Mother’s Day: The Last Hurrah For Marketers [Infographic]

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Did you know that Mother’s Day is the third biggest retail holiday? Well, it is. The only two retail holidays that beat it are “back-to-school” and everybody’s favorite, the holly-jolly winter holidays.

Most though (both brands and consumers) allow this huge holiday to sneak up on them year after year. So if you’re one of those brands, it’s actually ok. Even if you let your Mother’s Day marketing slide until just now, you can still get your butt in gear and capitalize on all the procrastinators running around out there. Trust me, there’s a lot of us.

Let’s run through some of the details that you should know about if you’re a retail business.
image (1)
And if we look a little further into the stats, it turns out the Dads might be onto something. They all probably feel like they’re getting the short end of the stick (which they are, as it turns out), so why should they be required to provide gifts on Mother’s Day. I think it’s actually a fair argument. $12.5 billion is spent on men while women are racking it up all the way to $21.2B. And for Mother’s Day, the average spend per consumer is $162 while, for Father’s Day, it’s a paltry $113.

Hey, I’d be holding a grudge too.

Now let’s pop into the topic of what is actually being bought. Pretty much the usual suspects: greeting cards, flowers, gift cards, and jewelry.

But, when you stop to think about where the bulk of the money is going, would you believe that it’s flowers?
image (2)

Flowers are a $27 billion market. And Mother’s Day is the NUMBER ONE holiday for floral sales, even beating out Valentine’s Day. $2.4B is spent on flowers for this special day.

Perhaps flowers are the go-to gift for so many because of the whole procrastination thing…or because some families don’t go over-the-top on Mother’s Day…but people still want to show their love.

As I was discussing above, 48% of consumers will wait until the week prior to the big day to buy their gifts…and a whopping 18% of consumers will really cut it close by buying their gifts within the 48 HOURS before the big day.image (3)
Because of the last-minute nature of this holiday, digital marketing will play a huge role.
image (4)

Online shoppers spend 38% more than offline shoppers for Mother’s Day with an average spend of $225.87! Mobile is huge too. Last year, over 1/3 of shoppers used their mobile phones to find a gift for mom. 25% research and compare prices, however, 15% of shoppers look for retailer information. 14% are buying gifts on mobile, which means you need to offer rush shipping and guarantee delivery on time…otherwise mom won’t be so happy.

Want to learn even more about the annual day of motherly celebrations? Read on for details in this infographic we put together.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

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