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When you’re looking for property management software, do you ever feel like Prince Charming riding through his kingdom looking for the match to his glass slipper? There are so many solutions calling for your attention, but you’re really just looking for The One, which is really hard when her stepmother locks her away in a tower… or when she’s buried under pages and pages of Google results.


Combing through every option gets exhausting and it’s really, really tempting to compromise. MSI Cloud PM is definitely a hard hitter in the property management software world and it’s got some good reviews, but what worked for your brother-in-law’s hotel chain might not work for your resort across the country… how do you find the PMS that fits YOU?

Lucky for you, I’ve been doing some combing. Looking at these solutions, I can confidently say that it’s a great time to be a consumer in the PMS world, because with the amount of impressive, full-featured products out there I promise you’ll find the Cinderella to your glass slipper and get that fairy tale happily ever after.

1. Hotello



One of the highest rated products in our directory, Hotello is an impressive piece of PMS. Though there are Standard and Premium editions available, both versions come with the ability to manage almost every facet of a multi-property hospitality business. This includes accounting features (although Standard does not do budgeting), guest experience management, online booking, POS, and more, which come in modules. It doesn’t hurt that there’s also an app for Android and iOS. On top of all this, it’s got some pretty competitive pricing- $125/mo starting price.

2. Roomkey PMS


Another impressive offering in the realm of PMS, RoomKey PMS may not have the glossy design of Hotello, but it has a great reputation of responding to customer requests and providing crucial features, and some great reviews. Cons? Some reviewers have commented that group management is cumbersome, and making new entries involves a few extra steps. This is a more costly solution than Hotello at $250/mo, but with a booking engine built in, it’s also a complete package.

3. SkyWare PMS


SkyWare PMS is a strong competitor for MSI Cloud PM. With the same features (plus some others like guest experience management and POS), it’s ready to go toe-to-toe with all the software on this list. But be aware of that price tag: $5,000 for a license. It’s rare to find cloud-based software with that pricing model but it means that once they’ve made that payment even a small business can work with SkyWare. There is also the option of purchasing a booking engine so you can keep all your operations within the same software suite.

4. WinHMS Express


WinHMS, like SkyWare, packs so many of the same features as MSI Cloud PM it should not be overlooked. With installed and cloud-based versions, as well as a mobile app, WinHMS also offers editions for different sizes of hospitality businesses. The system is broken up into “front office” and “back office” and includes modules for things like POS and material management. WinHMS Express is the most basic package for small to mid-size companies.

5. IQWare PMS


Very versatile and full-featured, IQWare PMS is one of the few solutions on this list that can handle vacation rentals. Like several of its competitors, IQWare is an all-in-one solution that includes a booking engine and the ability to create online bookings, both of which come as separate modules. One aspect that’s lacking? Employee management features, and no mobile app. IQWare also comes in at a price of $200/mo which may put it out of the range of smaller hotels.

6. Brilliant PMPro


Brilliant PMPro, with installed versions for Mac and PC, and apps for Android and iOS, is the most available option on this list. It comes with powerful features that support everyone from small to multi-property businesses, as well as (notably) integrating with Microsoft Office. It’s also set apart by the fact that it’s completely cloud-native and provides CRM features. Unfortunately no pricing information is available at this time, but it’s definitely a product worth checking into.

7. SkyTouch Hotel OS


With the boast that your business can be fully trained in SkyTouch Hotel OS in two shifts, this software comes with a simple and straightforward interface. It’s also extremely low-cost, at only $5/mo. If you include their add-on programs for rate and distribution management, SkyTouch has some very large-scale features like movie streaming services for guests, energy use management, and automated revenue management for inventory.

That’s it for our top MSI Cloud PM competitors! If there are any products you think we missed please let us know in the comments below.

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