categories. So what exactly is MRP then?

In a nutshell, Material Requirements Planning software manages the material requirements for manufacturing processes. From planning manufacturing activities to purchasing and sales, MRP software and aids the process from beginning to end. Common functions only offered for MRP includes bills of materials, inventory balances, order tracking, and invoicing.

Still, as niche as MRP is, this particular software landscape is diverse, as illustrated by our Top 20 Most Popular Material Requirements Planning Software report. MRP is especially suited for companies with high demand and a growing number of orders. These companies find that tracking orders in an excel sheet can become overwhelming and inefficient. Having an MRP software system can reduce human error, and provide a clear visual of every moving cog along the production line. As you begin your search for the best solution for your business, remember that the term popular does not mean the shoe will automatically fit. Remember to test out a variety of solutions in order to find the system that will meet all of you needs.


This research is part of our series of Top 20 reports. All of the most popular reports are made with our Popularity Index, which is determined using a weighted and ranked score based on:

– Number of active customers [40%]

– Number of active users [40%]

– Number of reviews on Capterra [10%]

– Social media presence (Facebook likes, Twitter followers, LinkedIn followers) [10%]

To ensure accuracy and consistency, “customers” refers to the number of companies with an active license to your software. “Active users” refers to as the staff at those organizations who have access to the software within the same time period.


To generate data for the top 20 most popular reports, we reach out to software companies and perform market research. When possible, we use the customer and user numbers given to us directly by the software companies as a primary resource. However, if any numbers seem inflated or questionable, we push-back to ensure accuracy. If a software company does not provide numbers directly, our team performs market research to pull numbers from company websites or websites with published industry averages. All software companies below with estimated numbers were notified and given the opportunity to address the data before publication.

Capterra’s generated customer and user estimates are highlighted in the chart below.

Tell us what you think! Are there any MRP software you believe should be on the report? Let us know! We plan to update this report annually and welcome any suggestions.

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