The Top 20 Most Popular Retail Management Software Report Methodology

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The Top 20 reports are updated annually. This post has been updated as of 6/27/2018 .

Like many 21st-century managers, retail managers are faced with a big technological question: How can you best use technology to manage the various operations that keep your business going?

Retail businesses require many different steps and processes as part of their chain of operations. From tracking merchandise and scheduling deliveries to taking payments and churning reports, retail managers are pros at monitoring their business’ every step.

For a while, retail managers used different types of software to manage different parts of their business. They would use a POS for taking payments as well as generating basic reports. They would use a CRM to keep track of their key customers. Excel or an inventory management system (IMS) would facilitate inventory tracking. The list goes on and on.

Sounds like a lot of software, huh?

The software world thought so, too. Sensing the need in the marketplace, software vendors developed an all-in-one solution. Retail management systems software (RMS) was born!

RMS’s combine the systems and functionality that were previously provided by a slew of software into one, integrated software solution. Many of today’s most popular RMS’s include point of sale (POS), customer relationship management (CRM), inventory management, accounting, human resources, marketing, eCommerce, and more.

We launched our Top 20 Most Popular Retail Management Systems Software report to highlight the biggest players in the retail management systems software field. For a full list of all available retail management solutions, check out our Retail Management Systems Software directory.

The most popular solutions may not be the best fit for your business, so remember to do your own research to find the perfect solution for you.


This report is created with our Popularity Index that produces a weighted and ranked score based on:

  • Number of active customers [40%]
  • Number of active users [40%]
  • Number of reviews on Capterra [10%]
  • Social media presence (Facebook likes, Twitter followers, LinkedIn followers) [10%]

This report is part of a series of Top 20 research.

We defined active customers as the number of companies who have accessed the product in the past year. We defined active users as the number of employees at those companies who have accessed the product in the past year. We have these strict definitions in place to keep our data consistent and reliable.


To generate our data, we reached out to software companies and performed market research. Where possible, we used the customer and user numbers given to us by the software companies. We pushed back and questioned any numbers that seemed inflated or questionable. If we didn’t hear from companies, we relied on publicly available data and industry averages.

All software companies were notified and had the opportunity to address any estimates we generated.

The Capterra-generated estimates are highlighted in yellow in the below chart:

We are confident that the RMS’s on this report reflect the heavy hitters in the retail management systems software scene. These solutions are a great place to start your research as they are likely to work for almost all types of retail. But, there are many fantastic RMS’s that are geared towards specific types of retail that may work better for your unique needs. For a comprehensive list of all solutions available, check out our Retail Management Systems Software directory.

What do you think? Are there any retail management software systems you believe should have made this report, but aren’t listed? Let us know! We plan to update this report annually.

Looking for Retail Management Systems software? Check out Capterra's list of the best Retail Management Systems software solutions.

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Thank you for the good report! Although it refers more to the american market. Do you have access or informations about the german market as well? Would be interesting for the buyers here.

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