The Top 20 Most User-Friendly Project Management Software Report Methodology

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You’ve probably heard of (and maybe agree with) the age-old popular opinion in school that team projects have the potential to be over complicated. What we might not realize while still in school is that team projects are also very common, and often unavoidable, in the work space too.

Thankfully, project management software is here to help make the logistics of projects more enjoyable and seamless!

With features such as collaboration tools, task management, resource management, time tracking, and project planning, project management software makes it easier for teams to meet deadlines and stay within budgets from project start to finish.

A total of 97% of organizations believe project management is critical to business performance and organization success. If you are part of that popular belief, then investing in a project management software product should be a no-brainer.

With over 700 options to choose from, finding the right project management software system can be an overwhelming project in itself. To help you begin your research, Capterra has created our new Top 20 Most User-Friendly Project Management Software report.


This extensive market research is part of our series of Top 20 reports. All user-friendly reports in this series are determined by our Customer Experience algorithm, which produces a ranked score based on:

  1. Usability [50%]
  2. Customer Service [30%]
  3. Customer Reviews [20%]

Usability is calculated through direct user testing. First, we determine simple tasks that are representative of how most project management software purchasers would likely use a system for their project management needs. We then measure how many seconds and clicks it takes our team, on average, to complete these tasks in each project management system.

Task List:

  1. Create a new project
  2. Assign a team member to project
  3. Add tasks to project
  4. Add files/documents associated to project
  5. Add a note or comment
  6. Change project status to completed and close the project

We tested the project management solutions made available to us, performing each task two times in every system. In the first round, we completed each task without accessing any training resources to ensure we truly test intuitiveness in each system. For the second round, we followed training materials provided by the software company, in order to test learnability. If no publicly-available training resources could be found for a task, we simply performed the task a second time.

Here’s a visual representation of how fast the Top 20 project management software systems are:

We found that on average, it took about 27 seconds and 13 clicks to complete a given task in a project management system.

It is important to acknowledge that a faster system might not necessarily be better than a system with a longer average task completion time. For example, some systems with longer average task times might have offered more robust project profiles that require more time and clicks to fill out.

In addition to measuring usability, we considered customer service, which is a measure of how well a software company helps buyers get set up and running in the system. To build this measure, we kept track of whether a user was able to personalize/configure a system based on their company’s needs, what kind of training resources were offered to new customers, and how many different ways a user could contact a company with questions or issues with a system.

Below, you can find the customer services we tracked in each project management system:

  • Implementation resources
  1. API Access
  2. Mobile Responsiveness
  3. Document Management Software Integration, or Built-In
  4. CRM Integration
  5. iOS Mobile App
  6. Android App
  • Training resources
  1. Videos
  2. Training Articles or Documents
  3. Free Demos
  4. Webinars
  5. Free Trials
  • Support resources
  1. Email Support or a Help Desk
  2. FAQ Page or Knowledge Base
  3. Phone support
  4. Chat support

Lastly, customer reviews ratings pertaining to criteria such as “ease of use” and “customer service” were included to show how actual users of a given system feel about that system. Reviews data comes from our website, and our sister companies’ websites: GetApp and Software Advice. We took into account the total number of reviews a system had and their customers’ average ratings across all three sites.


You can use this list to help you begin your own in-depth research. Many project management solutions offer free trials, and most offer free demos too. In fact, all of the solutions in our Top 20 Most User-Friendly report do offer free trials and 95% of the products on this report offer demos. We suggest that you sign up for a free trial or demo so you can judge for yourself which products are the easiest to navigate.

It’s important to remember that an easy-to-use system might not have all of the features and functionality that you are looking for, or it might not be the best fit your company’s budget. Luckily for you, we have also researched the average monthly costs of project management solutions to create our Top 20 Most Affordable Project Management Software Report.

To further your research even more, check out our Top 20 Most Popular Project Management Software Report to see what systems other companies are utilizing for their project management needs.

What do you think? Did we miss any project management vendors? Let us know! We plan to update this research annually.

Looking for Project Management software? Check out Capterra's list of the best Project Management software solutions.

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