How Much Does Maintenance Management Software Cost?

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There are so many different price ranges that you’ll encounter while looking around for maintenance management software, but it’s nearly impossible to calculate what it’s actually going to end up costing you! There are many different pricing structures, installation or startup fees, fees for additional modules or features, and fees for training and support that you’ll find yourself completely lost.

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To help you sort through all of your pricing options, here is a list of the different pricing models and cost drivers you will encounter when looking for maintenance management software.

1. Pay-Per-User

This is a pricing model where you pay a certain amount depending on the number of users you have on the system. Typically there is a monthly fee, and often there is an additional one-time setup fee as well.

Price range: This type of system can range in price from roughly $35 to -$150 per user per month, depending on the number of users and features needed. One-time setup fees can range from minimal to thousands of dollars, depending on the system.

Solutions with this pricing model:

2. Pay-Per-Module

In this instance you pay a one-time fee for each module (like “preventative maintenance” or “inventory management”), or you pay a monthly fee per module. Sometimes each module will go up in price depending on the number of users per module as well.

Price range: This type of system can range in price from $60 to -$100 per module per month, or from $200 to $1,400 as a one-time fee per module.

Solutions with this pricing model:

3. One-Time License Fee

With this model you pay a one-time fee to have the system installed on your computer—often the software package prices go up the more users you have, the more support you need included, and the more features that you would like.

Price range: One-time fees can range from $500 to $8,000.

Solutions with this pricing model:

4. Pay-Per-Work Order

Here, you’re charged based on the number of work orders you have per month. Typically software with this model will allow for unlimited users and the price only increases based on the number of work orders and certain features.

Price range: These systems can range in price from $30 to 250 per month.

Solutions with this pricing model:

Do you know of any other pricing models for maintenance management software solutions? Add them in the comments below!

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I wish it wasn’t so difficult to find CMMS with a one-time license fee.


To add, there are free cmms software available in the market. They only charge upon meeting the maximum allowed field or work orders in the free subscription. Nonetheless, cmms software will a company’s edge on this competing business world run by web based management solutions.


Software is very important part of modern business. There are so many multinational companies depend on Software. So, for good management software is must.

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