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The 15 Must-Follow Retail Twitter Accounts

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Twitter is a big place – it’s not called the Twittersphere for nothing. As of June 30, 2015, there were 316 million monthly active users! As a retail business, there’s a surprising amount for you to do on Twitter. You can handle customer complaints, you can advertise, you can network, you can even learn a lot from other retail experts about best practices and industry news!

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To save you some time on the latter, I’ve put together a list of the best retail experts in the Twittersphere on all things retail; from customer service, to inventory management. Follow these great retail twitter accounts, and learn some new things every day!

Bob Phibbs, RetailDoc @TheRetailDoctor

Bob is an absolute must-follow for every single person who works at a brick and mortar store. Bob writes about how to optimize your retail selling skills, and also tweets articles on the topic from around the web. His tips are incredibly helpful – as a former retail sales person myself, I can assure you Bob Phibbs knows what he’s talking about. If you work at a brick and mortar and you’re only going to follow one account on this list, follow Bob, you can thank me later.

Bob Phibbs Tweet

Shopify @Shopify

Shopify is one of the biggest names in eCommerce and they got that way in large part because they are insanely helpful to eCommerce businesses. They have a deep blog that they update nearly daily that, at this point, is the essential guide to launching and running your small eCommerce business. Their Twitter account is equally useful. They tweet out daily updates, so you never miss a post, and they also tweet out actionable content for eCommerce businesses from around the web. If you have an eCommerce business, this account is an absolute must-follow.

Shopify Tweet

Shep Hyken @Hyken

Shep is a customer service/experience expert. He tweets multiple times a day with updates from his blog, and actionable tips on how to deliver great customer service in less than 160 characters. He also retweets great material from other customer service experts, so his account is pretty much a one stop shop for customer service tips on Twitter.

Vend Point-Of-Sale @vendhq

Vend is one of the most popular POSs on the market, and they’re certainly one of the most helpful companies for retailers. They tweet out content from their crazy-insightful blog that covers retail topics from tech to customer loyalty. You can also check out Francesca S Nicasio’s Twitter account while you’re at it. She’s Vend’s main writer and her Twitter is filled with great content from both her Vend articles and other articles she finds across the web. Between these two accounts, you’ll learn some incredible and unexpected things about retail tech, selling, and plenty more.

Francesca Tweet

Flavio Martins @flavmartins

Flavio is another customer service expert. His Twitter is really useful for learning about how to provide top notch customer service in any industry, so it’s applicable to both brick and mortar and eCommerce stores. If you’re trying to learn about how to provide a better customer experience through great customer service, you need to be following Flavio. He’ll have you giving the best customer service in no time.

Andrew Sharpe @BarcodeAndrew

Andrew Sharpe runs a sharp (groan, I know) retail news account. He’ll catch you up on international retail news, big events happening in the industry, and some of his own thoughts on all these things.

Beeem @beeemapp

Beeem is a content management system and their Twitter is filled with advice not only on how to optimize your website, but how to seamlessly integrate your website with your brick and mortar store. As such, they’ve got a lot of advice on beacons, and other internet-of-things retail tech, like selfie mirrors! If you’re interested in learning about the future of retail and retail technology, this is the Twitter account you need to be following.

FierceRetail @FierceRetail

FierceRetail and its subaccounts, FierceMobileRetail and FierceRetailT, is the place to find all the retail industry news you could ever need, from sales predictions about coming holidays, to which retailers are hiring or laying off. This account will keep you in-the-know and help you make informed decisions about what inventory to purchase, when to schedule more or less sales associates, and even where to open your next location.

FierceRetail Tweet

Bill Quiseng @billquiseng

Bill is a customer experience/service expert who tweets articles with actionable tips on how to improve your customer experience from around the web. Much of his advice focuses on the type of leadership a great retail experience needs, so you can learn what habits you personally need to change in order to give your customers the journey they desire.

Bigcommerce @Bigcommerce

BigCommerce is a huge eCommerce platform, and their Twitter is filled with great advice not just for online retailers, but also for physical ones. They tweet about everything from sales tax tips to reducing online cart abandonment.  This account will keep you in the know about how small retail businesses can survive and thrive in the omnichannel world.

Barbara Thau @bthau

Barbara is a retail reporter for Forbes and her account is filled with tweets that keep you up-to-date with the latest retail business news. Barbara also tweets her Forbes’ articles, where she analyzes how this news affects the retail industry in general. Yep, you need to get in on this.

Chris H. Petersen @chrishpetersen

Chris tweets about all things omnichannel – how to implements seamless, personal experiences, but most of all, how to measure your results. Through his account, you’ll find tips about how to make the most of digital displays, what to do about the same-day delivery that millennials are obsessed with, and how to use digital natives to build strategy.

Chris H. Petersen Tweet

Medallion Retail @MedallionRetail

Medallion Retail is a retail marketing agency, and as such, their tweets are filled with a lot of retail marketing best practices from signage to proximity marketing. They also attend and live-tweet many of the major retail conferences and events, so even if you can’t go, you’ll be in the loop. You can also follow their head writer, Bradley Daves, who will not only keep you up to date on all things retail marketing, but also keep you laughing with some hilarious pop-culture tweets.

Capterra Retail @capterraretail

While you’re following accounts, don’t forget to, ahem, follow our account! We tweet about all things retail, from software to sales tips. Plus, we retweet the best retail information from around the Twittersphere, so you don’t have to search all-over to find it. We’re your one-stop shop for the retail industry on Twitter.


Taylor Swift @taylorswift13

Let’s be real, Twitter can’t be all about business. It’s social media, so you gotta let loose and have a little fun. And you should do that by following Taylor Swift, because there’s no better place to keep up with this amazing lady and learn what she’s up to. Plus, if you’re lucky, she’ll tweet back at you! (Please, please, please Taylor, notice me!)

Who else?

That’s my wrap-up of the must-follow retail twitter accounts. Who would you add to this list?

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Comment by Cara Wood on

Shep- You have some killer insights on customer service. This post wouldn’t have been complete without you! Thanks for taking the time to check it out. 🙂


Comment by Shep Hyken on

This is an awesome list! Thank you for including me. You’ve included some outstanding people – experts in the retail world – and I’m honored to be on this list with them.


Comment by Cara Wood on

Andrew – Very glad to include you! Your Twitter account is filled with a lot of information that’s helped me a lot, so it would’ve been a shame to leave you off. And thank you so much for letting me know about BRANDSPANK! I’m going to check them out and follow them right now. 🙂

Comment by Andrew Sharpe on

Cara, it’s an honor to be included on your list along with the rest of the retail-minded specialists. I strive to provide an insightful and relevant approach to the info I share. For the record, I’m also the Chief Executive Storyteller with #EngagementMarketing agency BRANDSPANK–an expert in their own right.


Comment by Cara Wood on

Thank you so much! It means a lot coming from you!


Comment by Bob Phibbs on

I’m honored Cara! Thanks so much for the mention ! You do great work – and I’d have said that without being listed at #1!

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