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5 Most Popular Opera PMS Alternatives for Hotels

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If you’re a busy hotel manager worried about satisfying guests, allocating time to research and choose hotel management software that fits your needs may fall by the wayside. Or, you end up just choosing the most popular option in the hotel management world, Opera PMS.

After a while, though, you realize it isn’t what you needed at all. You have unique needs that this software doesn’t satisfy. You need to find a new solution fast, all while managing a fully booked hotel.

Don’t panic; that’s where we come in.

This article looks at five popular Opera PMS alternatives. See the full list of Opera PMS alternatives here.

Oracle’s Opera Hotel PMS dominates the hotel property management sphere, but there are other options available offering a variety of features, and sometimes even cheaper prices.

Below, I’ll cover five Opera PMS alternatives, outlining their pros and cons so you can find the right fit for your hotel.

The five alternativeslisted below in alphabetical order—all have two things in common:

  • They are specifically geared toward independent hotels.
  • They’re highly rated and / or have a lot of reviews on Capterra.

1. eZee FrontDesk

eZee FrontDesk is a popular Opera PMS alternative for hotels

eZee FrontDesk’s dashboard

eZee Technosys has the second highest market popularity score of all hospitality property management software we listed on our website, second only to Oracle’s Opera. They offer a “complete range of hospitality solutions inclusive of desktop as well as online property management.


eZee FrontDesk available in the cloud, —offers front desk, laundry, back-office, accounting, channel manager, and reporting features all in one place with 24-7 live support. If you want to give it a spin first before paying the one-time licensing fee, which starts at $1,150, you can test drive it with a 30-day free trial. Reviewers at Capterra describe it as easy to use, with some noting that it is especially helpful for small hotels looking to keep track of reservations and customer information. Reviewers also describe the system as intuitive for users.


eZee FrontDesk caters to small hotels, but they also deal with large and very large hotels, claiming more than 6,000 clients in 140+ countries. For the manager of a smaller hotel hoping to deal with a relatively small software company and receive personalized service, this may be a turnoff. It’s worth noting that FrontDesk’s customer service has also been praised in reviews.

Have you used eZee FrontDesk? Leave a review!

2. Hotelogix

Hotelogix is a popular Opera PMS alternative for hotels

Hotelogix’s dashboard

Hotelogix is cloud-based software that caters to independent hotels trying to figure out how to automate operations and boost revenue. The company claims that its software is used in 100 countries, and that you can “get to the cloud in just 1 minute.”


This property management system integrates all critical operations into one hotel platform, whether that be your front desk, accounts, or even travel agents. Hotelogix also offers a team of hospitality experts available 24-7 to answer clients’ questions. You can begin with a free trial, and pricing starts at just $3.99 per month. Reviewers at Capterra prais the software for being easy to use and automating the booking process, which can be a headache for smaller hoteliers.


One reviewer noted that the software lacks an inventory system or a calendar for employee shifts.Hotelogix services a large number of clients, and at least one reviewer said that the company can be slow to respond to reported issues.

Have you used Hotelogix? Leave a review!

3. Hotello

Hotello is a popular Opera PMS alternative for hotels

An example of Hotello’s reports

Hotello offers a variety of property management features that touch on front desk management, marketing, operations, accounting, and other day-to-day management processes essential to running a successful hotel.


This system includes standard software features like reservations, check-in/checkout, and invoicing, as well as an availability chart to monitor occupancies and cancellations in real-time. Hotello’s marketing component is a standout feature, giving users the option to automatically send thank you notes to guests and transmit invoices. This solution’s guest preference management system also lets users add specific details about a particular guests, such as allergies, stay history, and favorite rooms. Other day-to-day management features include a housekeeping component, user transaction histories, and data printing and exporting. Hotello is available in a cloud-based format.


According to Capterra reviews,the software occasionally lags and two folios can’t be opened at once, meaning only one reservation can be made at a time.

Have you used Hotello? Leave a review!

4. MSI CloudPM

MSI CloudPM is a popular Opera PMS alternative for hotels

Several views of MSI CloudPM’s dashboard

If you love working in the cloud, MSI CloudPM may be the Opera alternative you’re looking for. This property management system has all the features of standard PMS software without requiring an expensive hardware installation. By running the application in a browser, you can create tabs to access other features without losing your work. It also features built-in web-based help tools—including video tutorials and live help from technicians.


Capterra reviewers describe the software as intuitive and user-friendly, and praised the MSI team for being responsive to requests for features, a big deal for smaller hotels with unique needs.


One user complained that the system is “sometimes slow and shuts down randomly,” and that features may not work correctly from time to time. Another user noted that the customer service team quickly responds to any reported “kinks” in the system.

Have you used MSI CloudPM? Leave a review!

5. RoomMaster by InnQuest

RoomMaster is a popular Opera PMS alternative for hotels

RoomMaster’s booking engine

InnQuest’s roomMaster is used by thousands of properties in dozens of countries, ranging from major chains to boutique hotels. The software handles property management, online and direct bookings, revenue management, and point-of-sale, among other integrations. It also offers extras such as “auto rate tuning” to adjust rates based on occupancy.


Capterra reviewers said that the software is straightforward and easy to configure. Managers didn’t have to spend a lot of time training their staff due to the software’s simplicity, allowing them to focus on managing the hotel instead. Reviewers cited lots of features to take advantage of, and described customer support as responsive.


Complaints about roomMaster were relatively random and usually specific to the reviewer’s unique situation. However, one reviewer noted that the software lacks 24-hour customer support, although a support agent is available for emergencies. One dissatisfied user stated that the software is not intuitive or easy to use, so your experience may vary.

Have you used roomMaster? Leave a review!

Did we forget anyone?

Have any other favorite Opera PMS alternatives? Drop them Let me know in the comments below.

Update 10/3/2017: This post has been updated since it was first published to include additional options and new information about existing products, as well as remove two options that didn’t fit the post criteria. This list now includes five (up from three) Opera alternatives.

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Comment by Abdul Ber on

What about Protel?

Comment by SkyLife on

Just my opinion based on at least 3 months of experience with lots of software solutions:
The best goes to = Opera
The last goes to = Amadeus

Comment by Avalanche Resort on

Hi. Dan. Wonderful work. Thanks for putting up the alternates. I am using eZee FrontDesk from past few months. I see you have described it here as a cloud solution but it’s a legacy system. They have another cloud solution called eZee Absolute. Maybe there is some confusion over here. You may cross-check the same. I am pretty happy with the system as it has got everything which my property needed, plus an excellent support and is quite affordable over Opera PMS. Thanks.

Comment by Dina Sterzenbach on

Hi Dan and Jennifer,
May I suggest for you to have a look at Base7booking as well to complete the list? We’re at 71 Capterra reviews now rating 4.5 out of 5 stars overall – that’s more reviews than 3 out of 5 providers on your current list. As a small company, the personal touch and high flexibility in settings or customizations are what sets us apart and might be a great addition to this list. Please feel free to reach out should you need more information.
Best, Dina


Comment by Saikat Sinha on

What are the reports available in Protel?

Comment by Rajinsh Pati on

Hi ,
Please share complete comparison between Hotelogix & Protel MPE .

Thank you !!!

Comment by Guillermo Marsal on

Does anyone have an Excel based PMS features comparison chart to evaluate different PMS?
I don’t want to reinvent the wheel!
Thank you!

Comment by Felipe Arias on is a great alternative because is the most easy to use in LATAM & US, it’s so clear and quick to work in all daily task of a independent hotel, to create reservations in frontdesk from a Mac, PC or mobile. Check it out and let me know what you think about it…

Comment by Duncan Chappell on

Elina PMS based from London, is like a light version of Opera. It’s ideal for serviced apartments and independent hotels with 30 – 150 rooms. Ver easy to use for anyone trained on Opera, but at a lower cost. Website is

Comment by Alan on

Thanks for the article. I must however say that ‘those are not the options or functionalities or feature, or whatever you call it, that makes an alternative of Opera PMS’

Those mentioned above are very basics of Opera PMS, and in such a case, not just those become alternative, you would find hundreds on the market. You would have to pick some of the features that are serious and advance from a hotelier’s perspective and compare.

This is like trying to show an alternative for Bugatti car, and ended up showing a Toyota justifying that both have spinning wheels – Sorry.

Comment by Chris Brandt on

Take a look at hetras

Comment by Jennifer Champagne on

Jeremy, l always appreciate an adorable dog photo. Thanks for that!

Phil, glad to be of help! I’ll be sure to update this post in the future with even more options for you to choose from. If you’d like, you can subscribe to this blog so you know firsthand when the updates are posted.

Comment by Phil LeJune on

As good as Opera had been, over the past year the support went from very good to a joke with the integration with Oracle. I hope this improves soon. I do like to hear about other systems. The cloud products are hit and miss for reasons such as security and functionality. Skytouch is a system I have recently become aware of but so far I have not been too impressed with what I am hearing about it. Most times with any system you get what you pay for. I look forward to hearing about other systems that are out there.

Comment by Allan Kotliar on

MiniHotel PMS. Check it out and let me know what you think about it…

Whatever you need, you’ve got my email and I believe it is a great – with customizable options – flexible system!!!


Comment by Partha Kundu on

Across S.E.Asia the alternate to Opera is Prologic First. It offers the most comprehensive SaaS solutions for the Hospitality Industry as a whole. It offers CRS, Channel Manager, PMS, MMS, Events & Catering, Clubs & Cloud based options also.

Comment by Rachel Bauer on

We use Logical Solution produced by Bay Lakes Information Systems. Our staff find the software so user friendly that even new employees who don’t have previous experience with hotel software pick it up quickly. It has all the features and reports you need to operate a large property without the high cost of entry. The system integrates to other software like banquet management and POS for properties that need full service features. We used RDP prior and found Logical Solution to be a much better fit with far less training to entry.

Comment by VIncent Goemaere on

We can only agree on adding Protel here – we at Stardekk have a really good partnership with Protel. Their Pms integrates seamless 2-way with our Cubilis Channel Manager – more than 3000 happy customers worldwide !


Comment by Jeremy Armes on

Thanks Jennifer!
Here’s a picture on Facebook of Arun, our cute office dog @protel, here in Dortmund:

But our software’s even cuter 😉

Comment by Jennifer Champagne on

Hi Edgar and Vipin! Thanks for leaving your comments!

I’ll be updating this post sometime in the future with even more options, so keep them coming! If you want, you can subscribe to our blog so that you’ll be able to know first thing when my updates go live.

Comment by Vipin Chawla on

An interesting read. I would like to add to this list another PMS solutions WINHMS. This is capable of matching OPERA feature by feature and is a database independent solution. A big advantage WINHMS offers over it’s competitors is that it’s Multi Property Model and can be installed from a 20 room property to a large hotel/resort covering all the aspects of a hotel from FO, BO, POS, Spa, GOlf etc.

Comment by Edgar Esparza on

Yes, en México and Latin America, ther is one of tbe best products on the market, TCA Innsist, is a PMS integration has its own SPA products, POS, Gift Shop, Administration and Finance, and Payroll.
The main groups of this growing economic area has this great product.

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