How Much Does Membership Management Software Cost?

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You may have heard price points thrown around for membership management software, but what does that really mean? Is it just a one-time fee? A monthly fee? Is the number of members you have a cost driver? Or just the number of people actually using the software?

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Well, there are a few different pricing models that you will encounter. Here is a list of the different cost drivers and the average costs you can expect when looking for software to manage your members or your association.

1. Pay-per-member and/or contact

This is a very common pricing model for membership management systems. You pay a certain amount per month, or per year, depending on how many members or contacts you need to input into the system. For some solutions there can be an additional setup fee.

Price range: These solutions can be as low as $0.25-$0.50 per member per month. Some systems offer a free version for just 50 members.

Solutions with this pricing model: 

2. Pay-per-user

This is a pricing model where you pay a monthly fee based on how many administrators or users need access to the system.

Price range: Typically these solutions range in price from about $50-$100 per user/admin per month. Some solutions will also charge a setup fee that can range from about $500-$2,000.

Solutions with this pricing model:

3. Pay-per-module or feature

This is a pricing model where the price goes up the more features are included. Many of these models will either have different packages that accept an unlimited number of users and members, but charge more for each tier with more features, or they will have individual modules with different prices per module.

Price range: These solutions range from $200-$600+ per month, or roughly $1,000-$5,000 per module.

Solutions with this pricing module:

Bonus: Other Models

Additional pricing models you may come across include one-time licensing fees, like Aptify. Typically there will be a fee for implementation, a one-time fee for the license, as well as annual costs. Usually developed for large membership organizations, these more complex systems can run up into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

On the other end of the spectrum, you may run into some free membership management solutions that cater to smaller membership groups such as student clubs or school alumni associations, such as BigTent, MemberPlanet, and MembersGear.

Other Cost Drivers?

Do you know of any other pricing models for membership management solutions? Add them in the comments below!

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