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The Top 20 Most User-Friendly ITSM Software Report

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You’ve hired the best and the brightest IT staff. You know they can handle any obstacles you might throw at them. Coding? They’ve got it. Tackling issues with hardware or software? Done. Monitoring the network? They never take their eyes off it.

Making sure everything gets done on time and doesn’t interfere with everyday business processes? They might need help with that.

That’s where ITSM (IT service management) software comes in. An ITSM solution can help your team track and implement changes, resolve incidents as they arise, prioritize what should be done when, and even allow other employees access to a knowledge base so they can fix minor problems themselves. Most importantly, it keeps your business goals in the forefront of your tech team’s mind, so you can leverage your tech assets rather than be held back by them.

With so much functionality, it’s easy for these software solutions to get complicated. How do you find an ITSM system that doesn’t add to your team’s problems and increase your own workload? Make it easy on yourself and use Capterra’s new Top 20 Most User-Friendly ITSM Software report.


This research is part of our series of Top 20 reports. When ranking solutions, we consider usability (how easy a system is to use), available customer services (how a company helps you set up and maintain their software), and reviews from actual users of the different solutions in our report.

Usability is calculated through direct user testing. We determine tasks that are representative of how most organizations would use a system to keep track of their tasks and projects (listed below). We then measure how many seconds and clicks it takes our team, on average, to complete these tasks in an ITSM.


Task List

  1. Add an agent/user
  2. Submit a ticket/incident
  3. Resolve ticket/incident
  4. Submit a problem
  5. Add a change
  6. Add a solution to the knowledge base
  7. Run a report

We tested all the IT service management solutions made available to us, performing each task two times in every system. In the first round, we completed the task without accessing any training, testing intuitiveness. In the second round, we followed training materials provided by the software company, testing learnability.

Here’s how fast the Top 20 ITMS’s are

The average task completion time for all the ITSM systems we tested was 51 seconds. For our Top 20 Most User-Friendly solutions, however, the average task completion time was 45 seconds. Six seconds saved might not seem like much, but given the cost of unplanned technology outages, those six seconds could save you almost $100 the next time one of your servers goes down.

However, you should keep in mind that a faster system might not always be better than a system with a longer task completion time. For example, some ITSM’s might prompt users to provide more details about a problem or issue they’re handling, which gives other users access to more specific information if they encounter the same problem in the future.

In addition to task completion, we considered customer service, which is a measure of how well a software company helps you get set up and successful in their solution. To build this measure we kept track of whether a user was able to personalize/configure a system based on their company’s needs, what kind of training software companies offered to new customers, and how many different ways a user could get in touch with a company if they had questions or issues with a system. We’ve listed the customer services we tracked in IT management systems below:

  • Implementation resources


  1. API
  2. Customizable workflows
  3. IT asset management (built-in or integration)
  4. Email integration
  5. Release management integration
  6. Mobile responsive


  • Training resources


  1. Videos
  2. Articles or training documents
  3. Free demos
  4. Webinars
  5. Free trials


  • Support resources


  1. Via email or a help desk
  2. Through links to an FAQ page or a knowledge base
  3. Over the phone
  4. Through live chat

Finally, customer reviews ratings pertaining to categories like “ease of use” and “customer service” were included to show how actual users of a given system feel about that system. Reviews data came from our website and our sister companies, Software Advice’s and GetApp’s, sites. We took into account the total number of reviews a system had and their customers’ average ratings across all three sites.


You can use this list to help you with your own in-depth research. All of the ITSM solutions in our Top 20 report offer both free demos and free trials of their systems. Since your tech team will be using the system on a daily basis, we recommend them as the final judges of any solution you might purchase.

It’s important to remember that a system that’s easy to use might not have all the functionality you need or fit your company’s budget. To find a system that will be approved by both your accountant and your IT team, check out our Top 20 Most Affordable ITSM Software Report for more information on system features and cost.

What do you think? Did we miss any ITSM vendors?  Let us know! We plan to update this research a few times a year.

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